Lip Piercing For Dummies: Process, Pain, Aftercare

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Are you contemplating getting a lip piercing? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

Amongst the most commonly pierced areas of the body, the percentage of people who have oral piercings is 1.5%, which is the second most pierced area. Lip piercings are especially popular in women as according to a study around 5.6% of women have oral piercing whereas only 1.6% of men have oral piercings. They are trendy amongst people because our lips provide the perfect canvas to showcase a sleek and simple piercing and help them make a statement to the world. 

In recent times, lip piercings have managed to stay in fashion and not just in rebellious or angsty teenagers.  They’ve become quite the interest of people belonging to all age brackets.

But while this may all sound like rainbows and sunshine, there are always the good and bad aspects one must consider before giving in to temptation; So continue reading to know the different points to consider before getting your lip piercing.

What Is A Lip Piercing?

A lip piercing can be done on many areas surrounding your mouth and lip. It usually refers to piercing your upper or lower lip. A few of the more well-known lip piercings include: 

Labret piercing which is located towards the center of the lower lip

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Vertical labret piercing is similar to a labret piercing but is done vertically where it actually goes through the lower lip

Jestrum piercing is done on the upper lip where it is pierced through the center of the top lip and exits towards the bottom of the top lip.

Jestrum piercing
Jestrum piercing

Ashley piercing is very similar to the Vertical labret piercing where it goes through the center of the lower lip but instead of exiting towards the outside of the mouth, it exits towards the inside of the mouth.

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Frenulum Piercing:

Lip Piercing For Dummies: Process, Pain, Aftercare 3 - Daily Medicos

These are just the single lip piercings and if they don’t catch your attention or suit the style statement you are looking to make you could look into the double or quadruple lip piercings which include Dahlia piercing, Snakebite piercing, Angel piercing, Dolphin bite piercing, Spider bites piercing, Shark bite piercing and Canine bite piercing. 

So clearly you have some decisions to make regarding what suits you best.

Why Are Lip Piercings Popular?

Apart from the thrill of actually getting your lips pierced, there can be a variety of reasons why people choose to get their lips pierced. All of us recently witnessed Angelina Jolie sporting a golden lip cuff towards the center of her lower lip during the premiere of her movie, and it wouldn’t be a lie if we were to claim that she had us in awe of the look.

It was even a convincing point for most of us who needed a final push towards getting the lip piercing. The piercing has now become a trend! 

Are you planning to join the bandwagon and get it done? Our in-depth guide will help you finalize the decision for sure. 

Lip piercing allows us to adorn our lips in exquisite jewelry, especially given the array of jewelry available in different styles and customized options. Not only that you can choose whichever piercing and jewelry that suits your style, so why not go ahead and get your lips pierced?

Is Getting A Lip Piercing A Painful Procedure?

If you can tolerate the pain of other piercings, this one won’t pose much of a challenge to you. On average the pain is tolerable. Further, the pain you experience can also vary depending on the type of lip piercing you opt for because some can take more time to heal than others. 

The Vertical labret piercing can be more painful as the skin on the lip is comparatively more sensitive than the skin surrounding your lip. Similarly, the Jestrum piercing can also be very painful as it requires two punctures to be made into your skin but it’s a relatively quick procedure, so it shouldn’t last long. 

In short, double and quadruple lip piercings are likely to be more painful than single lip piercings. Further, the amount of pain you experience may vary based on your pain tolerance, which means if you have a generally higher pain tolerance you have nothing to worry about. Whereas if you have lesser pain tolerance, you need to be mentally prepared for the pain.

Aftercare Of Lip Piercing

Piercing means puncturing your skin and to avoid any illnesses or skin problems after getting your skin pierced proper aftercare needs to be practiced to help speed up the healing process.

To prevent infection you must keep the pierced area on and around your lip clean, for this, you can use a non-alcoholic mouthwash around three to five times a day. It is necessary to flush your pierced area with mouthwash especially after eating or drinking anything. 

Remember to keep the area around the piercing dry to further avoid the risk of infection. And be careful while eating or drinking daily and avoid snagging, biting, and constantly bumping or moving your jewelry because this will negatively impact the healing process making it longer and more difficult.

The mouth is a sensitive area and is generally more exposed to the bacteria in the mouth so it is imperative you follow the aftercare religiously.

In Conclusion

Getting a lip piercing isn’t exactly a long and painful process and does feed into the appeal of the eventual result of getting a stylish new piercing. One just has to be sure of the type of piercing they want and talk to a professional regarding what suits best for your style and look. 

The advised age of people getting piercings is 16 and above so it can be expected that the decision to get a piercing is not an uninformed one, as people above this age limit are well capable of making informed decisions. 

While making informed decisions is great, it is also necessary to avoid overthinking your decision, so if you have been thinking about getting a lip piercing for a long time, This is your call to action! You can do it! It’s not a big deal, we shouldn’t fear while making decisions regarding things that bring us joy. Don’t think about what other people will say, Do what you want and whatever is best for you!