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How To Create a Safe Password? Effective Ways to Make Your Password Safe

How To Create a Safe Password? Effective Ways to Make Your Password Safe 1 - Daily Medicos

How To Create a Safe Password? Effective Ways to Make Your Password Safe

Creating safe and strong passwords is a bit of an intimidating task, mostly when it is recommended to use a new and unique password for each website you visit. Therefore, you either start using the same password everywhere or create short words using numbers that are related to your life and can be too easy to guess, knowing it’s unsafe and that your personal information can easily be exposed. 

Strong passwords are those that are lengthy – the longer, the better. A strong password consists of a mixture of letters, both upper and lower case, symbols, and numbers, no personal information, no words from the dictionary, and contains at least 11 characters.  

What Are The Effective Ways to Make Your Password Safe?

How To Create a Safe Password? Effective Ways to Make Your Password Safe 2 - Daily Medicos

Cybercriminals use numerous password hacking strategies at their disposal, yet the simplest is to buy them from the dark web. But if you’re smart enough to make your passwords strong, then they have to crack it using Brute force attack, dictionary attack, and phishing.

Thus, you can make your passwords safe using these tactics:

Don’t Create Easy to Guess Passwords:

Set passwords that are unique and hard to guess. Avoid using sequential numbers or letters, and most importantly, do not use ‘password’. Use unique words or phrases that don’t contain obvious or personal information such as your name or DOB. 

Make Sure It Can’t be Brute Force Attacked:

You can use these tactics to secure your password being brute force attacked: 

  • Increase its length: Make your password as long as possible – at least 11 characters. Add letters, numbers, and symbols and mix them up to avoid brute force attacks. 
  • Avoid common replacing: HAckers are experts and can guess the common substitutions. Using DOORBELL or DOORB3LL both can be cracked with the same ease. Instead, use numerals or special characters for replacing. 
  • Avoid using sequential keyboard paths: Don’t use easy-to-guess sequential keyboard paths such as qwerty, asdf, etc. 
How To Create a Safe Password? Effective Ways to Make Your Password Safe 3 - Daily Medicos
Cipher to help you protect your personal information

You can rely on Sky ECC to help you secure your passwords with their amazingly advanced features – providing you with a separate password for each application, and limiting password attempts to help save your account from brute force attack, and Cipher to help you protect your personal information from online and offline attacks.

Make Sure It Can’t be Dictionary Attacked:

Avoid using a single word as your password, instead, add multiple words or use phrases or sentences to confuse this tactic. Such attacks minimize the possible number of guesses to the number of words one may use to the exponential power of the number of words he/she uses. 

Use a Well-trusted Smartphone Application:

Specialized apps help you secure your password and personal info from getting leaked. These apps create a one-time PIN that you need to enter while logging in. These PINs change every 30 seconds on its own. You must follow the instructions to set up Multiple-factor authentication (MFA) for your specific app, however, many applications don’t yet support this MFA method.

Use Sky ECC to help you secure your passwords, providing you with a separate password for each application.

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Everything You Need to Know About AMCON Software Before Investing

Everything You Need to Know About AMCON Software Before Investing 5 - Daily Medicos

Everything You Need to Know About AMCON Software Before Investing

Are you somebody who has been hearing a lot about Amcon Software? Thinking of investing in Amcon Software? Well, you’re at the right place because we have everything that you need to know about this and more! Please keep reading and scrolling till the end of the article to find out all that you need to know about it.

What is AMCON Software? 

 AMCONSOFT is an overall IT provider and counseling organization for market leaders. It is a comprehensive consultant for organizations that form a business in the online world or need to change their processes into an advanced environment. Established in 2014, AMCONSOFT has introduced 30 worthwhile projects for customers worldwide. They have developed a reputation as a solid provider of complete IT solutions during this time. The primary approach is to sell business solutions to partners. They combine industry knowledge, technology, and the business objectives of clients. AmconSoft is represented in 5 countries: Ukraine, Ireland, the USA, Canada, and Lithuania

This article is a must-read if you’re searching the web to find out all about Amconsoft as it covers the services offered by Amcon, their expertise, and the industries they focus on. Let’s get into it.

Services Offered by AMCON

  • Custom Software Development:  AmconSoft – something other than just a software company. It is designed to develop a custom development plan dependent on your unique set of needs.AMCONSOFT Offers Efficient and Customized Software Solutions for Business from Startups to Enterprise. The core development directions include E-commerce, CRM, ERP, and other platform advancements. Robotic process automation (RPA) is applied to improve the existing applications for connecting with other computerized systems. 
Everything You Need to Know About AMCON Software Before Investing 6 - Daily Medicos
  • Application Development: We offer your business the chance of planning a mobile application or game that will be exceptionally competitive and valuable for clients. Tools used: Swift, Objective-C, Java. 
  • Legacy Software Modernization: AMCONSOFT helps you with legacy software modernization processes to guarantee a business’ smooth work. I am suggesting the solutions to re-hosting, redesigning, and helping with the app migration. 
  • MVP & PoC Development: Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and Proof of Concept (POC) development focus on how to approve your most significant assumptions and limit the greatest risks. That will be different for each organization and product. It assists with market research, customer development, idea validation, and product strategy. 
  • Source code review & Audit: To find code bugs, disclosure violations, or other source code blunders, it is suggested to perform a product source code review and review. The aftereffect of a practical assessment is bug-free, easily maintainable software. The source code audit goals are to detect and explore insights about the hidden security bugs, prevent cyber-attacks, and minimize errors before the final software release. 

Industries That AMCON Focus

Supply Chain Management:

It creates custom logistics and supply chain management software that guarantees improved business tasks, enhances the board measures, refines the delivery experience, and cut fleet operational expenses.i.e TMS, WMS, FMS, MES. 

Urban Public Transportation:

It creates custom solutions for smart cities to control urban infrastructure portability. It drives towns to the next level with keen parking arrangements, an intuitive fleet management system, last-mile delivery services. The custom solution allows the urban transportation industry to incorporate present-day computerized solutions. It helps modernize the urban transportation industry with client-arranged multimodal intelligent mobility solutions to keep the city moving productively.

Tourism & Hospitality:

It helps in customizing software solutions of the traveling industry to oversee business measures, smooth out in-house activities, improve client experience, and other all the more necessities. With AMCONSOFT custom software solutions, travel industries will save time and money on the main operation processes. 

Broadcast & Media:

AMCONSOFT gives media streaming software services for various domains. It delivers media streaming app development services promoting education, media and entertainment, travel, and transportation. 

Expertise of AMCON

Product Management:

Product management is the foundation of the most successful products. Therefore, AMCON offers help at all phases of product management. Beginning with the arrangement until the result, it takes meticulous care of your venture, so you accomplish your goals. 

End-to-end Business Solutions

When dealing with complex services or systems, end-to-end arrangements are regularly cost-effective. End-to-end business solutions can help streamline a business’s presentation and effectiveness by killing the middleman. 

IoT & Industry:

It is committed to providing the most stable and flexible approaches. Core areas specialize in healthcare, IT and telecom, Smart devices, banking and financial services, innovative power and utilities, smart cities, and connected infrastructure.  

Everything You Need to Know About AMCON Software Before Investing 7 - Daily Medicos
IoT & Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning:

People can fix their blunders; however, we lose in correlation with machines in operational speed. Scaling up your business, you face the need to at the same time measure a lot of information that comes from various sources.

Everything You Need to Know About AMCON Software Before Investing 8 - Daily Medicos

AI & Machine Learning handle this assignment with the profound investigation, sustained learning, and getting the hang of thinking and reasoning. 

Bottom Line 

From all the above information, you are now fully aware of what AMCON is, how and where it is used and how it works according to the unique set of customer needs. To all the investors out who are looking forward to investing in something that makes their line of work easy, I hope you will make the right choice after reading this. 

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04 Exercises on How to Get an Attractive Body At Home Without Equipment in 21 days [With Videos]

04 Exercises on How to Get an Attractive Body At Home Without Equipment in 21 days [With Videos] 11 - Daily Medicos

04 Exercises on How to Get an Attractive Body At Home Without Equipment in 21 days [With Videos]

Everyone wants to look attractive and tempting. All of us want a toned and sexy body without putting in any kind of effort. So as a general rule and pressure of our surroundings to look beautiful with the figure is getting more and more day by day. The chubby people have heard every time these kinds of questions and comments based on their body like; why are you not losing weight? Why are you eating too much? Don’t eat! You are not fitting in such dresses! Just look at your thighs and cheeks! Etc etc. 

04 Exercises on How to Get an Attractive Body At Home Without Equipment in 21 days [With Videos] 12 - Daily Medicos

Everything takes time. Nothing is going to happen magically. Believe in yourself, avoid what people say. If you think that you can’t lose weight and get an attractive body at home without equipment then you are mistaken. Lazy people, people having medical issues and people who rely only on junk are facing difficulties to get an attractive body at home without equipment. 

04 Exercises on How to Get an Attractive Body At Home Without Equipment in 21 days [With Videos] 13 - Daily Medicos
Get an attractive body at home without equipment

Wasting money in gyms and equipment is just a kind of satisfaction if you are not energetic and able to control your desires you can’t get an attractive body. The best equipment you have is in your home which is your own BODY. Utilize your body as equipment that helps to burn calories fast and toned your body to get desirable results soon. Home toning workouts are the best to get an attractive body. 


04 Exercises on How to Get an Attractive Body At Home Without Equipment in 21 days [With Videos] 14 - Daily Medicos
Warm up at home

We first need to do warm-up exercises in our body to facilitate further fat-burning processes. You need to warm up for at least 10 mins to start up your home toning workout. 

Here is the question arise why warm-up exercises? So basically warm-up exercise is an important part of a home toning workout and even any kind of workout to get a fast heart rate, elevate oxygen uptake, and increase your body temperature which will facilitate the fat-burning processes. 

