About Daily Medicos

Daily Medicos is a content hub that produces fresh informational content for medical students, and the general audiences with the objective to make their life easier. 

Daily Medicos targets medical school guides, Academic medical topics, Real life hacks or tips and fitness areas, and many more related topics. We are a team of young and energetic professionals who are on a mission to make things easier to understand with educational blogs. 

The topics we cover:

  • Medical schools guide
  • Helpful daily guides for common people
  • Fitness & Exercise
  • Psychology Hacks (Educational)
  • Med school preparation
  • Healthcare-related questions
  • Healthcare industry and business

And More!

About Our Progress?

Daily Medicos has 600+ online publications that have hundreds of thousands of organic readers every month. We publish an average of 50 fresh publications on a monthly basis. 

Our Process:​

Our writers are trained regularly to improve their writing style and to learn more about value creation. 

We provide weekly training, PDFs, and reading materials to our team members to improve their knowledge and build up better work ethics. 

Every topic published on the platform goes through strict quality protocols and has to be informative for our audience. We filter out extra or irrelevant segments from our blogs to keep them precise and to the point. 

We are still in the stage of improvement and we are working round the clock to improve our user experience and publication quality for our readers. 

Our Team of Professionals

Dr. Meha Fatima – Editor (Research Scientist & Surgical Technologist)

Experienced Scientist with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in Molecular Biology, Cell Culture, Biomedical Engineering, Neurosciences, Mental Health, Life Sciences, and Data Analysis. Strong research professional graduated from Dr. Panjwani Centre for Molecular Medicine and Drug Research.

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Asbah Faisal – Author (Surgical Technologist)​

Asbah Faisal

Asbah has been the core team member from day one. She comes up with creative medical topics for the website. She works tirelessly to write new topics and help with team management tasks. 

Asbah is a surgical technologist, now undergoing house job period under the supervision of licensed surgeons & surgical professionals.

She likes to cover medical educational products, medical-related career questions, and more!

Zaira Fatima – Author ( Licensed Pharmacist )

Zaira is working as a Pharmacist in the Quality assurance department of a reputed Pharmaceutical company in Karachi, Pakistan.

Zaira writes informational content in pharmacy, pharma education, medical school guides, and academic category.

For queries related to our pharma guides, you can get in touch with Zaira on her LinkedIn.

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Faiza Amin – Junior Author ( Psychology Student)

Faiza is a senior year Psychology student from Jinnah Women’s University. She likes to write on educational topics that help improve your daily life including ideas to boost memory, improve memorization speed, solving problems related to medical schools.

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Shah Wajahat Ali ​(Founder)

Shah Wajahat Ali

Hey Guys! I’m Shah Wajahat. I run this website with a mission to empower students in my country with content writing skills that create value in others’ life.

I dream to build an information platform emerging from Pakistan that can help people with informative content. 

I manage all the technical and managerial parts of the website and also create helpful calculators and tools on the platforms to help our audience here on daily medicos.

Also; I’m a friendly guy and always happy to chat. So if you want, we can do that. Drop me a line over at contactshahwajahat [at] gmail.com and I’ll do what I can to respond.

If you want to learn more about my professional background check out my profile on LinkedIn. You’ll see I like to create content and educate.

Privacy Policy

Daily Medicos is dedicated to protecting the privacy of readers and customers. Because customer privacy is our top priority, we proactively embed privacy into the development and curation of our services.

We are committed to the advancement of customer privacy initiatives. 

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Terms of Use

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