How Long After Surgery Can You Get a Tattoo? 

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It always depends on the type of surgery you have before heading towards the tattoo studio. However, it is fine to get a tattoo after surgery but you have to give sufficient time of 1 to 2 months or sometimes 4 months to recover your body from the surgery before choosing a tattoo. 

During the surgery, your body is exposed to potential infections so it takes some time to heal up.  But how long after surgery can you get a tattoo?

It will be a good option to wait until the body recovers itself so it is essential not to put much stress on the body to expose it to another procedure until it heals. 

What Happens With the Body After Surgery? 

After surgery your body becomes sensitive but it depends on your health state. Postoperative care is necessary to manage the pain and wound care. The human body is stressed by the effects of surgery and anesthesia so it is possible you might be suffered from pain, sore throat, wound healing, bleeding, or sometimes surgical site infection. 

But don’t put any stress or pressure on your body after 1 to 2 months of surgery until the wound completely healed. 

Can You Get a Tattoo Over a Scar? 

Getting a tattoo over a scar can be very difficult for the expert as compared to unscarred skin. It is very challenging for a tattoo artist to make a tattoo over any scar. But if you still wanna tattooed always go for the experienced tattoo artist who can easily make a tattoo over the scar and cover it with the design you want. 

The tattoo trend is very common across the world and a large number of people can opt for it as a fashion trend sometimes it could be a sign, small designs, big iconographies, tribal characters, and mesmerizing 3d tattoos.

How long after surgery can you get a tattoo? You can get a tattoo after 2 to 3 months of surgery or more but it depends on skin quality and the types of surgery. After getting tattooed, the skin can get easily aching or infected. 

What Are the Healing Steps After Surgery? 

Get tattooed before healing so always remember that you are increasing infection chances. Always wait until the body is completely recovered. Here are the following healing steps after any surgery;

  1. Surgical wound healing.
  2. Growth and rebuilding.
  3. Scarring and strengthening.  
How Long After Surgery Can You Get a Tattoo?  1 - Daily Medicos

However, scarring can be gradually fade or light after some time but it is very normal for the scars too visible after surgery. Do your research on the tattoo artist before getting a tattoo over a scar. 

Healing Times After Surgery: 

It is good to know how long after surgery can you get a tattoo and the healing time your body is ready for another pain. The recovery process actually depends on the type of surgery and the duration. Here are the list of major surgery healing time; 

  1. Coronary artery bypass: Six to 12 weeks.
  2. Craniotomy: One to four weeks.
  3. Hysterectomy: Six to eight weeks.
  4. Total knee replacement: Four to 12 months. 

Summing Up: 

Getting a tattoo after surgery is a good idea but assure that you have fully recovered after the surgery. How long after surgery can you get a tattoo? It almost takes 1 to 4 months after surgery to recover but it depends on the current health of the patient and the type of the surgery. 

When you make up your mind for a tattoo so it is very im[oratnt to always follow your tattoo artist’s aftercare advice closely, and invest in the high-quality tattoo healing lotion for recovery.