Video reference

Following are the warm-up exercises are; 

Note: Follow all the warm-up exercises for 30 secs each with 10 secs for transition in between. It will help prepare your body 

Front and back circles


  • Stand straight 
  • Extend your legs 
  • Rotate your arms (one forward and one backward)
  • Draw a big circle

Round the world


  • Stand straight 
  • Extend your legs 
  • Now straight your hands
  • Rotate your hands in a circular motion clockwise 15 secs and anticlockwise 15 secs

High knee butt kick


  • Stand straight 
  • Jump with your legs 
  • Touch knees with hands forward while jumping
  • Touch your toes with your hands while jumping

Open chest twist


  • Stand straight 
  • Extend your legs
  • Extend both the hands
  • Open up your chest
  • Touch your right hand to left 
  • Touch your left hand to the right  

Sump shoulder dip


  • Extend your legs
  • Put both the hands-on knee and bent
  • Bent the right shoulder towards the left knee level 
  • Bent the left shoulder towards the right knee level
  • Don’t lose your neck

Kick and circle


  • Stand straight
  • Extend your legs
  • Place both the hands-on backward of the head 
  • Rotate your right leg then touch the right toe with your left hand
  • Rotate your left leg then touch the left toe with your right hand
  • The opposite hand will remain on the head 
  • Follow it for 30 secs left and 30 secs right

Extend and twist


  • Make sit position
  • Place both the hands-on toes
  • Extend your legs while touching the toe
  • Come down to the sit position reach your arm up
  • Twist your torso as much as possible 

Half lunge twist


  • Stand straight
  • Forward your right leg and bending your left leg and twist towards the right side
  • The same goes for the left leg; forward your left leg and bending your right leg and twist towards the left side 

Jumping jacks


  • Stand straight
  • Extend legs
  • Extend hands
  • Jump and move your hands and legs in and out



  • Bent yourself
  • Walk your hands forward
  • Get down to the floor
  • Push your torso up
  • You will feel a stretch in your abs
  • Then hip up
  • Walk your hand back to the feet

Side twist


  • Bent on knees
  • Place your hand on the floor straightly
  • Place the opposite hand on the backside of the head
  • Then twist with the help of a hand up and down 
  • Make the balance with the help opposite hand on the floor

High plank sit back


  • Straight your body on the toe
  • Hands-on floor
  • Come on high plank core and abs tight
  • Moving head to knee and vice versa

Lizard lunge reach


  • Bent left knee on the floor 
  • Extend right leg
  • Bent your upper body forwardly
  • Twist your torso expand your arm up 
  • Change side after 15 secs

Face up the walk


  • Lie down
  • Place hand straightly at the backside
  • Lift up torso
  • Bent knees
  • Keep your hip higher throughout the whole exercise 
  • Move forward and backward with legs

Leg workouts

04 Exercises on How to Get an Attractive Body At Home Without Equipment in 21 days [With Videos] 15 - Daily Medicos
Leg workouts without equipment

Leg workouts are important to tone up your thighs, calves and slim your legs. If you want tempting legs then you must try out this leg workout. Do it for 30 secs with 10 secs rest in between.

Video reference

Outer leg lift+circle


  • Lie on your right side
  • Bent your right leg on the floor
  • Left leg straight and up and down
  • Do leg lift for 15 secs after that shift to leg circle. This will engage your rights and produce a slow burn.
  • Follow this for the opposite side as well

Ballet lift


  • Lie on your right side
  • The right leg will remain on the floor
  • Extend your left leg and do up and down motion in a much bigger movement 
  • Raise it high as you can
  • Follow this for the opposite side as well

Bottom leg lift


  • Lie on your right side
  • Support your torso up by the right elbow
  • Right leg straight on the floor
  • Cross left leg over planting it in front working your inner right side to lift right leg up and down
  • You will feel a real burn
  • Follow this for the opposite side as well

Glute bridge hold


  • Lie on your back
  • Kness bent
  • Lift your hips up and hold
  • Squeeze your booty hard and lift it as high as possible
  • Forming one straight line from knees, hips to shoulder

Donkey pulses


  • Get into all fours
  • Extend your right leg through the back
  • Lift it off the floor 
  • Squeeze your booty to raise your right leg up and down
  • Keep it straight for the whole time
  • Focus on using your whole leg for each lift instead of swinging with your lower back
  • Follow it for the opposite side as well

Squat+front lunge


  • Stand straight 
  • Hands in front
  • Extend your legs
  • Chest up
  • Squat down by sending your foot back until the thighs are parallel to the floor
  • Come up and step 1 leg to the front into a lunge position
  • Make 90-degree angle 
  • Step back and sink into squat and lunge with the other side



  • Hold your fist off your chest
  • Lift and kick one leg as hard as  you can

In+out squat


  • Stand straight with feet together 
  • Sit your butt back into your squat 
  • Come up step one leg out 
  • This is alternate between in and out squat 
  • Each squat is lower outside until it is parallel to the floor

Reverse lunge pulses + knee raise


  • Keep your hands in front
  • Take a big step back into a reverse lunge 
  • Do 2 pulses 
  • Try to fat like upwards into a knee raise
  • Touching your hands 
  • Do it for 15 secs and then switch sides
  • The key here is to maintain your balance 

Sumo squats pulses


  • wide your feets
  • Chest up
  • Squats out until side to parallel to the floor
  • Start pulsing up and down without standing back

Sumo squat hold


  • Get into sumo squats 
  • But this time we are not pulsing 
  • Just hold it for 30 secs
  • The burn is insane 

Abs workout

04 Exercises on How to Get an Attractive Body At Home Without Equipment in 21 days [With Videos] 16 - Daily Medicos
Abs workout

These exercises will work every part f the belly area. It will be an intense workout but if you want a small waist and curve in your belly then you must follow these abs workout. Do this abs workout every 45 secs.

Video reference

Ab bike


  • Lie down on the floor
  • Crunch your abs to bring your opposite elbow and knee together 
  • Do it alternately
  • Suck in your belly to press your back flat on the floor

Crunch kick


  • Sit in a V position with only your hip on the floor
  • Extend your legs lower to the ground as you lean backward
  • Holding your knees tight
  • Bring your knees close to your chest again in a narrow V



  • Lie down on the floor
  • Crunch your abs to curl up as high as possible 
  • Hold it for few seconds as you squeezing your abs hard 
  • Lower down and repeat 
  • Maintain slow and control

Round plank climber and steps


  • Suck in your belly into round plank
  • Crunch your abs as you bring one knee in towards your chest for the climber
  • Follow it by stepping your feet out one at a time
  • Keep your core tight throughout the exercise



  • Lie down on the floor
  • Abs tight
  • Bring your legs straight together from one side to another
  • Drawing a big rainbow

Straight leg chop


  • Lie flat on the ground
  • Hands above your head
  • Crunch your abs to lift your whole upper torso to setting with a twist 
  • Tapping your hands to the side next to your legs alternately

Crunch kick up and down


  • Lie on the floor with hips
  • Hands below your hips
  • Lift your legs up and down
  • Crunch the abs tightly 

Plank circle


  • Get into a high plank with help of hands
  • Legs are extended
  • Being your knee towards your chest
  • Join a circle as you squeeze and crunch your abs
  • Repeat right side for 22 secs and switch to another leg

Hollow leg drop


  • Lie down on the floor
  • Suck in your belly
  • Press your back on the floor
  • Shoulders off the ground
  • Legs up towards the sky 
  • Lower one leg at a time

Reverse angle


  • Lie down on the floor
  • Work your abs to lift your legs and hip up towards the sky
  • One leg bent and one leg straight 
  • Hold it for a sec
  • Do it alternately 
  • This is the last exercise and effective abs workout to small your waist

Arms, back, and chest workout

04 Exercises on How to Get an Attractive Body At Home Without Equipment in 21 days [With Videos] 17 - Daily Medicos
Arms, back, and chest workout

This is an ultimate upper body workout without any equipment to slim up your back, arms, and chest. If you are ready for the arms, back, and chest workout then let’s go. Do all the exercises for 30 secs. 

Video reference

Chest fly


  • Lean down 
  • Open your chest while squeezing your back for each rep

High plank walk


  • Come to higher plank position
  • Head to heal in one straight line
  • Tight your core
  • Walk your hands forward as far out as possible
  • Back to the starting position.

Back squeeze


  • Lie down on prone position on the floor
  • Foot off the floor
  • Pull your elbow backward
  • Lift your torso up as high as you can 
  • Squeeze your shoulder hard

Wide knee push up


  • Lie down in the prone position
  • Hands wide apart 
  • Tight your abs
  • Bend your elbows at least 90-degree angle
  • Head to the knee is in one straight line
  • The hip is not popping out

Back lift


  • Same as back squeeze
  • Legs off the ground
  • Squeeze your back
  • Lift your torso up as high as possible for each rep

Plank rotation shoulder tap


  • Come to high plank position
  • Rotate to side plank
  • Return to high plank
  • Tap your opposite shoulder
  • Tight your abs
    • Switch arms after 15 secs

Back circle (swimming like)


  • Lift your legs
  • Squeeze your back and shoulder
  • Brig your arm backward to draw the circle

Wide arm plank


  • Hands wide apart
  • Fingers pointing outward
  • Tight your abs and core
  • Hold it

Superman hold


  • Lift arms and legs off the ground
  • Lift as high as possible
  • Feel the burn in your back
  • Try to hold it for 30 secs

The single-leg push up


  • Hands and shoulder-width apart 
  • One leg off the ground
  • Lower your torso by bending your elbows at least 90 degree  
  • Switch legs after 15 secs

Chest and back squeeze


  • Down on your knees
  • Extend your arms forward 
  • Squeeze your back when you bring your arms back 

Chest fly 3 ways


  • Down on your knees
  • Open up your chest 
  • Squeeze your back


When it comes to losing weight at home exercises without any equipment we know it sounds something surprising like how can we transform our bodies at home. Don’t worry we have mentioned all the workouts like legs workout, abs workout, warm-up workout, and arms, shoulder, and chest workout. Just stay motivated all the time, everything takes time! Don’t lose hope and your confidence. We are sure one day you will fit in your desire outfit. Follow these home toning workouts daily to get results in just 20 days. 

For more workouts visit

How do I become just as good as any American or European doctor?

How do I become just as good as any American or European doctor? 19 - Daily Medicos

How do I become just as good as any American or European doctor?

Do you want to serve humanity in the best way? Apply to study MBBS in the USA or at any university in Europe as medicine courses are among the hardest and most competitive programs for a Pakistani student to join. Universities that offer MBBS are very few, with a population of 188,020,000. The student who is dreaming of becoming a doctor sometimes failed!

Study better, to serve better! 

How do I become just as good as any American or European doctor?

The competition is tough as there are limited seats, both public and private, throughout the country; they only offer 13,605 seats. Only students with extraordinary learning skills get admissions due to an unstable education system with a low number of universities that don’t provide too many specializations and few employment opportunities in their own country. If they have enough resources, they prefer going abroad for MBBS, and students from Pakistan choose to enlarge their horizons and study abroad. Out of the millions of international students worldwide, Pakistani students are among the ones who prevail in enrolling in a foreign university.

How are medical schools in the US and Europe better than Medical schools in Pakistan?

How do I become just as good as any American or European doctor? 20 - Daily Medicos

The medical schools in Europe and America are better than the Medical schools in Pakistan. Being a developed country with a stable education system, the USA and European countries offer thousands of seats to the students each year. 

The Medicine Service assesses your academic background and ensures you are qualified to apply. These universities then select suitable medical schools to apply to before editing your statement and ensuring you have sat the relevant tests, such as the UKCAT, USMCAT, or BMAT. If accepted for an interview, students will participate in interview practice with a doctor who sits on the USA and UK medical schools’ admissions panel.

Studying medicine in the US and all over Europe is hugely challenging, but if you have the passion and are willing to put in the effort required, it is worth the hard work. After graduation, you will have the skills to serve humanity in the best of forms, and with your little help, you will be able to make a massive difference in people’s lives. That in itself is worth the hours of hard work.

