Are menstrual cups worth the hype? A guide featuring all of your concerns!

Is your mind in a mess constantly thinking about “that time of the month”?  Are you sick of the mess sanitary napkins create? Do you want to opt for some safer, easier, and money-saving option?  Have you ever heard people talking, what are the menstrual cups? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place to sort out the petty period problems always bothering you. We are here to answer all of the queries running in your mind right now. You will get to be aware of the pros, cons, life experience of the users, advice of medical consultants, and whatnot.  We will try to make you clearly understand all of the benefits of menstrual cups, and you will get the answer to the most asked question: Are menstrual cups worth buying? Let’s have a keen read about one of the periods essential every female should own.

What are menstrual cups?

Apart from all the hype, several people still don’t know about this product which can ease their lives. Let’s describe what are menstrual cups?

  • These cups are bell/funnel-shaped reusable products that are designed specifically concerning female hygiene. 
  • These flexible cups are made of rubber or silicon and hold the purpose of collecting the period blood. 
  • They can be easily inserted in the vagina due to their small size and flexibility. 
  • Some of the brands are also launching disposable menstrual cups, but most of them can be cleaned and used repeatedly. 

Since when these cups have been around?

These cups are being used as an alternative to sanitary pads, tampons, and napkins for more than a century now. They were first introduced in the early 1860s.  This means that mankind got to know about them back then, and they certainly knew how to use the menstrual cups too. However, owing to the myths and concerns, their use was limited. In the last decade, they have grabbed people’s attention like never before.

Keep reading and get to know about how to use the menstrual cups and how to make the most out of them.

Step by step guide to use menstrual cups

Most of the women who are afraid of opting for the menstrual cups, don’t exactly know how to use them. Let’s have a thorough discussion about what to do during every stage of using them.

Talk to your gynecologist first

Discussing with your consultant gynecologist is necessary if you want to make the final verdict to use the cups. Even if you are too shy to ask them, do menstrual cups hurt or not, they will not leave you unsatisfied. Nobody can calm your nerves more than the consultant’s suggestion. The material of the cups, their suitability, their sizes, are recommended and this varies from person to person. They will make a recommendation after considering:

  • Your age
  • Your gynecological health
  • Your sexual life
  • The quantity of blood
  • If you have experienced a vaginal birth
  • How strong the muscles of your pelvic floor are
  • Cervix length and size

Read this before you put them in

Believe us, following these steps, can save you from a lot of dangers.

  • Hygiene is important. Wash your hands, and the insertion area thoroughly to avoid any germ transfers and keep safe from urinary tract infections UTIs as well.
  • Don’t think too much do the menstrual cups hurt? Here is the solution. Lubrication can make the whole process of insertion much smoother. Use a water-based lubricant and make the rim of your cup wet with it.

How to insert them correctly

Here comes the most important part. Most of the women ask, do menstrual cups hurt? Let us reveal, if you correctly put them in, you will probably not even feel that you have something inside your body, and you will experience the maximum benefits of menstrual cups. Let us tell you the experts’ recommended way to do it:

  • Hold your cup firmly.
  • Hold it in such a way that the rim faces up.
  • Tightly fold it in half.
  • Insert it carefully inside your vagina, make it sit just a few inches where your cervix ends.
  • After insertion, rotate it a bit. This step will ensure to completely prevent any leaks by creating an airtight seal in the area.

Never try to push it in if you are experiencing pain or some extra trouble while putting the cup in. Seek medical advice immediately. 

Removal – Is this as messy as you think?

Follow these steps and remove the cup easily. Regular use will shockingly reveal to you the benefits of menstrual cups.

  • Wash or sanitize your hands.
  • By placing your index finger and thumb inside your vagina, hold the stem of the cup and pull it until the base is reached.
  • Now release the seal by slowly pinching the base. Pull down the cup.
  • Empty it into a sink or a toilet.


The experts who effectively tell you how to use the menstrual cups, never skip this aftercare part. It is essential to know that what the do’s and don’ts are after you are done removing the cups from your body. 

Correct time of emptying Empty the cup at least twice a day. This also depends on your flow, you can also probably need to empty the cup thrice daily. So, have a check on your flow.

Cleaning the cups –The reusable cups hold the durability to be used for 6 months to a year. Wash the cup every time you empty it and handle carefully to keep the flexibility intact. 

Their reusability will tell you,  are the menstrual cups worth buying or not! 

Benefits of menstrual cups

The final verdict of taking the life-changing decision of using the menstrual cups can’t be taken without having a look at the pros and cons of this specialized feminine hygiene product. Let’s get to know what the cups are offering:

  • Affordability: The menstrual cups are one of the most budget-friendly hygiene essentials you can own. As they are reusable, they save you a lot of bucks.
  • Safer than other alternatives:  As they possess the purpose of collecting blood instead of absorbing it unlike the tampons and pads, you might be less prone to TSS  (toxic shock syndrome), a bacterial infection usually reported in tampon users.
  • Eco-friendly design: Because of reusability, they don’t create a lot of environmental waste.
  • Holds more blood: The blood holding capacity is greater than most of the tampons and sanitary pads. 
  • Uninterrupted sex: Most of the time sexual activity is not interrupted, even when you have a cup inside your vagina.
  • Can be worn with an IUD:  According to the latest findings,  menstrual cups do not dislodge an IUD. So have no concerns if you have one!

Disadvantages of Menstrual cups

Besides many benefits, there exist some concerns about the use of menstrual cups. Due to the following reservations, most of the women haven’t still switched to the cups. The list of disadvantages is not too long to be afraid of, still, it is a wise approach to have an idea of what is on the other side of the picture. Some of the menstrual cup drawbacks are listed below:

  • Messy removal:  Although the removal shouldn’t be messy, the beginners can have some problems taking it out.
  • Difficulty in finding the right fit:  It can take time to get familiar with how to use the menstrual cups, and the leaks can occur if you don’t find the right place to fit it in. Creating the airtight seal can be a real problem, and can keep you worrying all day about a stain on your favorite dress.
  • Irritation: Some people feel vaginal irritation by using the menstrual cups.
  • Infections: the rubber or silicon can prove to be allergic to some individuals, and you can develop an allergy. Therefore, keep aware of your sensitivity against any sort of material.

Before you leave!

We have hopefully made you well familiar with what are the menstrual cups, and this article is here to make you decide better if this product is suitable for you or not. We can optimistically say that these words have told you how to use the menstrual cups easily, safely, and correctly. If you take proper care of hygiene and seek regular medical consultancy, you can go for buying your very own menstrual cups. Learn from the above tips and tricks, and next time when your friends ask, are menstrual cups worth buying? Or do menstrual cups hurt? You will be able to convince them to buy one too by busting all of their myths and concerns for sure. If you have a single cup in your bag and your period is approaching, you are now good to go!

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