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Nail biting causes Nail Fungus: 12 Natural Home Remedies to get rid of Nail Fungus

Are you worried about nail split, peel, and why it turns yellow? If it does, it means you have nail fungus, also called onychomycosis. Mostly nail fungus affects toenails, but it may also attack fingernails. Onychomycosis can attack anyone, and it becomes painful for you. But no need to worry now, since this article provides … Read more

Make Your Smile Beautiful With Esthetic Dentistry

Introduction to esthetic dentistry: A beautiful smile makes an individual, attractive & give a soft touch of grace to personality. However, this smile sometimes seems imperfect due to improper orientation of teeth, missing teeth, or large teeth that show imbalance concerning gums. Esthetic dentistry helps such people to give a beautiful smile by correcting the … Read more

Do you have a fear of talking? Wanna know some tricks of speaking in front of people

Do you get confused while talking to someone? Do you have problems while speaking in front of people? Or you have fear during a presentation? Do you speak different words while presenting something? Or your mind forget everything you wanted to say when you stand against some people? Do your tongue slips while saying something … Read more

From Vitamin D to Zinc Z: You Are Welcomed In The World Of Multivitamins

In the light of reported research & surveys done by the nutritional journal of USA, it is confirmed with sound evidence that multivitamins are at the top in terms of its usage & benefits among all types of dietary supplements. Not the only USA, Other highly developed & advanced countries like Canada, Australia, Malaysia & … Read more

Simple Healthy Tips For Everyone

Every person wants to live a simple healthy life, but not everyone follows the rule that makes you healthier and lives with longevity. Many health problems lie due to habits and the way of life that people not changed. When you want to live a healthy, simple living, you focus on your health, and you … Read more

MEDICAL EMERGENCY: How to react in Medical Emergency & Important Protocols in emergency

WHAT WILL BE YOUR STEP IF YOU SEE A BURN PERSON LYING ON ROAD, AN ACCIDENT IN WHICH PEOPLE LOSING THEIR LIFE AND CARDIAC ARREST VICTIM? here are some protocols and steps that you should take if someone is losing their life in front of you……. The emergency is a sudden unforeseen crisis and danger … Read more

Asthma : 10 Easy Asthma Prevention Measures

Asthma is mainly a disease of industrial areas where people mainly live in urban cities. This respiratory disorder is more common in the pediatric age group and affects boys more than girls. What is Asthma? Asthma is a chronic disorder of the airway in which there is bronchospasm (i.e. narrowing of the airway) and excess … Read more

Top 25 Medical terms to know

Overview When you visit your doctor (physician), somehow it’s difficult to understand correctly what particular information your physician is trying to convey or relay because medical terms are frequently one of the most common barriers to patients and doctor. The primary purpose of this article is to convey knowledge about a few standard medical terms … Read more