Is SkinnyPop Keto Friendly? 

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Yes, the SkinnyPop is keto friendly but in moderation. It is not a zero-carb snack. However, some well-known companies like SkinnyPop make the popcorn more limited for the diet restrictive person. 

SkinnyPop has carbs so it is not totally keto-friendly however as compared to other companies it can be taken in the diet but in moderation. 

Traditional or regular popcorns are high in carbs that’s why they are not so keto-friendly. But is SkinnyPop keto-friendly? Many companies like SkinnyPop can make the popcorns keto-friendly without negotiating on flavor and help you to stay in shape and achieve the desired weight goal but moderation is the key. 

According to the keto rule low carb, moderate protein and high fat are essential. Keto folks are restricted to having the 20g-40g carb per day according to the current weight. 

Is SkinnyPop keto-friendly? The keto folks can eat a small 18g bag containing 7g net carb and 100 calories that can satisfy the popcorn craving without going out of the daily carb intake during ketosis. 

What is SkinnyPop? 

SkinnyPop popcorn is a non-GMO and gluten-free snack. Is SkinnyPop keto-friendly? The small bag of SkinnyPop popcorn contains 7g of net carb which makes it keto-friendly for the keto folks but in moderation. SkinnyPop Original Popped Popcorn, Vegan, Gluten-free, Non-GMO,  6.7oz Party Sized Bag

They contain more than 12% of the daily recommended intake of a good amount of fiber. The fiber helps to feel full and regulates your digestive system. Anything beyond the limits is not good at all and the same goes for the keto. 

According to the keto restrictive relief 20g-40g per day you have to take SkinnyPop in moderation as 1 small bag contains 7g of carbs. By keeping daily carb intake in your mind you can enjoy a small portion of SkinnyPop. 

SkinnyPop is free from gluten, sugar, cholesterol, preservatives, nuts. Plus it is a low-carb delicious snack to have in moderation during the keto diet. These ingredients are of high quality and do not contain artificial preservatives and flavors. 

What is the Difference Between SkinnyPop And Other Popcorns? 

There are four types of SkinnyPop including air-popped, kettle popcorn, movie theatre, oil-popped popcorn. All popcorns have different types of carbs according to the topping like butter, salt, caramel, cheese, spices and herbs, oils, and chocolate. 

However, the total amount of carbs depends on the different toppings and flavors. Freshly microwaved popcorn has 20g-40g carbs. The 4 cups of traditional popcorn are still high in carbs as compared to SkinnyPop which is low in carbs of almost 7g carbs. 

Although 4 cups of kettle popcorn contain 40-100g of carbs and are high-calorie count. However, the air-popped popcorns have low calories but are high in carbs as compared to the microwaved popcorns. 

Is SkinnyPop keto-friendly? According to the above mention, traditional popcorn is high on carbs and calories so the SkinnyPop is good for the keto folks as it has low carbs and calorie count. The SkinnyPop won’t kick you out of ketosis. 

Nutritional Facts of SkinnyPop:

SkinnyPop is a healthy snack for keto folks as it contains low carbs and calories that are suitable for the people on the keto diet. It is free from gluten, sugar, GMO’s, nuts.

Here are the nutritional facts of SkinnyPop;

SkinnyPopNutritional values 
Total fat 10g 
Cholesterol 0mg 
Sodium 60mg 
Carbohydrates 15g 
Sugar 0g 

Nutritional facts for 18g bag of SkinnyPop are as follows:

SkinnyPop 18gNutritional values 
Calories 100
Total fat 6g
Sodium 45mg
Total carbs 9g
Net carbs 7g
Fiber 2g
Protein 2g

Summing Up: 

SkinnyPop is keto-friendly if taken in moderation during keto diet for keto folks. Traditional popcorns have high calories as compared to the SkinnyPop.

Is SkinnyPop keto-friendly? They are a great blessing for keto folks with only 7g of net carb intake of the keto diet person. 

They are free from gluten, sugar, cholesterol, GMOs. They contain more than 12% of the daily recommended intake of a good amount of fiber. Always read the label first.