10 Impressive Things to Talk About With Your Crush

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Do you know? When you have a crush on someone, your brain just ignores all the faults in that person and makes them look perfect in your eyes.

Do you like someone but aren’t aware of the things to talk about with your crush? Do you want a long conversation with him/her? Don’t know how to impress your crush? This article will provide you some engaging things to talk about with your crush and tips on how to impress your crush.

How to have an effective conversation?

Before getting started with the things to talk about with your crush, here are some tips to have an effective conversation:

  • Ask follow up questions related to the other person’s answers. But don’t forget that its a conversation, not an interrogation. 
  • When the other person asks you a question give a well-detailed answer. Also, answer the follow-up questions they ask you. 
  • Listen carefully to the other person and make eye contact. 
  • Don’t talk on the topics that lead to arguments, such as politics or religion. 
  • Choose one topic at a time.
  • Don’t talk endlessly, show some interest in the other person as well. 

However, if the person seems least interested and gives a lot of one-word answers, or doesn’t make eye contact, it’s better to leave them to their own thoughts. 

Below some things to talk about with your crush are discussed which will help you impress him/her. 

10 Things to talk about with your crush

It’s a psychological fact that talking to your crush boosts your mental health. So just start the conversation!

People often go blank when they see their crush. They’re unable to utter a word since they don’t know how to start a conversation, and thus, miss the opportunity. However, these 10 things to talk about with your crush can help you attract him/her towards you. 

Ask them about themselves

The first out of the 10 things to talk about with your crush is to ask about themselves. People love to tell about themselves. Allow your crush to talk about themselves. Asking about the other person is the best way to start a conversation. You may ask about their:

  • Dreams or Passion: People like talking about themselves, and dreams are a good topic to discuss with your crush. This conversation will show what your crush is passionate about and what they want to achieve in life. Some people can talk forever about their passion and dreams in life. This fun topic will make your crush do all the talking for you. 
  • Hobbies: Knowing about your crush’s hobbies and interests tells a lot about who they are as a person. You may have shared hobbies that will keep the conversation going. If they don’t have hobbies, ask them what they would like to do. Or you can suggest some of your hobbies. If they seem interested, you can ask if they want to do your hobbies with you. 
  • Family: Ask about your crush’s family background, siblings, etc, and his/her relation with them. This will reveal who they really are and their past. If they have good relationships with their family, you will need their family to like you in order to date them. Moreover, you can also share stories about your family members and your childhood.  
  • Future plans: Ask about their future plans and listen carefully to what they say. Listening shows that you really care for them and want to hear them. If they haven’t planned anything for the future yet, suggest some ideas to them. 
  • Free Time: Ask about what they do in their free time or how much free time do they get in a day. Ask what do they like the most and wish they had more time for that.  
  • Food: Ask about their favorite food, restaurant, the thing to cook, or ethnic food. Ask about their good or bad experiences at restaurants. 

People start opening up to you when you allow them to talk. When you listen to them and show interest, they start feeling comfortable and probably respond the way you want them to.  

Compliment them

The second out of the 10 things to talk about your crush I recommend is to compliment them. People love being complimented! Say something good to them and they will automatically start liking you. Just ensure that the compliment is sincere and you’re not complementing just to compliment them. 

For example, if the girl’s hair is long and silky, just compliment her. If the boy’s muscles are breathtaking, simply compliment him.

Tell the truth

The most important out of the 10 things to talk about with your crush is, to tell the truth, and be real. Don’t make outrageous lies about yourself to impress them. Be honest about yourself, your feelings and your beliefs. Be yourself and tell the truth. People are more likely to be comfortable and admire the ones who are real. 

For instance, if you failed in your high school because of some reason, share it with them, instead of saying that you were the topper of the class. 

Do you know? It’s hard to lie to your crush.

Share your secrets

Many people love hearing secrets. Sharing secrets is a way of increasing intimacy as the other person feels unique and special that you trusted him and shared a certain secret. But, be careful with this tip. Don’t blurt out a secret that you are insecure about. It’ll make you feel weird and embarrassed your whole life. This topic should occur naturally in your conversation. 

Top travel destinations

Travel destination topics have always been fun discussing. If your crush likes traveling, they will share plenty of stories with you. Ask him/her about his/her favorite vacation. Include follow up questions such as what they liked the most about that destination or ask them about their favorite experiences. Ask them when did they travel there and when are they planning to visit that place again. 

In case your crush hasn’t got a chance to travel yet, ask about where he/she would like to go, with whom, and why. If your travel destinations resemble, tell them that it’ll be a good idea to travel together. 