The medical profession is both sacred based on humanity and, in the meantime, profitable as well. The only disadvantage is that it requires complete dedication during matriculation and FSc and at least another five years of intense focus and hard work. Surgery, too, necessitates the same degree of dedication, concentration, and hard work. The main element to success in this area is a strong mentality, intelligence, dexterity, and hard work.

The merit keeps rising year by year as the number of students increases, but the seats do not. Around 2019 the last merit for admissions in the public sector Medical school in Pakistan was around 91.3%. Many students got 91 percent aggregate and were still unable to secure a seat in the public sector of Medical school in Pakistan

Is MBBS from Medical school from Pakistan valid in the USA or in Europe?

After completing MBBS, a Pakistani student cannot practice medicine in the United States because the basic level of research needed to practice medicine in the United States is postgraduate medicine. The USMLE has precisely specified the medical courses taken in the United States after completing the MBBS. After 2023, medical graduates from Pakistan will be unable to sit for the examination for registration as a physician or pursue postgraduate studies at any institution in the United States. For foreign graduates to practice medicine in any of America’s 52 states, they must pass the USMLE.  

Every candidate who applies has a remarkable statement of purpose, has been a school leader, has near-perfect scores, and is good in pretty much everything you ask for.

How do I become just as good as any American or European doctor? 21 - Daily Medicos

The respective entrance tests are different but complex. Also, getting a high score in them doesn’t ensure your seat in medical school in Pakistan. They will conduct your interviews that invite more people than seats available, and more than half are rejected despite having a stellar record in academics.

Is MBBS the only choice in medical education?

How do I become just as good as any American or European doctor? 22 - Daily Medicos
sub-fields available in Medical after FSc in Pakistan

No, Medical means MBBS to everyone, although there are 14 sub-fields available in Medical after FSc in Pakistan and every field of them is of utmost importance, including MBBS. At this time, 10 degrees in 14 subjects at the graduate level, including Medicine (MBBS), Dentistry (BDS), Pharmacy (Pharm. D), and Nursing, and 36 degrees in 118 subjects at the postgraduate level are being offered by Medical school in Pakistan.

Can a graduate from medical school in Pakistan practice in the US or Europe?

Suppose you graduate from a medical college on the list of schools approved by the WHO. In that case, you are allowed to take the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) and, upon successfully passing it, be allowed to apply for a residency and begin practicing in the United States.

However, some states in the US do have specific requirements; however, consult the Medical Board of your particular state to determine if you will be allowed state licensure upon graduation.

What is the IBCC Equivalence Certificate, and do I need one?

The IBCC Equivalence Certificate is a document granted by the Inter-Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC), which converts your transcripts from foreign schools (those in the USA, UK, etc.) Pakistani standard. Suppose you are an international student (or a Pakistani who has completed his/her O/A Levels). In case you are required to have an IBCC Equivalence Certificate in the Pre-Medical category with at least a score of 660 out of 1100 total.

Without this, you will not be granted admission to any medical college in Pakistan, public or private. Some private medical schools in Pakistan will give you admission based on your foreign transcripts without seeing any Equivalence Certificate. They will later require you to show proof of the certificate, and if your grades are unable to earn a 660 score on conversion, you will have wasted time and money. Be 100% sure about this: even if a school grants you admission, you will not graduate as a physician in Pakistan without an IBCC Equivalence Certificate in Pre-Medical with a score of at least 660.

Reason Why Studying MBBS In the US and Europe is better than Medical School In Pakistan: 

How do I become just as good as any American or European doctor? 23 - Daily Medicos

1: Nominal tuition fees

Medical schools in Europe and Asia are undoubtedly affordable. In addition, there are no hidden expenses of academics at international universities. Also, there are no hidden costs in foreign universities. The accommodation expenses are also generally low.

2: Good education

As compared to medical schools in Pakistan, universities in countries like Russia face extensive censure to maintain quality standards. However, it is best to check the reviews of any university you plan to enroll in.

3: Less dependency on MCAT score

There are more than 450 government and private medical schools in Pakistan. Although the list of medical schools in Pakistan is high, the number of seats for medical school student aspirants in Pakistan is still low. The reason, many students fail to get a seat in a medical institute either take a drop to retake the examination or change their career. However, the admission process in foreign medical universities is very easy. Admissions there are based on a first-come, first-served basis. Few institutions need applicants to write the IELTS exam and the institution’s entrance test, while most universities don’t.

4: Safest countries in the world:

Safety may be an essential issue and criteria for prospective international students. Well, if you’re looking for a safe country to live in, America and Europe are the highly safest places for international students. With a meager crime rate, they manage to keep a peaceful and serene environment visible in people’s attitudes. They are undoubtedly helpful when needed.

5: Public medical colleges of UK and Europe charge low tuition fees: 

Public universities in America and Europe charge some of the world’s lowest fees, around 18,442 USD to 64,984 USD, 273,840 Pounds, and 1,500 EUR/year. Despite their low tuition, universities offer high standard education, particularly in medicine, pharmacy, natural sciences, and social sciences.

6: International exposure and Diversity

Studying abroad will give you exposure to various medical conditions, along with advanced technology, state-of-the-art apparatus, and amenities. You will learn from interacting with students from different nationalities along with teachers.

To become a practicing doctor, you must attend 5 years of Medical School in Pakistan followed by a 1 year House Job (years paid or unpaid internship) at either your alumni, in a government hospital, that is recognized by the PMDC (Pakistan Medical and Dental Council).

Pakistani doctors will have improved diagnostic skills because they don’t have as much cutting-edge diagnostic equipment in the US. I have a friend who is an American-educated MD, originally from Argentina, who told me that foreign doctors had been educated twice, once in their own country and again in the US.

7: Age Limit:  

In Pakistan, the age limit of getting admission to medical school is 17 to 25, while abroad, a person is eligible to study MBBS at 40, 50, 60. There is no certain age limit for getting admission to medical college. 

For the US, you must go to College after High School, and then if you get the grades and pass the MCAT, gain admission into Med School. Any further specialization is followed hereafter.

Therefore, the main difference is that you may start Medical school in Pakistan at about 18 or 19 years of age and, after 5 years, have declared a doctor. You will begin Medical School in the US after you complete college, usually around 22 or 23, and then finish at about 17 or 28.

Certain issues that students faced doing MBBS in the Medical school of Pakistan, 

  • Relentless Competition:

MBBS in Pakistan is pretty competitive. As last year’s cut-off merit for MCAT Punjab was 88.6%, many kids who worked hard for most of their lives did not make it into any government medical school in Pakistan. It has developed into a pretty weird situation where kids have to study 12- 15 hrs a day consistently throughout the year to stand any chance of racking up enough marks to get into medical school in Pakistan. The lives get pretty- dimensional; sports and extra-curricular activities are pushed to the periphery, even religion plays second fiddle in many students’ lives. 

That is somewhat unfair when considering that a growing population of 20 crores plus each year has to fight for seats allocated based on the 1998 census, resulting in extra competition. MBBS aspirants of Medical school in Pakistan have to claw for a seat or position with thousands of brilliant, able, and competitive students day in day out. Compared to medical school in Pakistan, the US and Europe emphasize students’ extra-curricular activities to refresh their minds and healthily take the competition. 

  • Morale Deterioration:

Plus, another dilemma is the moral deterioration of these future doctors. Again the system and, to some extent, society are to blame. The system makes them focus on curriculum alone; the focus being unidimensional makes them morally incompatible. A great example is the young doctors of Pakistan; they are not considered doctors until they get specialization.

  • Incompetent Students from Private Medical School in Pakistan:

The third issue with MBBS students in Pakistan is those studying in private institutions. Many students are lazy bluffers throughout matriculation and Fsc; they muster up aggregates in the 60s or 70s, then use financial power to get admission in any esteemed private institute. They earn an MBBS degree from said private institution and gain the privilege of equal social standing with those who have worked hard throughout their early academic lives and got admission totally on a merit basis in MBBS. This is unjust and unfair on many accounts.

Am I eligible for medical school in Pakistan and America, and Europe After A-Levels?  

You may gain admission into Medical school in Pakistan after your A’ Levels, high school, or FSC exam, depending on whether you follow the British, American, or local education system. You must have 60% or more marks in the sciences and sometimes pass a local or national exam, depending on whether you apply to a public or private university.

The same system usually applies to the UK, USA, and most other Commonwealths, i.e Australia, Hong Kong, China, Ukraine, etc.

Benefits and Reason Why Pakistani Students want to Study Abroad: 

How do I become just as good as any American or European doctor? 24 - Daily Medicos
  1. The medium of education is entirely English during the study period of USA MBBS, which does not create any language problems for the Pakistani students.
  2. The quality of medical education in the USA is just excellent compared to the medical school in Pakistan.
  3. If any of the individuals want to be an expert doctor, it would be perfect to opt for MBBS/MD in the USA and Europe, especially in the UK and Germany.
  4. In Germany, they charge no MBBS fee or very few and provide part-time jobs to students. 
  5. All of the medical degrees offered by USA MBBS are recognized globally, making it worth going for an MBBS in the USA.
  6. The doctors from the USA are in great demand globally, and they are highly respected and acclaimed all over the world.
  7. Admission to Medicine Study in the USA is not a highly complicated one compared to medical school in Pakistan.
  8. To secure admission to any MBBS course in the USA, none of the students must pay any additional donation fee apart from the course fees compared to the medical school in Pakistan.
  9. MBBS Fees in the USA are slightly higher than the other international MBBS courses. Still, the USA’s best part is that the students can opt for a part-time job studying medicine in the USA, thereby making it easier for the Pakistani students.
  10. There are several top medical colleges in the USA that offer a stipend to the students during the USA’s MBBS course, and that too from the starting the MBBS program in the USA.
  11. The campus and the overall environment are friendly to the students at medical study in the USA and Europe.
  12. There are several top medical universities in the USA that offer international students scholarship facilities.
  13. The scholarship is completely dependent on the student’s merit, which provides a scope for the Pakistani students to reduce the degree’s financial burden.
  14. USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine offer MBBS with a lot of opportunities for the students to interact with some of the famous personalities in medicine with a bright future in medicine.
  15. When you study medicine in the USA as a Pakistani student and wish to practice in Pakistan, you don’t need to give any NMC Screening Test conducted by the National Medical Commission, which is highly advantageous.
  16. The employers in Pakistani always give the students an upper hand who has a foreign degree, and hence MBBS abroad in the USA would prove to be quite beneficial in this regard.
  17. Students worldwide opt for USA MBBS, which makes sure that there is an excellent interaction with the world’s various cultures.
  18. Options for accommodation for the Pakistani students during MBBS Admission in the USA are pretty good and sufficient, and hence there is nothing to worry about.

