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AJK Aggregate Calculator

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AJK Aggregate Calculator

Medical colleges Admission Test (MCAT) is a compulsory test for all the Public and Private Medical Colleges of Pakistan official by MDCAT Marks Aggregate Formula 2021 Calculator Online. The entry/aptitude test is MCQs based, and it includes subjects such as English, Chemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics. The weightage from the test is 50% included in the aggregate.  

From the aggregate calculator you can calculate your total percentage by adding your marks in the AJKMC aggregate calculator. You have to add your intermediate and aptitude test marks in the required box. After filling out the box click on the calculate button. Your marks will be displayed in the aggregate box.   

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Organization who conduct MDCAT Aptitude Test:

The test is conducted and supervised by different organizations throughout the country, Joint Admission Committee (JAC) conducts the entry test of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJKMC). The test is conducted by the criteria issued by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). 

AJK Medical Seats Available For Students:

The Azad Jammu and Kashmir Medical College conduct their entry/admission test every year. Entry tests are held either in September or October in different cities of Pakistan. Depending on the test, about 300 seats are available for the students selected and admitted to the MBBS program at AJK Medical College.

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Azad Jammu and Kashmir Medical College Eligibility Criteria

HSSC (Pre-medical) / Equivalent


AJK Entry Test


Minimum Qualification Requirement


The Candidate must have passed the Intermediate Science (HSSC/F.Sc) examination in Pre Medical Group, securing at least 70% or are still completing their HSSC; F.Sc pre-medical students are eligible to apply for the entry test. Unadjusted (excluding the marks of Hifz-e- Quran) marks from any Intermediate and Secondary Education board in Pakistan.


The Candidate must have passed any other examination (e.g., A-Level, 12th Grade), including subjects like (Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Maths). Also, they Must provide the Certificate of Equivalence from IBCC (Inter-Board Committee of Chairman) Pakistan.

Foreign Qualification

If the students have foreign Qualification, subject-wise equivalence by IBCC shall be acceptable.

Students who are done with the SSC and HSSC with 70% 

AJK Medical College Syllabus for Test

Subject Wise Marks Weightage for 2021

“My weighing scale shows a little extra, I’ll starve myself” is literally one cliched statement. Start slo

The following subjects’ questions will be held from the previous FSc syllabus,

  • Biology 88 MCQs
  • Chemistry 58MCQs
  • Physics 44 MCQs
  • English General language Proficiency 30 MCQs
  • Total Questions: 220
  • Total Time Allowed: 150 minutes

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If you BMI is between 25 to 30, consider the following:

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Applying Process At AJKMC

Thanks to the social world, you can now get 80% of the information online. 

How to Apply

Admission Criteria of 2020-2021

  • Admissions are announced online or are printed in leading newspapers nationwide months before the commencement of classes.
  • Admissions at University are based 100% on merit. 
  • Maximum age limit for BS programs is 23 years.
  • Entry test passing marks would be 50%.
  • For admissions in the Bachelors MBBS and BDS, where entry tests are mandatory, The Applicant will separately deposit Rs. 600/- as entry test fee and submit Fee Challan/ Bank draft and the Application Form in the DSA office.

How and where to Apply

Admission Application Process

  • The prospectus and application online forms can be downloaded from the University of AJK against the payment of Rs. 1700/- through HBL Challan available at authorized branches in AJK. or (in case the Candidate is outside J&K) by sending a Bank draft of 1800/- from any bank, in the name of Director Finance & Planning University of AJK.
  • Candidates applying for more than one department/category should deposit 500/- per additional form completed in all respects; applications should reach the Directorate of Students’ Affairs on or before the last date for submitting application forms.
  • Applicants from the Neelum and Jhelum Valley Campuses should submit their application forms to the respective campuses directly.

  • The required amount must be attached to the Application Form with an HBL Bank Challan or Bank Draft. The form will not be considered if it is not filled out thoroughly.

Online Application

Online admission has several steps that a candidate has to follow, 

Step#01: Basic Registration Process

Step#02: Provide Personal Information

Step#03: Provide Educational Information

Step#04: Select the Program(s) You Are Interested In

Step#05: Generate/Print Challan Forms of Your Application(s)

Step#06: Pay Fee Against Those Challans

Step#07: Provide Fee deposit Information

Step#08: Print Application(s)

Step#09: Attach all required documents with each copy of the application form and send them to the Directorate of Students’ Affairs.

Online Admission can be applied at http://admissions.ajku.edu.pk/.

Candidates interested in medical Admission in AJKMC will have to post their complete application form by registered mail or reliable courier service to the mentioned address on the application form/person to the Admission Office AJKMC Muzaffarabad.

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