Sometimes you aren’t much familiar with your crush to talk about a hobby or travel destination, so use the information you already are aware of to strike up a conversation. 

For example, if you study together talk about an upcoming event or a party that you both attended. If you work together talk you can talk about upcoming projects. But, be careful as some people hate their jobs, your crush might be one of them. If they are less interested in this topic, simply change the topic. If they are passionate about their work, prospect this work a little more to get the conversation keep going. 

Favorite books, movies, music, and actors

Some people are addicted to watching movies and listening to music. Instead of discussing religious or political topics you can ask about your crush’s favorite movie, music taste, or favorite actors/actresses. This is a safe and interesting topic. Ask them about the last movie they saw which they really loved. If you recently saw a new movie, you could see if your crush has also watched it and what’s their opinion on it. 

These questions help you know more about your crush. You get a clear vision of their taste in movies and could ask him/her to join you and enjoy similar movies together. 

If you know your crush’s music taste, you could plan a date for a concert or live performance. By dating at places that grab the interest of your crush, they’ll more likely enjoy the date and want to go out with you. 

Books are another good topic to keep the conversation going if you love reading. By talking about your favorite books and authors, you can rapidly find out if your crush is as interested in reading and learning as you are. The types of books an individual likes, reveal so much about that person.  

Ask for advice

If you barely talked to your crush before, try starting the conversation by asking fr advice. People feel admired when they are asked for advice. It also helps you know about how your crush views the world and certain issues. 

I hope these things to talk about with your crush will help you start a conversation with your crush and make it effective. It will also help you know your crush better. 

Share jokes

Show your sense of humor by laughing at their jokes (laugh with them not at them). Make them laugh by sharing jokes or funny stories and experiences. People more likely to enjoy with people who make them laugh. If you can make them laugh, they will surely want to spend more time with you and even date you. 

Mimic his/her actions, this will attract them.

Be flirty

Lastly, try to flirt with them without being disrespectful or crossing the boundaries. Be clear when trying to flirt. Mostly when you are not looking for someone, the signals they send you are hard to notice, therefore make them notice that you are into them.

I hope these 10 things to talk about with your crush will help you impress him/her.  

Discuss in the comments below if you have tried any of these things to talk about with your crush and share your experience. 

Let’s discuss some additional tips on how to impress your crush. 

Some additional tips on how to impress your crush

These tips on how to impress your crush will help you look confident, caring, and attractive in front of your crush. Let’s see how to impress your crush:  

Don’t overshare

Some things should remain a mystery. If you’re having your first conversation with your crush (maybe second, third or fourth), don’t share the intimate details of you and your family. This might make them scared. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t open up to them. It’s just that some things are better to be kept secretive this early. 

Offer something to eat

We don’t share food with just anybody! Offering them a cookie, a chip or a fry will make them feel special and unique. They will now associate you with the good feeling of being shared something delicious.

Be confident

Be confident not only in front of your crush but in general. This intends that shoulders back, chin up, walk around with a purpose, speak and listen appropriately, try not to act nervous no matter how nervous you are in front of your crush, etc.  

Make eye contact

How to impress your crush by making eye contact? Make eye contact during the conversation. This ensures the other person that you are interested in and are listening to them carefully. But don’t just stare at them, it might make them uncomfortable. This will also make you look less nervous than you are. 

Look your best

Looking good will eventually make you feel good and confident. No doubt it’s a cliche but it’s true. This doesn’t mean wearing fancy clothes or applying a lot of makeup. But you must make a little bit of effort in your appearance and look irresistible.

Don’t think too much about the future

Don’t think too much about the future or the next step. This might make you look tensed and worried. Instead, live in the moment and enjoy it. For now, your goals are to score a date with them. After that, you can look for another date. 

Don’t talk about your exes

Another important tip for “how to impress your crush” is not to discuss anything about your ex. The worst thing you can do is to talk about your ex. Don’t do that! Your crush surely wouldn’t be interested in hearing about your past relationships. Here is only one relationship that matters-your relationship with your crush!

Ensure them that you are single

Your crush might also be interested in you but the only reason he/she hasn’t asked you out yet is because they don’t know if you’re single or not. Make it clear that you are available by hanging out with the friends of similar gender or giving hints that you have no one to take to an event. 

Before you Leave!

It feels great when the person you like is also interested in you. The above-mentioned things to talk about with your crush and how to impress your crush will surely make you attractive and irresistible to date. But the key factor is to be yourself. Never change yourself for others. If the person doesn’t respond the way you want them to, don’t worry. There are millions of other people who would accept you the way you are.