Top 10 Mistakes F.Sc Students Make And Their Solutions [Guide with Pictures]

Top 10 Mistakes F.Sc Students Make And Their Solutions [Guide with Pictures] 26 - Daily Medicos

Top 10 Mistakes F.Sc Students Make And Their Solutions [Guide with Pictures] 

One common practice that we all have followed all our lives is trying to get too much in too little time just right before our exams. This article mentions the top 10 mistakes that F.Sc students make and their solutions.

Just before our exams, we only have one question for ourselves “how do I score good grades in my F.Sc examination?” While you might think that F.Sc is the toughest of all times, let me remind you back in matric you probably thought that SSC examinations are tough and now you probably think that we’re just a piece of cake! That is just how we think. It’s all in the mind. If you try and relax while avoiding the following mistakes, trust me you are good to go.

Now without wasting any more time, let’s just jump right onto the mistakes and their solutions.

The Common F.Sc Examination Mistakes

First, let’s have a look at what mistakes an F.Sc student might make before the examination.

  1. Concepts And Not Rote Learning
Top 10 Mistakes F.Sc Students Make And Their Solutions [Guide with Pictures] 27 - Daily Medicos

What Big Mistake Students make?

One misconception that is long connected with board examinations is “Ratta lagao, houjayega”. But let me stop you right here. If you want to ace your F.Sc exams, I suggest you study by clearing your concepts and having accurate knowledge about what you have been taught the whole year rather than just rote learning the course.

Rote Learning is not a Solution

Now that you are in your F.Sc, you will be appearing for your university aptitude exams soon after your F.Sc examinations. Hence, it is important that you clear your concepts clearly and sensibly. The more you rote learn, the faster that knowledge vanishes from your mind. Since you have little to no time after your F.Sc exams to actually clear your concepts for aptitudes, it is better that you prepare beforehand.

  1. F.Sc Is Not A Piece Of Cake
Top 10 Mistakes F.Sc Students Make And Their Solutions [Guide with Pictures] 28 - Daily Medicos

Big Mistake of Students Taking F.Sc Easy:

“Array matric mai 80% aagayi thi, F.Sc mai bhi aa he jayegi”

As you keep moving forward in your educational journey, the study tends to get a little more complicated (not impossible complicated, but a little difficult complicated). So if you think “oh I aced matric by 80% studying hours, I can ace F.Sc too)”, so no, thinking F.Sc is as easy as matric, you might reconsider your thinking. 

F.Sc is your first path towards your future and success:

F.Sc and matric are two different levels of education with different natures of the exam. The course outline, the books, the responsibility of a matric student is much less than that of an F.Sc student. If a book in matric had 200 pages, the same subject book in F.Sc would contain around 500 pages. So good luck if you think you can start studying a month before your F.Sc and cover your whole syllabus! 

F.Sc is your first path towards your future and success. The better you perform in F.Sc, the more are the chances of you getting into a better university. 

  1. Revision
Top 10 Mistakes F.Sc Students Make And Their Solutions [Guide with Pictures] 29 - Daily Medicos

Why Revision is important?

Revision is important be it your matric exams or your F.Sc exams. Not revising before your exams is like wasting at least 30% of what you have learned. Although students think that “the idea of revising will not help them gain any 11th knowledge”, but in reality, if you relax and revise, there are chances of you getting better at storing that knowledge. How? Well, if while revising you make a mistake, there are high chances that you will remember it when you see it in your paper. So, revise revise revise!

Revise whatever you have learned today!

There is a certain brain capacity that can store or memorize the given information. At times, it can not store all the information at once or information that it thinks is of secondary importance. That is why schools force students to “revise whatever you have learned today, today!” The reason being, our brain remembers certain information, and later it can fade away. However, a good thorough revision can help bring back the information and it can stay in your mind for the next day of your exam.

Revision Tips

  • Start revising early
  • Make a revision timetable
  • Don’t occupy half of your time making your notes look beautiful
  • Study in a clean tidy place
  • Keep your phone and other distractions away
  1. Attempt Past Papers 
Top 10 Mistakes F.Sc Students Make And Their Solutions [Guide with Pictures] 30 - Daily Medicos

Past papers are God’s blessing. They can help a student gain insight into what you can expect from your F.Sc examination. Many students do not attempt past papers before their final examinations and hence, they struggle on the examination day. 

Get Past Papers Easily:

There are a number of local shop vendors and coaching centers that sell past papers. Just when you are confident in yourself that you have done your level best preparation, hop on and solve the past papers to know where you stand.

  1. Attempt Papers Cleverly
Top 10 Mistakes F.Sc Students Make And Their Solutions [Guide with Pictures] 31 - Daily Medicos
Top 10 Mistakes F.Sc Students Make And Their Solutions [Guide with Pictures] 32 - Daily Medicos

Major Mistake of solving past papers:

“Oh, I have appeared in my matric exams, F.Sc bhi ho jayega”. No, you can not do F.Sc if you have zero knowledge about how to attempt the paper. You should know the art of attempting a paper so that the person who checks your paper is interested in knowing what’s next.

The Correct way to solve past papers:

To ace the F.Sc paper, you should know how it is done. That’s the first step. And no, past papers are not the solution here. Past papers should be solved when you are 110% confident in your preparation. There are a ton of practice papers available online that can help you know the nature of your F.Sc final examination. Moreover, there are different techniques and methods on youtube for solving an F.Sc examination efficiently. 

Top 10 Mistakes F.Sc Students Make And Their Solutions [Guide with Pictures] 33 - Daily Medicos

To learn more, click here.

  1. Smart Work > Hard Work
Top 10 Mistakes F.Sc Students Make And Their Solutions [Guide with Pictures] 34 - Daily Medicos

Work smarter, not harder!

Thinking of F.Sc, the first thing that comes to the student’s mind is “ab tou bohat hard work karna parega”. Well no, for your F.Sc you need to work smarter. You can certainly write 1000 notes but what is the use if those 1000 notes can get you nothing? So work smarter, not harder.

Learn the trick:

Even if you put in 2 hours and not 20 hours and are able to get even 50% of the know-how, you are good to go. Study smarter, not harder. It’s the concentration and effort you put in, not the hours. To learn the trick; concentrate, study and focus on one topic at a time and clear all the concepts. 

  1. Make A Time Table
Top 10 Mistakes F.Sc Students Make And Their Solutions [Guide with Pictures] 35 - Daily Medicos

Mistake of Scheduling:

One mistake that I made was mixing up the whole course. I would study 4 courses in a single day and it would only confuse me. The thought of making a schedule is considered childish, but it sure is effective.

Formula to cover the Whole Syllabus:

Start your preparation months before your F.Sc exams. For example, if you want to cover your course till December, your aim should be starting in June. Let’s have a look at the formula that can help you to start and get on board. 

Number of books/number of days 

  1. Repeating Is Not An Option
Top 10 Mistakes F.Sc Students Make And Their Solutions [Guide with Pictures] 36 - Daily Medicos

Misconception of Repeating Again:

“Chalo fail hogaya tou repeat karlunga”. Well, I kid you not a lot of students do have this mindset. This is the beginning of failure, your mind keeps telling you to stop working hard because eventually “repeat karlena”.

Just when the thought of repeating enters your mind, there are high chances of you becoming demotivated and treating F.Sc examination easily. This way you don’t even try to make an effort to study because deep down you know you have the option of repeating the course. So it is better to keep this thought as far as possible and focus on achieving the maximum marks.

  1. Tests Are IMPORTANT
Top 10 Mistakes F.Sc Students Make And Their Solutions [Guide with Pictures] 37 - Daily Medicos

A lot of students, even I, used to be scared of tests. The reason being that “tests are too important, I do not want to lose marks”. 

Just tell yourself that missing a test is not an option. Tests are the best way to prepare yourselves for your F.Sc examination. You get a hold of what you can expect in the final F.Sc exams and can also know your weaknesses and where you stand. Also, students learn from their mistakes. Any mistake you make in the test will contribute towards better learning and will stay in your memory.

  1. Memorization
Top 10 Mistakes F.Sc Students Make And Their Solutions [Guide with Pictures] 38 - Daily Medicos

One very common question that students ask is “how do I memorize this?”. In the search for an answer, they waste a lot of their time and before they know it they have their F.Sc exams.

Few tips to help you memorize information:

Here are a few tips to help you memorize information:

  • Always clear the concepts first. The better your concepts are, the better will you be able to memorize them.
  • Create mnemonics
  • Write and learn
  • Use flashcards

Top 15 Uses of Computer in Medical Field [Explained]

Top 15 Uses of Computer in Medical Field [Explained] 40 - Daily Medicos

Top 15 Uses of Computer in Medical Field

Computers have now become an essential part of this world, even in the medical field. While one limits their thoughts about computers to “number and number-related subjects or fields”, the use of computers is now very common even in the medical center for healthcare organizations. The uses of the computer have changed current medication, smoothing out clinic measures for more effective clinical consideration, and better valued based patient experience for physicians, technologists, and health professionals.

The development of information technology and computers in clinics, facilities, wellbeing focuses, and more have offered to ascend to clinical computers to give medical services staff and care providers a portable processing arrangement and data management. Let’s learn more about the uses of computers in the medical field and primary care medical centers.

Top 15 Uses Of Computers In The Medical Field- Digital Health

Top 15 Uses of Computer in Medical Field [Explained] 41 - Daily Medicos

In only a couple of brief many years, the clinical field has gotten progressively dependent on computers like any other field of life. The usage of computers is said to bring the most exceptional types of finding and treatment to patients for technologists and the health system. The utilization of computers in medical services has helped specialists and analysts advance clinical science while extending the degree of care for patient safety ensuring quality care.

Usage Of Computer In Hospitals And For Medical Professionals

Top 15 Uses of Computer in Medical Field [Explained] 42 - Daily Medicos

1. Medical History Of Patients Records

Have you ever been to a hospital for the second time and the receptionist asked for your phone number to fetch all the details? Well, Computers can be utilized to store the clinical history records of the patients. Clinical history is vital for patients just like healthcare providers and physicians. Specialists may better recommend the meds based on the drugs utilized in the past for a specific patient and the outcomes acquired. 

2. Better Patient Care

Have you ever taken your grandparents to a hospital? Well, if you did then they probably have said things like “humare zamanay mai you yeh nahi hota tha”. Well, all hail to the modern technology that improved patient care.

Present-day clinical equipment has empowered computers to get portable across clinical health care centers, giving medical services experts a strong work surface when in a hurry. The outcome has been something more, all-around, and advanced patient care. 

The uniqueness and quick service of a computer not only helps the patient but also gives specialists and medical caretakers greater freedom to invest energy with those they are focusing on. This improves the patient experience as they feel associated with clinical faculty and permits them to engage in treatment plans.

Top 15 Uses of Computer in Medical Field [Explained] 43 - Daily Medicos

3. Medical Imaging Technology

Well, isn’t just the idea of how a simple machine can give you a picture of your internal body, incredibly amazing? Clinical imaging is a wide term that covers innovation used to take pictures of the human body for study and conclusion. 

