Is Life Water Good For You? (Science Backed Answers)

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It has not been proven yet whether life water is good for you or not as it is a newly launched product. Sourced from Iceland’s pristine Ölfus Spring, this water has naturally high alkalinity and no added minerals. 

PepsiCo’s newly launched product LIFEWTR is currently the latest trend in the health food realm. They are claiming that the LIFEWTR is pH-balanced with added electrolytes but still there is no scientific evidence supporting their claims.

Normal water is good enough for human beings unless you’re running a marathon or partaking in an extreme hike. Normal humans do not need any kind of electrolytes in their beverages. 

However, there is no proven research that shows pH-balanced products give any benefits to our health. Therefore, LIFEWTR is likely to be nothing more than regular water in a pretty bottle packaging.

What is LIFEWTR?

LIFEWTR is a top-quality water bottle that merges original ideas and form to perform a good source of inspiration as well as hydration. It is purified water, pH balanced with electrolytes added for taste.

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Is Life Water Good For You? (Science Backed Answers) 1 - Daily Medicos

Why do Normal Humans Don’t Need LIFEWTR? 

Our body regulates its own pH levels so we don’t need any external sources like food and drinks to help. Alkaline waters aren’t guided by the FDA which means if you see or buy a product labeled “pH balanced” there is no guarantee that the product in the bottle anyway has different levels than a regular water bottle. 

All foods and beverages have a pH level. This stands for the power of hydrogen, and it measures the concentration of hydrogen ions in a substance.

What is the Best Type of Water to Drink? 

Springwater typically is the best option to drink when sourced and stored safely. When the spring water has been tested, it has been found that it has a lot of minerals that our body needs or requires for survival and to be healthy. 

Is life water good for you? When you don’t have any extra electrolytes so that means you don’t have the requirement of LIFEWIRE. Therefore, normal water is good for survival. 

What are the ingredients in LIFEWTR? 

Magnesium Sulfate and Potassium Bicarbonate enhance the taste of the LIFEWTR purified by reverse osmosis. 

Nutritional facts of purified LIFEWTR:

Nutritional facts of purified LIFEWTR:

The purified LIFEWTR has no calories. The following nutritional facts such as; 

  • Sodium 4.7mg0.2%
  • Protein 0g.
  • Calcium 24mg2+%
  • Vitamin A0mcg0

Does LIFEWTR have any flavors? 

Yes, it has taste or flavors in the bottle. LIFEWTR gives you a handful of vitamins-infused herbs flavors for taste. According to MID-WISCONSIN BEVERAGE INC. LIFEWTR has a lot of functional benefits with zero calories. 

If you are a runner and need electrolytes or LIFEWTR for energy and relaxation, weight control, memory enhancement, immunity benefits, and cleansing properties, LIFEWTR plays a key role for you. 

Who Owns LIFEWTR? 

PepsiCo owns the LIfEWTR to add a new brand in the company’s portfolio that plays to strengthening buyers’ interest in healthier drinks. 

Does LIFEWTR Have Fluoride? 

According to the label on the LIFEWTR, it has a 2.4pmm of fluoride. 

Summing Up:

There are no proven sources that support the authenticity of PepsiCo’s newly launched product LIFEWTR. Our body does not have any electrolytes from outside sources as it possesses on its own. However, the runners need some extra electrolytes.

They are claiming that the LIFEWTR is pH-balanced with added electrolytes but still there is no scientific evidence supporting their claims. Therefore it is not proven yet if life water is good for you or not.