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Sensory Memory: importance and its types

sensory memory effects on people

Do you know? Sensory memory fades in the region of 200-500 milliseconds (1/5 – 1/2 second) after the exposure of a stimulus. This article is all about: Sensory memory Importance of sensory memory Types of sensory memory When to seek help What is sensory memory? Sensory memory is a type of memory which is ultra-short-termed. … Read more

Interesting Facts About Panic Attack

Interesting Facts About Panic Attack 3 - Daily Medicos

What is Panic Attack? Panic attack is a condition of extreme fear or a feeling of discomfort that might happen without any real danger or cause. Panic attacks can happen once in a lifetime or can occur repeatedly. They can be very terrifying and you might feel like you’re losing your control when they occur. … Read more

ANAPHYLAXIS: life-threatening allergy

anaphylaxis by daily medicos

Have you heard about allergies? Do you or anyone around you is allergic to some food or medicine? If yes, have you ever witnessed what happens to such people when they accidentally come in contact with that allergen? Do you want to know why and how this allergic reaction occurs? Well this article will answer … Read more