Computers are being utilized in Medical Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging. PCs assume a part taking all things together kinds of clinical picture handling like CT output and ultrasound.

4. Life Support System

I think all medical technology uses aside, one thing that creeps yet amazes me the most is how a person’s life can be supported by a piece of human-made machinery; artificial oxygen, ventilator. 

Life emotionally supportive networks are utilized to help impaired people, for instance, listening device gadgets for hard-of-hearing individuals. Most recent life uphold gadgets use PC innovation to help handicapped individuals, conquer their inabilities.

5. Secure And Organized Data

I mean, we all have gotten out of the traditional “diary/journal” data organizing era. Haven’t we? Likewise, hospitals have eradicated traditional data storage methods. A computer’s network is an undeniably safer approach to store and coordinate patient records. Documenting persistent records in cupboards or on racking is rapidly being eliminated, with PC frameworks offering a more effective arrangement. 

At the time of an emergency, scrounging through a bureau to locate a patient document burns through valuable time. A computer keeps persistent records secure, coordinated, and effectively available.

6. Medical-Surgical Procedures

A while ago, the idea of robotic surgeries was taken as a ‘pun or a joke’ but look around, a lot of hospitals now have medical technologies that can not only assist the doctors to perform surgeries but can also perform certain surgeries. One of the greatest ongoing improvements here is mechanically helped by a medical procedure, which permits specialists to utilize automated gadgets and PC programming to finish insignificantly intrusive techniques.

The utilization of computers in the working area is helping save lives. Specialists depend on computer frameworks for performing unpredictable methods and observing the prosperity of their patients. Versatile computers stand to assume a vital part in the achievement of surgeries. Computers are utilized to help with arranging, educating, and performing numerous surgeries. 

7. Assist Offsite Patient Care

A lot of patients are disabled or bedridden and can not make it to the hospital. Not everything patients can get to an emergency clinic because of their condition, which implies some of the time clinicians and medical attendants need to go offsite to treat individuals. Computers are compact so they can go with specialists and medical caretakers on home visits, permitting them to get to the clinic medical network in any event, when not on location. 

Approaching patient data, particularly when not in the medical clinic is essential for guaranteeing there are no mistakes while treating a patient in their home hence ensuring patient satisfaction, safety, and quality-of-care.

8. Patient Monitoring System

If you have ever been to a hospital in an emergency, you would have noticed how quickly they assess the patients and check their basics within minutes? Well, that’s a monitoring system used for quick medical care.

Many mechanized gadgets are utilized to screen the circulatory strain, heartbeat, and cerebrum of the patients. Computers direct in some careful activities, as well. For instance in health systems laparoscopic medical procedure, the specialist embeds the clinical apparatuses and a little camera and behaves the activity with the assistance of a computer and screens. Moreover, the pulse rates, heartbeat rate, and different reading. Doing all this without computers within a couple of minutes would be practically unimaginable for healthcare professionals.

9. Digital Health Requires Digital Communication

Different researches and procedures are done with mutual consent and ideas of different healthcare professionals. As they are evidence-based, they require a lot of communicating and discussions to circulate health information and also talk about health outcomes.

Computer organizations and the web have expanded the methods for correspondence between clinical experts with email, texting, video talks, and online courses. Having the option to associate carefully assists wellbeing with caring experts to stay current with the most recent clinical turns of events along with better and improves patient care and outcomes, community health, and quality measures. They can likewise talk with partners progressively and get second suppositions for judgments and treatment alternatives.

Top 15 Uses of Computer in Medical Field [Explained] 44 - Daily Medicos

 10. Spectroscopy

Ever wondered how surgeons or specialists discover the hidden cyst or deadly substance? Spectroscopy is the strategy for uncovering a substance, for example, biopsy tissue or suspected deadly substances.

 All substances assimilate and reflect just specific frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. The communicated radiation is inspected by a computer that decides if any frequencies are available or not. Afterwhich, the range is connected to an information base of substances to discover a match. This empowers specialists to rapidly decide whether any unfamiliar substance is included. They continue with the legitimate treatment strategies dependent on the obtained result.

11. Medical Researches

I mean, we all are by now familiar with the term “electronic health” and how these advancements have helped improvise inpatient and outpatient facilities, quality and safety of patients, telehealth, telemedicine, and most importantly helped fight many disparities, medical errors, and chronic conditions.

Processing stages are utilized to run clinical reproductions looking for fixes to sicknesses like malignancy, Alzheimer’s infection, AIDS, and so forth This electronic programming empowers a great many organizations to associate commonly in a manner that quickly improves the speed at which potential cures can be found that can promote quality patient care and personal health.

12. Featured Databases

Medication includes a complete field of science that is persistently developing. Previously, our parents used to have a different painkiller for headaches or body aches, and today, we have different painkillers. This is medicine evolution. Computer data sets empower specialists to store demonstrative data and make them carefully available. This empowers clinical records from the previous cases and examined reports to be expeditiously available to clinical specialists regardless of at whatever point and any place they’re required.

13. Telemedicine

You probably have seen a lot of doctors checking a patient over a phone call or a video call, especially during this pandemic. That’s telemedicine. The idea of a house visit is getting back to medical care as telemedicine. On account of computers and cell phones, some clinical experts use video talks to visit patients distantly. Other than profiting patients by care delivery to those who live in rustic zones with restricted medical services alternatives, telemedicine has demonstrated valuable after natural unpredictable events and in combat areas.

medical field

14. Corporate Medical Side

Like any other organization, hospitals maintain bills, files, prescriptions, etc to make the environment more patient-centered. The normal specialist’s office depends intensely on computer innovation for everyday activities. Everything from quiet booking to charging to recording protection claims happens through a computer.

Numerous specialists at this point don’t compose solutions, yet rather send a computerized remedy from their office computer straightforwardly to the patient’s drug store. During analysis, numerous specialists counsel online information bases of ailments utilizing a computer as opposed to taking a gander at a clinical book.

15. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Usually, before surgery, doctors take a deep scan to have a sneak-peek inside the patient’s body to ensure health care delivery and body health. MRI is the strategy of utilizing amazing attractive fields to draft the patient’s inward construction and action

The whole strategy and the yield empowers specialists to screen the physical and operational deformities in patients without direct medical procedure. X-ray is utilized for creating itemized pictures of delicate tissue in the body without utilizing radiation. The bio-electrical movement in the checked body part is distinguished by the MRI machine. The strategy further presents a 3-D picture of electrical activity in the filtered partition.

Have Computer Technology Benefited The Medical Care?

Top 15 Uses of Computer in Medical Field [Explained] 45 - Daily Medicos

Computers empower better correspondence across various clinic offices, permitting them to rapidly share updates or clinical examinations. Specialists and medical caretakers can likewise get to the web for data shared by their companions on conditions they are maybe new to, however others in their calling have treated. Most importantly, they always stay up to date with the innovation or any new research.


Top 15 Uses of Computer in Medical Field [Explained] 46 - Daily Medicos

This piece of the article highlights how computers have brought a change in the medical world. To conclude, Computers can monitor remedies and charging data. They can be utilized to store the data about the meds endorsed to a patient too as those, which can’t be recommended to him/her. Computers empower a productive stockpiling of enormous measures of health care organization and health records.

Current electronic wellbeing records have improved the nature of patient consideration and correspondence between staff. In the meantime, utilizing computer, tablets, and cell phones empower specialists and attendants to oversee treatment all the more viably. This has helped health care provider in

  1. quality improvement of care-services
  2. reimbursements in case of any mishap as databases are easily accessible
  3. patient engagement
  4. Promoting high-quality health care services
  5. Improving patient outcomes

6 Powerful Ways To Overcome Addiction By Yourself At Home

6 Powerful Ways To Overcome Addiction By Yourself At Home 48 - Daily Medicos

6 Powerful Ways To Overcome Addiction By Yourself At Home

What is addiction?

6 Powerful Ways To Overcome Addiction By Yourself At Home 49 - Daily Medicos

Addiction is a complex illness with a biological, sociological, and psychological component. Look at the ways to overcome addiction by yourself at home. It is an inability to stop any habit, consuming a chemical substance, or inactivity even though it’s causing psychological and physical harm.

Here are few terminologies to understand:

  • Controlled substance: a dug that is reported to have abuse liability and listed on the government schedule of a controlled substance
  • Dependance: a state characterized by signs and symptoms opposite of those caused by drug open sudden withdrawal from chronic use. It is also known as physical and psychological dependence. Its mean body fails to maintain its normal physiological function and exhibits its dependence on an addictive substance.
  • Tolerance: It happens when a person no longer responds to a drug in the way they did first. So it takes a higher dose of the drug to achieve the same effect compared to the initial level of dose.
  • Abstinence syndrome refers to signs and symptoms that occur on the drug’s withdrawal in a dependant person.

Myths about addiction

6 Powerful Ways To Overcome Addiction By Yourself At Home 50 - Daily Medicos

1. Addiction is just a lack of self-control 

Addiction cause impairment in the central nervous system’s motor functions and influences the overall body mechanism and physiology.

2. Occasionally used of any dug cant make you addicted

Occasional but repeated use of any addictive substance can make you addictive.

3.It’s so easy to leave an addiction 

Well, telling someone to leave any addiction is easy, but practically it’s a long struggle that demands patience and consistency. 

4. It’s a matter of willpower to overcome your addiction

Chronic use and prolonged exposure to addictive substances alter your brain, resulting in powerful cravings. It’s complicated to quit with only the force of your will.

5. Being addicted is your own choice

Not everyone intakes alcohol or drugs to get fun and to experience it. There are many other contributing factors like trauma, genetics, living pretty miserable lives, etc. This forces people to step into the world of fantasies to escape bitter realities. 

6. It can be treated through counseling

Well, counseling is critical, but sometimes chronic situations require medication. 

7. You can only get addicted to alcohol or dug

In reality, addiction can be of anything. Any habit or activity that doesn’t let you live without it comes under “addiction.” 

Things that can become your addiction

6 Powerful Ways To Overcome Addiction By Yourself At Home 51 - Daily Medicos

The term addiction is not only confined to only drugs and alcohol. Addiction can think of anything; it may be minor not to notice or significant enough to influence every aspect of your life. It is necessary to know about the common substance that tends to cause addiction in everyday daily life.

  • Smartphones
  • Social media
  • Gambling
  • Caffeine
  • Chocolate
  • Fast food 
  • Exercise
  • Sex
  • Alcohol
  • Sedative drugs 
  • Emotional dependence 

Ways to overcome addiction on your own

6 Powerful Ways To Overcome Addiction By Yourself At Home 52 - Daily Medicos

It’s not easy to have enough courage and to break a bad habit. It is a difficult task to do on your own, but it’s not impossible. Here are few tips that help you to get rid of any addiction. Before starting this, it is worth noting that it’s a long process that requires patience, time consistency, and the candidate’s interest and willpower.

