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Aga Khan Medical College Aggregate Calculator

The Aga Khan Medical College conducts its entry / admission test every year. Entry tests are held in either March or April in different cities of Pakistan every year. Depending on the test, a total of about 100 students are selected and admitted to the MBBS program at Aga Khan University. 

Once the candidates have passed the entry test, they qualify for interview calls. The qualification or shortlisting criteria depends on both; secondary school achievement and Aga Khan University Aptitude test score. So basically, your chances of getting selected depends on: 

  1. Your secondary school achievement
  2. Your aptitude score
  3. Your interview score

Aga Khan University Eligibility Criteria

Matric /Equivalent


HSSC (Pre-medical) / Equivalent


FMDC / AKU Entry Test



Students who are done with the SSC and HSSC with 60% (or are still completing their HSSC; F.Sc pre-medical) are eligible to apply for the entry test.

A Levels

Students who are done with their O / A Levels and are either currently in their A Level, or students who belong to any international system will have to submit their equivalence certificate verified and approved from the Inter Board Committee Of Chairman, Pakistan. The eligibility criteria states that the educational qualification of any international board student must be equal to that of a pakistani / intermediate board student. 

Aga Khan University Entry Test Pattern

For test curriculum or Sample Test, click on the following links:

Aga Khan University’s entry test is divided into two sections:

  1. Section 1 | English
  2. Section 2 | Science and Mathematics

To solve section 1 candidates have a total of 1 hour whereas for section 2 they have a total of 2 hours and 15 minutes. 

Let’s have a look at both the sections separately.

Section 1 | English

English section comprises of three parts that needs to be solved with 1 hour:

  1. Reading comprehension
  2. Error detection
  3. Sentence completion

Section 2 | Science And Mathematics

Science and mathematics section comprises of five parts containing 100 Multiple Choice Questions that needs to be solved with 2 hours and fifteen minutes:

  1. Mathematical reasoning consisting of 30 Multiple Choice Questions.
  2. Science reasoning consisting of 30 Multiple Choice Questions
  3. Chemistry consisting of 20 Multiple Choice Questions
  4. Physics consisting of 20 Multiple Choice Questions
  5. Biology consisting of 20 Multiple Choice Questions

There is no negative marking for mathematical reasoning and science reasoning. However, if a candidate gets one wrong answer in either of the three: biology, chemistry, or physics; They will lose 0.25 marks.

Applying Process At Aga Khan University

Thanks to the social world, you can now get 80% of the information online. Students can head up to the official site of The Aga Khan University at for prospectus, sample entry paper, and application form. 

Moreover, once they have a thorough knowledge about what Aga Khan University has to offer, they will have to post their complete application form by a registered mail or a reliable courier service to the mentioned address on the application form / person to the Admission Office of Aga Khan University, Karachi.

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When you click on the link, this will be on your display. Click on ADMISSIONS.

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This is what will be displayed to you. Then click on PROGRAMMES.

You will then be displayed three options: 

  1. Undergraduate programmes
  2. Graduate programmes
  3. Doctoral programmes

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This is an example of undergraduate programmes. Proceed on by choosing your programme type and you will be guided accordingly by the page.

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