Iron Deficiency Anemia: Are You Iron deficient?

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Are you suffering from iron deficiency but also get hesitant to take it as a supplement? Let’s have a brief view about it. Iron deficiency anemia is a common type of anemia. In this, You body loses adequate number of red blood cells required to keep your daily activities going. These cells, Red blood cells, carry oxygen … Read more

Hantavirus: After Corona, new Virus from China Took a Life Today

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A man in China died from Hantavirus. Here is everything you need to know about Hantavirus! Hantavirus in China While the world is still trying to overcome the Coronavirus pandemic, here is a rise to another rodent-borne virus called Hantavirus. The rumor about the outbreak of a new deadly virus from china spreads like a grass fire. … Read more

Shortness of Breath (Dyspnea): Symptoms & Signs

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Shortness of breath or SOB, medically refers to Dyspnea. In medical terms, Dys means short or difficult and pnea means breathing. Normally, a healthy individual breathes (breathe in and out) 18 to 20 times a minute. Below or above this rate is considered as abnormal breaths which leads to many parameters including retention of carbon … Read more

What is Allergy: Hypersensitivity Disorders

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Allergy is a hypersensitive reaction of the Immune system of the body to a foreign or irritable substance or called an Allergen. As your Immune system practice is to keep you strong by fighting harmful substances. Allergy usually occurred from external stimuli like pollen, pet dander or food. The word allergy is usually equated with … Read more

Everything to Know about Coronavirus COVID-19Myths, Prevention, Symptoms, Remedies

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What is Coronavirus (Covid-19)? Coronavirus (CoV) is a large group of viruses that are found in mammals and birds and can be transmitted to humans as well. It is a zoonotic virus i.e, it first develops in animals and then transfers to humans. Coronaviruses are divided into four main sub-groups; alpha, beta, gamma and delta.  … Read more