1. Admit that you have an addiction

The first step is to admit that you have an addiction. It may be of any game or drug, but it exists and has been made you so depend on it. Addiction to anything has some serious consequence, either physically or mentally. Denying your addiction as a random habit of your life or justifying that you need it won’t help you. Be honest to yourself and brave enough to accept that specific habit or activity that has become your addiction.

 2. Give valid reasons to break a habit

It is indeed an excellent idea to keep this process logical and factual. Before going to break any habit:

  1. Give yourself enough reasons that why you want to quit it.
  2. In case of smoking or alcohol consumption, remind yourself that it’s not a good thing for your health and may result in lung cancer, fatty liver disease, etc.
  3. If other addictions like caffeine in the form of coffee or tea, evaluate yourself if it helps you refresh your mind or gives energy.

You may also create a comparison between the positive and negative effects of addiction in your life. It will help you decide that if addiction gives you temporary pleasure at the cost of permanent damage, it will be a wise step to leave it.

3. Ask someone to help

Throughout your life, you need people to help you going through a difficult phase of life. Overcoming your addiction is somehow tricky, and it’s mandatory to seek help from your relative, family member, or friend. Choose a trustworthy friend, take him into confidence, and discuss that you want to leave this addiction. In this process, your friend can help you by keeping your morale high, gentle reminders not to give up your struggle, and appreciate your decision. It will support you emotionally.

4. Find a hobby

Before breaking your habit, make a plan to replace it with another hobby so you won’t miss it. It will help you to minimize the recurrence of addiction. Otherwise, you will be going to miss the temporary pleasure at that specific time. For example, if you used to smoke at 5 pm, try to start some exercise. Finding a hobby of your interest helps you distract from that specific addition and keep engaged in your spare time. There are more chances of returning to the same addiction in free time without any hobby or festive activity. 

5. Make slow but continue moves

Addiction should not be quitted suddenly or all at once. It would help if you progressed slowly either by minimizing the duration of addictive activity or reducing the amount of consumption of addictive substances. Let’s suppose you are addicted to social media and used it for 14 to 18 hours, then try to reduce this time day by day. In case of addiction to drugs or alcohol, you should lower the amount of consumption by proper consultation with a health care professional. Keep in mind that sudden withdrawal from any addiction might be more risky and dangerous. In the case of alcohol, it may occur alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

6. Give yourself love and time

Self-love is a substantial cause that helps you to get rid of addiction. You should remind yourself that you love yourself more than any addiction and won’t let it destroy your life. Another approach is to give yourself more time, start investing in yourself, make an effort to grow and groom. Its also necessary that quitting any addiction needs time, from weeks to months. It may extend to the year also. 

How to train yourself to overcome addiction by yourself

6 Powerful Ways To Overcome Addiction By Yourself At Home 53 - Daily Medicos

Well before start this discussion, let’s talk about some facts. Any habit is not harmful till it becomes an addiction. The reason is that now you are depending on it physically or emotionally and find it so hard to live without it. This situation gives rise to criminal thoughts and crimes. An individual who is ready to do “anything” to satisfy his addiction is a scary idea.

The addictive persona doesn’t think about the consequences as his only need is to get that “drug.” This makes a massive difference between habit and addiction. You may have a good habit of reading books at night, but are you ready to kill someone for the sake of books? Are you driving crazy if you don’t get access to any book? The answer is NO. 

Addictions destroy the power of the brain to think that what will come next?. It somehow makes the victim selfish. The only motive of his life is to continue his addiction at any cost. Now here you need to keep a balance in your life. Playing a game is not sinful but madly addicted to it is not good. 

Evaluating your activities is also necessary. As a human, don’t lead your life blindly and ask yourself why you do so? Either to get some temporary pleasure or just for fun? Can I replace it with some positive activity or not? This self-assessment helps you to decide and choose wisely and you can train yourself to not get addicted.


6 Powerful Ways To Overcome Addiction By Yourself At Home 54 - Daily Medicos

The modern world gives rise to so many addictions. Intentionally or non intentionally, it becomes a burning issue to overcome any addiction. It might be difficult but not impossible. It’s better to avoid any addiction that may disturb your mental health or career. If you are addicted to something, you still have a chance to overcome it with firm determination and willpower. You deserve to free from addiction, and you can. 

Nail biting causes Nail Fungus: 12 Natural Home Remedies to get rid of Nail Fungus

Nail biting causes Nail Fungus: 12 Natural Home Remedies to get rid of Nail Fungus 56 - Daily Medicos

Are you worried about nail split, peel, and why it turns yellow? If it does, it means you have nail fungus, also called onychomycosis. Mostly nail fungus affects toenails, but it may also attack fingernails. Onychomycosis can attack anyone, and it becomes painful for you. But no need to worry now, since this article provides a great variety of natural home remedies that help you to get rid of your nail infection, and these confidently work for you.


Nail fungus is also known as onychomycosis, and it is the condition that initiates with yellow or white spots under the tips of toenail and fingernails. Suppose this fungus becomes dangerous or reached deeper, then it may cause discoloration of nails and sometimes thickens and crumble the edges of nails. If your nail fungus is not severe, then you may not require any type of treatment and your nails will get better after doing some home remedies because self-care is better than any medicine or any medical treatment.

Factors that increase the risk of Nail Fungus

There are numerous factors that increase the risk of developing nail fungus. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Sports: Yes, sometimes playing lots of games increases the chance of developing nail fungus, because long-running distance or any type of sports cause sweating in your feet and remaining in this sweaty state for prolonged period can make you prone to nail fungus.
  • Athlete’s Foot:The fungus usually occurs between the toes because of sweat and tightening of shoes. Then scaly rashes appear on your toes that increase the risk of nail fungus.
  • Not Changing your Socks: Often not changing your socks cause nail fungus because it sucks up the moisture and procreates the fungus.
  • Damage to Nails: If your nail damages regularly due to nail biting or any other cause, it becomes a wound which can develop infection.
  • Wearing tight shoes: Mostly, people wear shoes when going to college, university, or office because it is considered a sign of formal get-up, but long duration of wearing shoes increases the risk of nail fungus. Sandals are a better option to wear if allowed to the places of your work and institute.
  • Humid Environment: Humid environment makes the growth of nail fungus easy on both: toenails and fingernails.
  • Artificial Nails: Sometimes, artificial things become harmful for you, because artificial nails become the cause of the allergic reaction and make your nails vulnerable.

12 natural ways to heal your nail fungus at home

Typical treatment for nail fungus involves numbers of antifungal ointments, creams, and sometimes intake of oral medications. Still, rarely oral medication give side-effects, especially if someone is pregnant or breastfeeding. Laser treatment is also preferred for nail fungus, but not everyone can afford this because it is too expensive, and you’re never sure if it’ll be successful or not.

But thankfully, here are several natural remedies that are proved beneficial to heal nail fungus. These remedies will work best if you trim your nails before trying any of them.   

1. Tea Tree oil

Tea tree is an essential oil that is derived from the Australian tree, and it may be used as an antiseptic. This is a strong anti-fungal and antibacterial oil that proves to be a very effective remedy to treat nail fungus, and it gives similar results as clotrimazole medication, which is considered as conventional fungal medication.


  • Pat the tea tree oil on the infected area with the help of cotton balls and leave it for 15-20 minutes.
  • After 15-20 minutes, wipe it off with a paper towel or tissue paper.
  • Use this oil 3-4 times per day.

Remember that tea tree oil can damage your skin area at some of its extent. It is necessary that before using this oil, you should dilute tea tree oil with any other oil (such as coconut oil, olive oil, and grapefruit oil) at a ratio of 1:1.

Caution: Like other carrier oils, please don’t use tea tree oil for internal use.

2. Garlic

It is an essential herb that is grown all over the world, and is considered a topical remedy for nail fungus. Fresh garlic consists of active compounds (like ajoene and allicin). These active compounds have antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Nail biting causes Nail Fungus: 12 Natural Home Remedies to get rid of Nail Fungus 58 - Daily Medicos


  • Crush or chop some fresh garlic
  • Mix it with a small amount of oil carrier (like olive oil). You can also mix crushed garlic with vinegar
  • Apply this mixture on your infected fungal nails
  • Apply a bandage to hold it in the correct place
  • Leave it for 30 minutes
  • Rinse it with clean water

Caution: Sometimes, garlic proves to be an irritating agent for people who have sensitive skin. Before using this remedy on your affected area you can apply the garlic mixture on a small area of your body and leave it for 2 hours to check any allergic reactions. You can use this remedy if no reaction occurs.

3. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is a versatile oil that is mostly used in aromatherapy, and it is believed that this oil is also used to treat allergies, fungal infections, anxiety, and depression. Lavender oil is used to treat nail fungus, and it helps to reduce the inflammation that surrounds your nail. But keep in mind if you want to use this oil, then buy pure essential oil and not the one that consists only the lavender fragrance.

Nail biting causes Nail Fungus: 12 Natural Home Remedies to get rid of Nail Fungus 59 - Daily Medicos


  • Pat a few drops of lavender oil on your infected nails by the help of cotton ball
  • Leave it for 15-20 minutes
  • Wipe it off with the help of a tissue paper or paper towel
  • Use this oil 3-4 times a day to get better results

Caution: Sometimes, lavender oil proves to be irritating on the skin. You can dilute the lavender oil with any carrier oil to prevent irritation. But still, if you have any allergy or irritation, then skip this remedy and try another beneficial remedy that doesn’t harm your skin. However, lavender oil and tea-tree oil are used as a mixture to get benefits of both remedies.

4. Oregano Oil

Oregano belongs to the mint family, and it is a flowering plant, and it is considered as a perennial herb. Oregano oil showed antibacterial and antifungal properties, and this is very strong oil. Mostly it irritates the skins who have sensitive types of skin.

Nail biting causes Nail Fungus: 12 Natural Home Remedies to get rid of Nail Fungus 60 - Daily Medicos


  • Mix oregano oil with any carrier oil with a ratio of 1:6 (one part oregano and six-part of any oil)
  • Apply this diluted mixture on your affected nails
  • Leave it for at least 10-15 minutes
  • Remove this mixture with a cotton ball or paper towel
  • You can use this remedy 3-4 times a day to get better results

Caution: Don’t use this oil internally as it is a potent oil. If you get allergen to this oil then apply this oil on a small area to see any irritation. If nothing happens, you can use apply it on the affected area.

5. Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is a chemical compound, also known as magnesium sulfate. The formula of Epsom salt is MgSO4 that consists of magnesium Mg+2 and sulfate SO-4. Epsom salt is used to treat the sores, inflammation, and also release stress.

Nail biting causes Nail Fungus: 12 Natural Home Remedies to get rid of Nail Fungus 61 - Daily Medicos
Image by Flickr


  • Take one cup of Epsom salt and mix it with warm water
  • Soak your feet for at least 15-20 minutes

Caution: It’s important to know what kind of infection you have, because some infections (like staph infection) become worse due to hot water and salt.

