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People panic when they don’t understand something, especially when it comes to their health and wellness. Sometimes even a small health issue can put a bad psychological impact on the patient due to dread, nervousness and distress. 

Daily Medicos is a content hub that provides articles on Health & Wellness, prevention from diseases, Guidance for medical conditions, Healthy Nutritional tips, inspiration on mental health problems, and a Healthy living lifestyle!

Our goal is to facilitate and educate laymen of our society with easy-to-understand information and to make their lives healthy, effective and a cut above. Each day, we produce top-quality content that’ll help you live longer, healthier and happier. 

We daily help Health seekers with our Fast growing information site

Whether you’re here to learn more about a health condition, research a medication, or searching for healthier lifestyle tips, you’re in the RIGHT PLACE! Just tap into one of our communities and here you get a bunch of quality information. We provide easy-to-understand, engaging and informative content. You’ll also find a compassionate team of professionals who genuinely care about you. 


Voice of Daily Medicos

Our Team consists of Medical Students, Enrolled in Reputable institutions of Pakistan in top fields. These students are joining hands, researching on topics each day during their medical studies to help our readers understand medical terms better and reshape their daily life into a healthier well-being state.

Asbah Faisal

Senior Year Surgical Technology Student

DOW University of Health Sciences

Asbah, “The Surgical Technologist to be”, pursuing Surgical Technology from Dow University. She is always enhancing her knowledge and skills in Surgical Procedures, Human Anatomy, and Modern-Day surgeries to help newbies understand & learn trouble free techniques, and assists patients cognise hospital procedures before they undergo their surgeries.

Faiza Amin

Psychology Student

Jinnah University for Women

Faiza, “The Psycho” focuses on mental health issues, children psychology, and healthy mind-sets subjects. She implements her knowledge of Human psychology and Mental health issues to help others to over-come their psychological problems and same time she is on completion of her Psychology degree from Jinnah University.

Mabel Waqar

Senior Year MBBS Student

DOW University of Health Sciences

An MBBS student from Dow University of Health Sciences. She urges to help people by providing well-detailed information on diseases; their symptoms, causes, treatments, and preventions. She stunningly puts her knowledge into words that can help you live a healthier life. 

Tatheer Fatima

Senior Year Surgical Technology Student

DOW University of Health Sciences

Fatima, “The Resolver”, she is fond to aid every person by providing them tips to prevent disease instead of curing. “Prevention is better than Cure” is her everyday quote. Spends her half day in Dow University to pursue her degree in Surgical Technology and rest of the day she spends in advising her companions, associates, and acquaintances on how to deal with everyday health issues.

Dr. Meha Fatima

Scientist & Surgical Technologist

DOW University of Health Sciences

Experienced Scientist with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in Molecular Biology, Cell Culture, Biomedical Engineering, Neurosciences, Mental Health, Life Sciences, and Data Analysis. Strong research professional graduated from Dr. Panjwani Centre for Molecular Medicine and Drug Research. 

Fabaeha Imtiaz

Respiratory Therapy Student

DOW University of Health Sciences

A student of  RESPIRATORY THERAPY from Dow University of Health Sciences. She tries to sum up most of the informative content about health diseases. Most commonly highlighting Cardio-Pulmonary illnesses. Providing indications & contraindications for various diseases and aims to empower not only medical students but common people.

Anma Ansari

4th Year Pharm D Student

University of Karachi

A student of Respiratory Therapist from Dow university of health sciences. She trying to find scientific knowledge and theory to practical problems Related to respiratory care modalities including oxygen and aerosol therapy ,breathing problems and humidity And focusing cardiopulmonary diseases .just to help students to understand in easier way and for acknowledging common people.


4th Year Pharm D Student

University of Karachi

A student of Pharm D from University of Karachi. She has keen interest in all the attributes towards pharmacy especially community pharmacy and hospital pharmacy with an objective to make medications sound and safe. She loves to provide information about  Pharmaceutical Analysis and Pharmacology in a best way so people with no medical background can understand.

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