12 Top Medical Schools in Mexico

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A complete guide about Medical Schools in Mexico 

Are you looking to study Medicine in Mexico and are confused whether that’s something wise to do from all perspectives and which university to opt for? We’re here to rescue you from all your confusion and queries and help you reach a conclusion. 

What Kind of Country is Mexico?

Medical Schools in Mexico

Mexico is a Federal Republic country located in Northern America’s Southern portion. The country is perceived as a developing country with a thriving economy. 

It is renowned for being rich in natural resources and developed infrastructure. Apart from that, the country has an extremely vibrant and mesmerising culture which is highly influenced by the United States environment. 

Most parts of Mexico experience a moderate climate throughout the year so you really wouldn’t be needing a lot of warm clothes unless your chosen university lies in the Northern parts of Mexico. 

Cost of Living in Mexico

Medical Schools in Mexico

Mexico is relatively cheaper than many countries in the US which might be offering good medical schools. It has a low and reasonable cost of living and offers many affordable options when choosing a place to stay. The average Cost of Living, including all amenities, varies from 500$ upto 800$. The healthcare facilities are pretty affordable too.

Why Should I Study in Mexico?

5 reasons why you should study in Mexico: 

  1. One of the very reasons why you could study in Mexico is mentioned above; its affordable, low cost of living but a high standard of living which is an attribute that attracts many international students. 
  2. The Higher Education System in Mexico is similar to that being offered in the universities of Europe and US so it has good and competitive Medical Schools. 
  3. The Medical Schools offer a flexible study plan where students can adopt a part time studying plan as well or courses that are offered in the evening or at night. 
  4. Their curriculum is designed to transfer knowledge, based on research and practice and keeping a beneficial engagement with students. 
  5. Here’s where the fun part actually comes, Mexico is known for its lively parties and flavoursome spicy food. It has great beaches which are breezy and really pacifying so in case you’re someone who loves taking a stroll for your ME time and enjoys gobbling down delish treats, Mexico is screaming for you to come!

What Language is Most Used in Mexican Universities?

Several schools offer programs in English which makes it convenient for international students to commute and study but you’d mostly find their medium of language for education as Spanish so don’t forget to take some Spanish proficiency classes before joining any institution. 

How Much Would it Cost You to Study Medicine in Mexico?

The Mexico Schooling System includes the Public and Private sector education system. The Public Medical Schools range approximately around 3500$ to 9000$ for undergraduate medical programs. While private institutions charge starting from 10000$ per academic year. 

Let’s get into the (n)Top Best Medical Universities that you can study in Mexico:

12 Top Medical Universities in Mexico

Starting from the bottom and reaching to the top best Medical School in Mexico;

12. Universidad Panemericana

The Department of Health Sciences offers programs in Medicine, Nursing and Psychology but the number of students in each program are limited for providing individual attention. The University promotes social work activities due to its education in humanities. You can even start clinical practice from the first semester at the best hospitals in Mexico.

Scholarships at Universidad Panamericana;

 It offers numerous scholarships related to financial, athletic and cultural. You can find more information here. 

Medium of Language; 

The university offers courses in English but an English Proficiency Certificate is required to qualify for it. 

11. Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana 

UAM is a public university which has a Department of Biological Sciences and Health offering Dentistry, MD, Nursing, Veterinary Medicine and many more that you can find out here. 

Tuition Fees at UAM; 

The tuition fees per semester is around $500 for international students. 

Scholarships at UAM;

 The University recently renewed its scholarship program with the Consulate of Mexico. 

Medium of Language at UAM;

 It offers programs in Spanish. 

10. Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua

The Department of Medicine at UAC is in charge of structure, organising and operating the academic programs with the motive to prepare health professionals with perfection, ethical motive and students engaging with themselves. It stimulates appropriate actions and strategies which would help the students to become better health care professionals and doctors. 

Tuition Fees at UACh; 

The fees for international students is around $2000 per academic year. 

Scholarships at UACh; 

It provides student loans and scholarships to all its students.

Medium of Language at UACh

The university generally teaches in Spanish but certain medical programs are available in English.

9. Universidad de Guadalajara

The University Center of Health and Sciences at UdeG is recognised for its high quality innovative education which facilitates a comprehensive persistent training of health professionals. It contributes to improving, constituting, rehabilitating the health of people and training the students to be prominent and alert health care professionals. 

Tuition Fees at UdeG; 

Undergraduate fees for international students is around $2000 and for Mexico citizens the fees is pretty low upto $100. 

Scholarships at UdeG;

 The University’s scholarships are backed with support from certain institutions which you can check here

Medium of Language at UdeG; 

Most of its programs are taught in Spanish but English Programs are available with English Proficiency requirement. They also offer learning Spanish at their institution. 

8. Universidad Autónoma de Baja California

The Faculty of Medicine at UABC is a public institution that envisions to be recognised for moulding its students to face the challenges for the upcoming future with the best standards of academic quality.

Tuition fees at UABC; 

They charge less tuition fees from National citizens but around $1000 from International Students.

Scholarships at UABC; 

UABC offers a variety of scholarships that you can check here

Medium of Language at UABC; 

They have mentioned that you have to be around Level 5 in English to attain courses offered in English, otherwise most of their courses are taught in Spanish. 

7. Universidad de Colima

The School of Medicine at Universidad de Colima ranks among the best medical universities in Mexico. It disperses its academic curriculum and has designed activities which benefit the comprehensive medical field and training the students for becoming future doctors. 