6. Baking Soda

Baking soda is commonly known as sodium bicarbonate having the formula of NaHCO3. Baking soda is a chemical compound. It is a salt that consists of sodium (cation) and bicarbonate (anion). Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda has antibacterial properties, and frequently, it is used as deodorants, acne treatment, and mouthwashes. It is also used to dry the infections and inhibit the growth of germs.

Nail biting causes Nail Fungus: 12 Natural Home Remedies to get rid of Nail Fungus 62 - Daily Medicos


  • Take a small amount of baking soda and mix it with water to make a paste
  • Apply it on your nail fungus
  • Leaves it for 10-15 minutes

Extra Tip: You can also use baking soda with foot soak (ingredients that are added in warm water for soaking of feet) to get better results.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is manufactured by the addition of yeast to apple juice. By drinking apple cider vinegar you can boost your health. Apple cider vinegar is also used as hair masks and for skin treatment, and helps you get rid of nail fungus because it has antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Nail biting causes Nail Fungus: 12 Natural Home Remedies to get rid of Nail Fungus 63 - Daily Medicos


  • Take a foot bath with water
  • Add apple cider vinegar then soak foot in your bath at least for half an hour
  • Dry your foot with the help of a paper towel

Make a routine to soak your feet with water and apple cider vinegar to get better results and after a few weeks all the sign of fungus will disappear.

8. Olive leaf oil

Extract of olive leaf consists high concentration of therapeutic substances, also found in fruits. Olive leaf oil also helps to boost the immune system and fight against the infection because it has antifungal properties. Olive leaf oil is used both topically and orally.

Nail biting causes Nail Fungus: 12 Natural Home Remedies to get rid of Nail Fungus 64 - Daily Medicos


  • Better treatment for getting rid of nail fungus is to take capsules two times per day
  • For better instructions, you can read the direction mentioned on the bottle

Caution: Intake of olive leaf oil extract is beneficial for nail fungus, but before oral intake, you should ask your doctor.

9. Lemon juice

Lemon belongs to the family Rutaceae, native to South Asia. Lemon is a round shaped fruit that has ability to reduce the fungal growth. It is beneficial to heal nail fungus because it has antifungal and antiseptic properties. Citric acid helps to stop the growth of fungus and also stops it from spreading.

Nail biting causes Nail Fungus: 12 Natural Home Remedies to get rid of Nail Fungus 65 - Daily Medicos


  • Squeeze a lemon to get some fresh lemon juice
  • Apply the juice on the infected area of nails
  • Leave it for 3 hours
  • Rinse it with clean water
  • Apply the lemon juice 2-3 times a day

Extra Tip: Another remedy for nail fungus is lemon rubbing. Take lemon juice and olive oil and mix them well, then rub or massage this on your affected nails because this remedy helps you soften the hardened nails.

10. Coconut Oil

Everyone knows about the antifungal property of coconut oil because it has a high concentration of chain fatty acids. Coconut oil can be used for skin and hair products. If you are worried about its originality, then you can make your oil at home.

Nail biting causes Nail Fungus: 12 Natural Home Remedies to get rid of Nail Fungus 66 - Daily Medicos


  • Wash the infected area with clean water
  • Dry it with a paper towel or tissue paper
  • Apply coconut oil to the nail fungus and their surrounding areas. Apply the oil 2-3 times per day to get rid of nail fungus

Caution: Do not use normal commercial oils (that is refined, deodorized, and high quality of coconut oil) to get better results.

11. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice that is frequently used as a home remedy to treat various health problems. The cinnamon is an effective ingredient to heal the nail fungus because it also has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Nail biting causes Nail Fungus: 12 Natural Home Remedies to get rid of Nail Fungus 67 - Daily Medicos


  • Take some sticks of cinnamon and boil them for 5-10 minutes in water
  • Leave the stick of cinnamon in water for soaking purpose for 40-50 minutes and cool the mixture.
  • After cooling the mixture, put it in a foot bath, then put your foot in this bathtub and leave it for 15-20 minutes.

Extra Tip: You can also buy cinnamon oil and apply it on your affected area. This cinnamon oil works the same as tea tree oil, and you can directly use it to your infected area with the help of a cotton ball.

12. Vapor Rub

Vapor rub is part of the Vicks brand. It is a topical ointment and is used for colds, stuffy nose, and chest pain. When no other home remedy works to heal or treat the nail fungus, then vapor rub is the best option to go for. Vapor rub helps to kill the fungus and also gives you a cooling effect.

Nail biting causes Nail Fungus: 12 Natural Home Remedies to get rid of Nail Fungus 68 - Daily Medicos


  • Take a small amount of water and rub it on your hand or cotton ball
  • Apply this rub generously to nails that are affected and its surrounding area. You can use this vapor rub every night before going to bed.

Caution: Generally, there are numbers of vapor rub brands available in medical stores, and you can easily take any brand to kill the nail fungus. But if you have sensitive skin, then you should ask your doctor before using it. 

Before you leave!

If you have a habit of nail biting so stop worrying about your nail fungus. There is a good news for you that by doing some natural home remedies you can easily get rid of nail fungus. Make sure to check if any reaction occurs before applying anything on the entire area of your skin or nails. You should apply it to a smaller area to check the result. If no infection, allergy, or itching occur due to the implication of home remedies then you can apply it on the whole infected area. To get better results you can apply these natural home remedies 3-4 times per day or as the above-mentioned directions along with their caution. If you have a sensitive skin then you should consult with your doctor before using anything on your skin.

Make Your Smile Beautiful With Esthetic Dentistry

esthetic dentistry

Introduction to esthetic dentistry:

A beautiful smile makes an individual, attractive & give a soft touch of grace to personality. However, this smile sometimes seems imperfect due to improper orientation of teeth, missing teeth, or large teeth that show imbalance concerning gums. Esthetic dentistry helps such people to give a beautiful smile by correcting the minor defects associated with teeth like the shape of teeth, the orientation of teeth & so on. 

Esthetic dentistry is an advanced field of dentistry with advanced technologies for dental care & treatment. It is an application of artistic & technical skills that enables dentists or practitioners to get marvelous functional & esthetic. Esthetic dentistry has tremendously changed peoples’ perspectives about dentistry.

  • It is a unique combination of art & science in the field of dentistry.
  • Diagnosis & treatment strategies is an essential step before any medical procedure.
  • The dental care team must understand the basic principles & should have complete knowledge about the availability of different esthetic material.

Development of esthetic dentistry in light of history:

Human face & facial expressions are representative of the overall personality of an individual. Nature has designated everyone with a unique & satisfactory character; however, any physical trauma like loss of teeth may cause some disturbance & imbalance to the overall personality & appearance. The term esthetic was coined to connect the science of beauty with logic. It is merely the use of logic, facts, or science to enhance the beauty & physical appearance. The history of its development is too long, but we summarized it with highlighted points to provide a brief overview of it. 

The concept of esthetic surgery was originated in ninth century BS when abelian tries to treat yellowing of teeth by advising that salt of Akkad with pine oil could help to get rid of yellow teeth. Evidence is later on found by a hidden shaft having two teeth connected by a gold wire that Egyptians also try dental procedures to reshape their teeth. Existence of different artifacts incrustations was later on reported by Romero that can be categorized in the following groups

  • Filling of tooth
  • Fillings & inlays
  • Combinations

Types of esthetic dentistry:

Nowadays, esthetic dentistry becomes so advanced with a variety of tools that are being used by dental practitioners to give enough satisfactory treatment to patients & enable them to show a perfect smile. Type oF esthetic dentistry depends on coupons; the tools used for the procedure decided to be dental care teams. Here is given a brief overview of its types

1. Dental implants:

Dental implants are root replacement tools that are used to treat missing teeth. Dental implants provide a strong base for removable teeth. Previously missing teeth can only be treated by bridges & dentures but now dental implants are in common practice. The decision of dental implant by dental care team is based on satisfactory answers of mentioned below questions: 

  • Has the patient enough bone to support the dental implants?
  • Does he possess healthy gums?
  • Is he capable of maintaining oral hygiene?
  • Does he take regular dental visits?

If the above-mentioned situations are satisfactory for a patient then dental implants are a good choice even it can last a lifetime. Dental implants have the following benefits :

  • Enhance visual appearance.
  • Increase confidence & self-steem.
  • Provide a permanent solution for teeth problems.
  • Give ease in chewing.
Make Your Smile Beautiful With Esthetic Dentistry 69 - Daily Medicos

2. Dental veneers:

Dental veneers are commonly known as dental porcelain laminates, which are design WITH the objective t0 cover the upper or outermost layer of teeth. They are used to treat a variety of dental defects such as 

Make Your Smile Beautiful With Esthetic Dentistry 70 - Daily Medicos
  • Discolouration of teeth.
  • Teeth with gaps.
  • Chipped or broken teeth.
  • Uneven or irregular shaped teeth.

Before going through this process, you need proper consultations & treatment plans suggested by your dentist. Moreover, before the start of the procedure, dentists remove approx 0.5 mm of the enamel of the teeth. This thickness of removed enamel matches the thickness of the veneer that will add later on. Then the impression of teeth will be taken by dentists & sent to a laboratory for making veneers of the respective teeth. Benefits of dental veneers are:

  • Resistance to stain.
  • Natural look to your teeth.
  • Compatibility with gums.

3. Teeth whitening:

It is a standard procedure between cosmetic dentistry & esthetic dentistry & widely adopted by people for aesthetic purposes. Teeth whitening products can be used at home by an individual or by the help of a dentist. It depends on the choice & convenience of the patient. Some risks associated with these procedures are tooth sensitivity & gum irritation.

Make Your Smile Beautiful With Esthetic Dentistry 71 - Daily Medicos

Treatment plans:

Psychological perspectives:

Dental procedures have a lot of psychological impact on the patient’s mind. Generally, people are scared of going through dental procedures. They agree to tolerate pain instead of a dental visit. While on the other hand, the dental procedures related to cosmetics raise so many questions in the mind of people about the quality & reliability of the method. This issue can be resolve by active communication & mutual collaboration among patients. Dentist & dental care team that will in positive results & successful outcomes.

Selection & polishing of esthetical restorations:

Previously there is a wide variety of esthetic tools like direct & indirect veneers & indirect & conservative porcelain laminate veneers. But advanced technology suggested the use of composite resin veneers for complex cases, whereas porcelain laminate veneers are recommended to be used in aesthetic pe evaluation treatment. Full crowns prepared by heat pressed lithium distillate glass-ceramic are reported to be more beneficial fo discolored teeth.

Instructions for oral self-care:

Oral self-care is mandatory after completion of the dental procedure. It requires specific medicated toothpaste or mouthwash for cleaning teeth. A regular dental appointment schedule must be followed as per suggestion by the dental care team—oral care help for the long-lasting effects of esthetic dentistry. 

