Can Dogs Eat Pizza Why You Should Keep that Pizza Slice Away

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You shouldn’t feed your dog a pizza. Pizza contains onion and garlic in the crust and sometimes on toppings as well. These ingredients can cause upset tummy for dogs. 

Dogs might be lactose intolerant and might also be sensitive to wheat. Assure the ingredients with labels before sharing pizza with your dog. Still, if your dog eats pizza, monitor carefully. 

Sharing foods with your pooch is a way to show love. However, some foods are not good for your dog. There are also some other ways to show your dog love and affection. You can give the dog an edible treat but in a small amount. 

Pizza is one of the world’s famous foods. Humans can eat pizza without any issue but the ones who have allergies to mushrooms or garlic should read the label if given or provide the instructions while ordering. 

Why is Pizza Unsafe For Dogs

Pizza is considered bad for dogs as it is junk food. It contains toxic ingredients that can harm your pet. Pizza causes obesity and illness if ingested in immense quantities. However, feeding with a bit amount occasionally is fine. 

Pizza contains garlic or onion in the crust or toppings. It is not good for dogs’ health in any way either in powder form, puree, or any sauce. However it might help to make the rich and flavorful sauce, but it is supposed unhealthy and toxic to dogs. It might cause stomach aches, vomiting, and diarrhea. 

The main issue with pizza is that it is loaded with fats like cheddar and mozzarella cheese. If your dog mocks too much fat in any form each day, the dog will start gaining weight which can lead to an increased risk of cancer and diabetes.  

However, if your dog munches fatty food regularly can also put stress on their digestive system and induce gastrointestinal illness, or initiate a condition called pancreatitis.

If your dog has already suffered from pancreatitis, they are more prone to get it again. It is recommended for these types of dogs to eat low-fat food for the rest of their life. 

Can I Make A Homemade Pizza For My Dog?

It depends on how you are making a homemade pizza to treat your dog well. The ingredients in pizza vary so you could make a dog-friendly pizza. However, this is not realistic in normal life but you can if you are in practice. Don’t add onion or garlic. 

Can Dogs Eat Pizza Why You Should Keep that Pizza Slice Away 2 - Daily Medicos

You can make it only with dogs friendly ingredients like sugar-free, salt-free crust, and without sauces. But you can cook the meat and veggies on top of the pizza. Your dog will not be recognized that this is a pizza, so don’t put extra effort into pizza as they will waste it. 

Feed-in smaller portions with simple cooked meat and veggies. However, it is not necessary to make it, it’s up to you how you like to treat your dog occasionally. 

What Do I Do If My Dog Eats Pizza?

Has your dog eaten pizza? Don’t waste the time call your vet ASAP as pizza dough is dangerous and causes extreme illness very quickly. 

However, if your dog eats cooked pizza in large quantity then your pup needs treatment so immediately call your vet as he might be the only one to treat and help out to induce vomiting so your dog stops suffering from the suffering outcomes caused by pizza. This will help to control the symptoms like stomach aches and diarrhea. Sometimes can cause pancreatitis. 

Feeding inappropriate meals can lead to different diseases and maybe shorten your dog’s life. All pet parents want their dogs to live forever, right? So don’t provide pizza to your pup there are tons of alternative foods that are safer and just as tasty.

Can Dogs Eat Pizza Crust

The pizza crust is not good for the dogs as it is packed with sugar, salt, and oil which cause illness. Crust also contains sauces and cheese for the heavenly flavor. However, it might cause damage to the dog’s health as it also has sugar and salt. Think about it once again while feeding your dog pizza. 

The pizza crust is high in carbohydrates, calories, fat, and salt, which are all harmful to a dog’s health and well-being. Also, pizza crusts often have herbs or spices that are dangerous or even toxic to dogs.

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Somehow you believe it might not include the harmful elements but crusts are made of a little bit of salt, sugar, and basic carbs. You should not feed pizza crust to the dog. However, crusts are low caloric that does not give any nutrition to the dog. 

Therefore they will satisfy your dog’s hunger level but also causes some severe health issues for your dog. What do you want either your dog’s health or your pizza desires with your dog? The herbs that pizza contains can be harmful and toxic to your dog. 

Main Ingredients in Pizza That is Not Safe For Dog

Many of the ingredients present in pizza are not safe for dogs. However, you might feed pizza if it does not contains the harmful ingredients mentioned below. 

Here are some main ingredients present in pizza; 


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Cheese either low fat or not is not good for the dog’s health at all. The pizza is loaded ad covered with a lot of cheese. Cheese is full of fats and calories. 

Feeding it to your furry pup means you are giving them more calories which can lead to severe health issues like obesity.


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As you know pizza sauce is made of ripe tomatoes which are considered safe for dogs to eat. Keep in mind that pizza sauce just only contains tomatoes there are also some seasonings too such as garlic, salts, and herbs. 

Sugar which all are toxic and harmful to dogs causes them unhealthy with serious health complications. Thus sauce might also cause risk to your dogs, might cause diabetes, and obesity. 


Can Dogs Eat Pizza Why You Should Keep that Pizza Slice Away 6 - Daily Medicos

Crusts are also considered unhealthy for dogs because it is not plain. It contains toxic ingredients which are unsafe for the dogs such as garlic, onions, and herbs. As previously mentioned, crusts are not safe for your furry baby. 


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If your dog takes a bite from homemade, raw pizza dough, you must contact your vet instantly. Raw, uncooked yeast creates ethanol and carbon dioxide according to ASPCA, Raw dough can induce severe issues which include:

  • stomach growth
  • tissue tearing
  • breathing problems
  • intoxication

Symptoms of Dogs Eating Pizza

If your dog accidentally eats pizza, you should immediately call the doctor is the best way to save your dog. Your dogs get sick after eating pizza, you should monitor your pup if you treat him with pizza. Pizza is traditionally topped with a tomato-based sauce that normally includes garlic, and may have onions, spices, sugar, and salt. These ingredients are all harmful to dogs.

Here are the symptoms of dogs after consuming pizza; 

  • stomach discomfort
  • vomit
  • diarrhea

Is Pizza Toppings Safe For Dogs

Normally pizza toppings contain onions and garlic which is considered unhealthy and unsafe for the dogs. Pizza is not available without toppings so it might be sometime toxic to your furry friend.  

However, pepperoni, sardines, and sausages all have high salt and fat. If your dog has eaten too much of these ingredients might cause high blood pressure and severe heart diseases. 

Can Dogs Eat Pizza Why You Should Keep that Pizza Slice Away 8 - Daily Medicos

You should never give pizza to dogs either as a meal or a treat. They might develop little stomach problems due to excess fat if they are sensitive to dairy. Most dogs are fine in these cases. If the dog has eaten pizza in large amounts, don’t wait. Call your vet ASAP for an urgent examination of the dog. 

Keep in mind that even small bites of human food are packed with extra calories that can lead to weight problems and a host of issues resulting from excess weight. So, keep your pizza out of your pooch’s reach.

Summing Up:

Feeding pizza to your dog is not a good idea as it contains garlic and onion which might be toxic and unsafe for the dog’s health. Even your dog can’t eat your leftovers from the pizza like topping or crust. 

The bottom line is pizza is unhealthy for dogs. If your dog consumes it in large quantity you much monitor him or call the vet ASAP.