Tuition Fees of UCol; 

The bachelors and masters fees are around $2600-$2800. 

Scholarships at UCol;  

The university offers scholarships to both its national and international students. 

Medium of Language at UCol; 

UCol offers only a BA in nursing in English and the other medical programs are taught in Spanish.

6.The University of New Mexico

The School of Medicine at University of New Mexico has gained National and International appreciation for its continuously growing curriculum, which is aimed at applying learning theory to medical education. Their curriculum is lecture based and case based curricula. 

Tuition Fee & Scholarships at UNM; 

Without scholarships, the University’s Cost of Attendance is around $44,270. With Leadership Scholarship, the cost decreases to $32,076 and with Amigo Scholarship, the cost further reduces to $28,062.

Medium of Language at UNM; 

The University teaches bachelor courses in English as well as Spanish. 

5. Universidad de Sonora 

The Department of Medicine and Health Sciences at Sonora University has a whole division of Health and Biological Sciences offering programs such as MD, Clinical Biologist Chemist, Degree in Dentistry, Degree in Biology and much more. 

Tuition Fee at Unison; 

They have a discreet kind of tuition fee strategy; the fee is dependent upon the number of courses a student takes per semester. 

Scholarship at Unison; 

They provide academic scholarships upto 100%, national and international scholarships. 

Medium of Language at Unison;

 It offers programs in English and Spanish. For international students, they’ve designed a course for Spanish Proficiency that you can check out here

4. Tecnológico de Monterrey

Tecnológico de Monterrey School of Medicine motivates the professional, personal and academic growth of its students. Their main goal is to provide students with emotional, disciplinary and professional tools that prepare them for community practice and to thrive in their communities. 

Tuition Fee at Tecnológico de Monterrey; 

The tuition fee for bachelors per year costs around $13000 and approximately $15000 for masters each year. 

Scholarship at Tecnológico de Monterrey; 

They offer scholarships that are based on academic, athletic talent or financial assistance. 

Medium of Language; 

They offer a variety of subjects in both English and Spanish. 

3. Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León

The School of Medicine at UANL aims to train doctors to provide complete primary care for prevalence in Mexico and the whole world. It educates its students with academic high quality in numerous aspects of biomedical sciences. The university has a competent staff and offers an international study environment. 

Tuition Fee of UANL; 

The Faculty of Medicine charges $10,500 for students with Mexican Nationality and $28,000 for International Students. 

Scholarship at UANL; 

They offer scholarships which you can check out here

Medium of Language at UANL; 

The University conducts classes in Spanish. 

2. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

The School of Medicine at National Autonomous University of Mexico is the foremost recognised public school in Mexico and even across the globe, especially in the US.

 They strive to train their students not only education wise but ethically and humanistic professionals. They enhance the students researching and disseminating knowledge skills so that they assist the future well being of the society. 

Tuition Fee of UNAM; 

The undergraduate programs have a low cost of around 2000$ per year as compared to other universities. Postgraduate programs cost around 4000$ per year. 

Scholarships at UNAM;

 UNAM offers a variety of scholarships that you can check out here

Medium of Language; 

Almost all of the curriculum is taught in Spanish except a few programs are in English. 

1.Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara 

The University Autonoma de Guadalajara School of Medicine’s curriculum has been accredited by WHO and declared as a good school for medicine. The University carries out a vision of training and enhancing knowledge of medical students. 

They test their distinct skills through research projects and focus on building their personalities that would ultimately help them overcome challenges in the future.

Tuition Fee of UAG; 

The first two years of clinical sciences costs around $30,310 per academic year. This includes the Tuition, Fees and Books & Supplies cost. However, they have calculated the whole cost of attendance of all 4 years which can be viewed here

Scholarship and loans at UAG; 

The university offers scholarships on the basis of academic and financial after reviewing and interviewing the candidate thoroughly. They also offer loans of two types; check them out here

Medium of Language at UAG; 

They offer a bilingual curriculum and culture. The first two years classes are taught in English and then they slowly move to Spanish. 

These are the top universities in Mexico that are offering Programs in Medicine and Healthcare. You can check out these universities, their eligibility criteria, your desired program and analyse which university would suit the best for you.

 Before we reach the end, we’ve answered some concerns that might be buzzing around your head. 

How Much Do Doctors Earn in Mexico?

If you’re someone who’s planning to settle after graduating from a Medical College in Mexico, you might be concerned about how much doctors earn in Mexico. On an average  practising and licensed doctors earn around $4000 every month.

Is it Hard to Get into Med School in Mexico?

Just like any other country in the world, Med Schools in Mexico demand certain requirements such as good MCAT scores, High School Certificates, English or Spanish Proficiency Certificate. It isn’t that difficult to get into a Med School in Mexico if you have good scores in MCAT or High School but it can get a bit tough in the best Medical Universities like UAG or UNAM. 

How Long Does it Take to Become a Doctor in Mexico?

To become a doctor in Mexico, it takes around 4 to 5 years in Med School, in addition with House Job and Residency for at least 2 to 7 years after which you become a certified doctor. 


Trust me, I know how intricate and complex it is to choose the best university for your higher education because your professional career is highly dependent on it. 

We hope we’ve made it convenient for you by gathering all the necessary particulars that you should require to reach a conclusion. If you’re settling for joining either one of Mexico’s Med School then brace yourself, it’s indigenous culture awaits you!