Make Your Smile Beautiful With Esthetic Dentistry 72 - Daily Medicos

Difference between esthetic & cosmetic dentistry:

The concept of esthetic & cosmetic dentistry clash with one other at the point of “beauty” that raises the confusion in the mind of people that either it is the same or different?. There is no denying that esthetic & cosmetic dentistry somehow resembles but not the same things. Three prominent & considerable differences between then are strong enough to distinguish them. These three difference are mentioned below:

  • Cosmetic dentistry is strictly implemented to enhance the visual appearance of an individual in contrast to it; esthetic dentistry goes much deeper than physical & visual beauty as it deals with the proper balance with teeth and gums.
  • Cosmetic dentistry includes procedures like teeth whitening. On the other hand, esthetic dentistry involves a wide range of process that includes missing teeth & so on.
  • Cosmetic dentistry used invasive & advanced procedures like braces, veneers, etc.. In contrast, esthetic dentistry used procedures that are alternative to medicines to make teeth better in a natural way by doing regular cleaning, restoration teeth functioning by fillings % removal of root canals, etc.
Make Your Smile Beautiful With Esthetic Dentistry 73 - Daily Medicos

Practice management principles to esthetic dentistry:

It is a significant element for the practitioner & dental care team, so have a full understanding of the basic principles of esthetic dentistry. It is too different from the regular & standard concept of dentistry. It is an elective for necessary dentistry performed with cosmetic tools. Appealing the patients & make them the convenience to invest their money on their dental care is a professional requirement. Satisfying patients on the quality of provided dental care services is another important task.

Regarding clinical & dental considerations, the dentist needs to explain his clinical skill & abilities to the patient as well to his team. A financial coordinator must also be there to resolve the payment issues & provide the best sibling plan to the patient with his affordable range with assured of best services so that the patient himself judge the authenticity & commitment exhibit by the dental care team.

Make Your Smile Beautiful With Esthetic Dentistry 74 - Daily Medicos


Esthetic dentistry is a step towards enhancing visual appearance by giving your smile a pretty natural look. The success of this procedure depends upon the coordination between patient & practitioner. Dental professionals further elaborate it with their knowledge & experience & help you to select the best treatment plan. However, oral dental care is a significant step to keep your dental restoration more longlasting & durable. 

Do you have a fear of talking? Wanna know some tricks of speaking in front of people


Do you get confused while talking to someone? Do you have problems while speaking in front of people? Or you have fear during a presentation? Do you speak different words while presenting something? Or your mind forget everything you wanted to say when you stand against some people? Do your tongue slips while saying something due? Or you get nervous and scared about saying something. Don’t worry; we have got the solution for all of your issues while speaking. 

Hello reader, if you have any issue while speaking or you get nervous, then don’t panic; it is normal. Not every speaker sounds the same. Public speaking anxiety is known as ‘glossophobia,’ which is one of the most common social fears. Many people may feel nervous about giving a speech or presenting something if they have public speaking anxiety or SAD that is a social anxiety disorder that may take throughout your life. 

What are the symptoms of SAD or Public Speaking Anxiety:-

Public speaking fear is common. It has stages, like from being slightly confused to get nervousness or even panic attacks and paralyzing fear. Starting symptoms of public speaking anxiety is a quavering voice and shaking hands. Sometimes it is followed by slipping tongue and stammering. Symptoms of social anxiety disorder and public speaking anxiety are the same. If a person has public speaking anxiety, he or she may worry weeks or months in advance of a speech or presentation, and probably have severe physical symptoms of anxiety before and during a speech. Such symptoms are:

  • Shaking or vibrating hands
  • Increased heartbeat
  • Quivering voice
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness or vertigo
  • Upset stomach
  • Confusion 
  • Sweating 
  • Dry mouth 
Do you have a fear of talking? Wanna know some tricks of speaking in front of people 76 - Daily Medicos

This condition only shows up when that person is in front of a bunch of people or about to give a speech. If you have severe public anxiety symptoms while speaking in front of people and your desire to live your life the way that you would like is affected by this problem, you may report a psychologist urgently. 

According to the National Institue of Mental Health, 73% of the world’s population is experiencing glossophobia, SAD, or public anxiety. This is the most commonly reported social fear. When fear gets in the way of communication, important things go missed, and communication suffers. Genuinely, speaking fearlessly has two great benefits. 

  1. First is that the speaker becomes more effective, which means that concerns about looking foolish will begin to fade away. 
  2. The other is that the speaker feels more comfortable because he or she is not trying to copy someone but to explain there point. 

Here are the tips that mostly come from many people’s experiences in public speaking, and giving speeches or presentations fearlessly. 

Review the topic given to you and care about it:- 

Have a look at what you have to speak. Gather information, articles, recent updates researches, and make your speech enjoyable. Care about what you have given to you and how you should present it. Take your phone out or stand up in front of a mirror to practice what you have gathered.

Write and get relaxed:-

It is a good habit to write what you have collected. It makes you committed to a purpose and topic on which you have to speak. Collected all the info and then compile it on a piece of paper and rehearse practice so that you can be confident about what you have to speak and don’t get confused with new words. 

Do you have a fear of talking? Wanna know some tricks of speaking in front of people 77 - Daily Medicos


If you have fear, then start rehearsing your presentation or speech and have command on your words and the way you speak them. Stand in front of a mirror or get your family to sit in front of you and then deliver your speech. That’s how you gain confidence and control over your fear.

Enough knowledge:- 

The speaker should have enough attention-seeking information regarding his or her topic. You should go through and find the best recent updated researches or material about your topic. This will not only give you the attention, but also you will be comfortable and confident while speaking when you will have all the eyes on you. Don’t be overconfident. Speak what you know; do not add additional or annoying things. Present the facts that the audience doesn’t know.

Use imagination:- 

Psychology says that a person can say or do things more perfectly the way he or she has imagined. Visualization and imagination can turn things differently. Imagine the things and scenarios you are about to tell or present. This will help you in giving a friendly, confidential speech. 

Admit nervousness:- 

If you are getting nervous, rather than fainting or anything, take a deep breath and confess in front of the audience that you are getting nervous. That will help in many ways, like you will gain empathy or comments so you can be friendly and relax. And after such empathy, it will help you to calm and revive from any anxiety.

Do you have a fear of talking? Wanna know some tricks of speaking in front of people 78 - Daily Medicos

Use body language:- 

Body language means the use of hands, eyes, and legs. That means that while speaking something, you should be watching your audience have eye contact with them. Move your hand so they can talk too while the speaker is explaining something. Do not give any speech or presentation while standing in a specific place. Engage with your audience; move around in them.

Do you have a fear of talking? Wanna know some tricks of speaking in front of people 79 - Daily Medicos

Dress properly:-

According to normal human psychology, a person and its personality are known by the way he is dressed up. For an efficient presentation or speech, an individual should be properly dressed and should follow the dress code. His shoes must be clean; his dress must be clean. His or her face must be fresh. 

Do you have a fear of talking? Wanna know some tricks of speaking in front of people 80 - Daily Medicos

Redefine the audience:- 

This means that the person should not see his audience as the judges but see them as friendly random people. He should be scared of how they will respond or comment, but he should be focused on how he or she will present it and how focused and confident he is. How much command he has on his words and speech.

Do you have a fear of talking? Wanna know some tricks of speaking in front of people 81 - Daily Medicos

The Tone should be friendly and formal:-

The speaker’s tone of speaking should be friendly. He must welcome all of his audience. And speak in a good engaging tone so the audience should enjoy and take part in listening carefully to what he speaks. The speakers with boring tone or rude tone do not get much affection and respect. 

Making mistakes and joking in between:- 

For having control of the audience, you should actively engage with them. Make mistakes intentionally like dropping off your notes, sudden switching off the presentation, or any other joke wherever you think that the speech is going bore. This will help in refreshing the audience and give you time to gain their attention and control. Casually, doing such things make you feel easy and comfortable to deliver. And also make it fun, memorable, and enjoying the people listening to you.

Prefer short speech than long:-

Long speeches or presentations bore the audience. They find it irrelevant. The shorter the speech is, the more authentic it will be. And it is also followed by more questions that will awake the audience to ask more. Talk less but effective. It improves the quality of the speech and authenticity of the topic. The speaker should be to the point with the audience and do not lie about anything. 

Give references:-

An Authentic speech should contain references from where the matter is taken and extracted. This works as a confidential proof that the information given is authentic, and there is no lie in it. And it also gives quality to your speech. Because more than quantity, quality matters. The more effective references would be, the more quality will your speech has.

Share your experience and personal opinion with the audience:- 

Try sharing your own experience with the audience. Sometimes the audience gets attracted to the personal opinion and experience of the speaker because it helps them to gain more knowledge. If it is interesting, then they will have the urge to experiment with it too. This will also add fun to the speech. And also good quality time with your audience. 

Before you leave: 

It is normal and natural human nature to feel frightened for the first time when you speak in a large audience or high-level judges. With all these tricks, there are some essential things you should have in mind if you want to be a good speaker. Welcome everybody with a smile. As we all know that “SMILE IS THE UNIVERSAL WELCOME.” We should be friendly with the audience and talk person by person and engage all of them in our talk. Another thing is that don’t apologize for the mistakes while speaking because usually, people don’t notice that, so instead of offering apologies, continue speaking and make it a fact of fun. 

I hope you enjoyed this and these tricks help in getting your speaking skills better and overcoming your public anxiety and social fear.


What happens if SAD or public anxiety continues?

If it does not gets treated and continues in the future, it continues in daily life and interferes in general speaking and speech. It can also get worse before the day of presenting, and from the day the person knows that he has to speak in front of people. It can result in sleepless nights, nightmares, dizziness, confusion, diarrhea, or vomiting.

What to do after the diagnosis of such conditions?

First, if you have confirmed that a child or person has such issues that have a history of getting worse sometimes, immediately go to their parents or guardian and talk about this. Make sure they are aware of this; if not, then explain it to them. Then report to a psychologist or a mental health counselor, which can help in preventing the symptoms and improving the condition. If the disease is severe and converted to an actual disorder, start medical treatment.

What to do if a mishap occurs?

Prepare yourself with all the alternatives. Don’t panic, but you should know how to improvise. Have copies of your notes and speeches. If a sound problem occurs, then practice yourself to speak louder and effective.

Immediate tips for an effective presentation and speech?

Some urgent to the point tips which can enhance your speech and is also an experiment by the known public speakers. These are:
1. Content, structure, and length of the presentation should not be so long.
2. Size and demographics of the audience.
3. Size and layout of the presentation.
4. Audio and visual setup.
5. The Flow of the plan.
Whether the speaker is known or not, these tips are the contribution to the anxiety fear by public speakers. Turn the unknown audience into known and friendly, and your public speaking anxiety will decrease, and confidence will increase.