10 Ways to Die Greasy And Oily Hair

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When do you think to go salon for hair dye what is the first thing that comes to mind? Yes! To wash out your hair. As many of us listen from every second person dye is very difficult on greasy and oily hair. 

Greasy and oily hair is very common. It is true that everyone has their own hair type. Hair dye depends on the volume and the current situation of your hair. It is good to take shower twenty-four or forty-eight hours prior to the salon visit.

Here is the answer to your query can you dye greasy and oily hair? The truth is YES! You can dye your greasy and oily hairs. According to some experts, greasy hair can benefit your locks during the bleach and color process. You are amazed to know that little greasy and oily hair can be ideal for hair dye. The sebum or natural oils which we called greasy and oily hair keep the hair wholesome and moisturized and protect it from exterior harm caused by harsh chemicals.

Wash your hair 2 days before with the clarifying shampoo as this will remove the dirt and oil to make it uncomplicated for hair dye to absorb easily. But washing always depends on how much time is taken your hair to greasy and oily. 

What happens when you dye greasy and oily hair? 

Natural oils in hairs can protect your locks from external harm. It always depends on what color and shade you want and which type of dye you wanna do with your hair. If you need a lighter color then wash your hair before 2 days as these days your scalp produces oil which protects your hair from the harmful chemicals and does not affect your hair color results after wash. 

The exact color in the dye can be weakened if the hair is too slick before you dye it. This can leave you with less than wanted results, especially as the dilution caused by oil can finalize up decreasing the pH level so impacts its prevalent execution and outcome.

How greasy and oily hair should be before hair dye? 

Greasy and oily hair varies from person to person. As recommended your hair should be a little greasy before applying the dye so, you have to wash your hair 1-2 days before. But most importantly your hair gets too greasy in the duration so wash it 10-15 hours before hair dye. However, don’t wash your hair 3-4 days before as it will cause your hair to be more greasy. It is very hard and challenging to color so much greasy and oily hair.  

The hair dye has come with the developer available inside the box whatever product you are using. The current percentage and volume of the developer are mentioned inside the box. More number indicates a higher level of concentration. The developer is required when your hair dye. 

Your hair needs to be clean if you are using a developer less than 20 vol. This volume is not much concentrated and strong but requires freshly washed locks. If you are using over 30vol it is strong and concentrated and can be able to dye your little greasy and oily strands. 

However, the engaging fact is that if you are thinking of having a lighter hair color than your natural tone, leaving a little grease on the scalp can help with the end-up color lighter and closer to your desired result.

How to apply dye on greasy and oily hair?

It is difficult and challenging to dye your oily and greasy strands as the natural oil from the scalp created a barrier so the de does not reach the follicles. The result might be not attractive and good as the dye is not evenly distributed to all of the hair. 

It is good to wash your hair a day before with shampoo and conditioner. The conditioner will make your hair healthy and protective when you apply the concentrated dye, it protects you from the harsh chemicals. 

If you are doing dye on greasy and oily hair, here is the tip to dye your hair. Take some baby powder before applying the hair dye a few minutes before settling down the powder. Comb your strands with having a powder on the scalp as a powder has a tendency to remove some oils and grease from the hair. It will give more effective results as compared to directly dyeing greasy and oily hair. 

Few things to remember before dying greasy and oily hair; 

As we know it is very difficult to dye greasy and oily hair because of the natural oils produced by the scalp. The challenge with greasy hair is that if it is excessive, it can actually make it harder for the color to do its job because it has to consume via the buildup. Here are a few tips to remember before dying greasy and oily hair; 

1. Trial with the product on greasy and oily hair: 

Hair dying can be more difficult if not done properly or correctly. Moreover, you will not able to get the expected and desired results from your dyed hair. If you are new and didn’t aware of the greasy and oily hair dye results. To avoid this issue apply the color on the clean head with the correct technique along with semi-permanent hair dyes. 

2. Patch test on greasy and oily hair: 

Do a small patch test on greasy hair to evaluate the final results. If the hair does not take the dye properly then wash off your hair and try another patch test to evaluate the results of hair dye. Also, it will evaluate your scalp strength so the patch test will reveal whether your scalp is sensitive with the hair color and bleach or not. 

3. Confirmation of healthy hair: 

Before hair dye first, you have to ensure that your hair is healthy or not because the concentration and chemical the dye can damage your hair. To prevent damaging use condition twice a week. The deep condition can nourish and moisturize your hair before any damage. 

How to reduce grease and oil on hair? 

If you are brushing your hair often so it makes your hair more oily as stimulated the scalp to release the sebum. You have to understand how much your hair is prone to be oily. Plus running dirty hands can make hairs more oily as it’s adding more oil on the greasy and oily hair. 

Products matter a lot if you find your hair becomes more greasy and oily than before so it’s useful to examine your product again. Avoid having products that have ingredients like; 

  • Silicones
  • Phthalates
  • Mineral oils
  • Petroleum oils
  • Sulfates 
  • Parabens

10 Ways To Dye Oily And Greasy Hair At Home

Dying greasy hair can be very difficult and will not be able to give the required and desired results to the roots and the white or grey hair. Dry scalp results in producing dandruff so it is good to use a mild shampoo to remove the grease and oil from the scalp and hair. After that start following the dye procedure. Here are the steps to dye greasy and oily hair at home; 

1. Wear old clothes: 

Dying hair can stain your clothes as it is a messy procedure. One should wear the old and correct shirt which is suitable for the procedure of dying. After dying if the shirt got stained and dirty then throw it away or discard it. 

2. Cover the towel:

Dying greasy hair can be difficult and challenging. To avoid any stain or mess cover your shoulders with a dark color towel to minimize the stain. 

3. Unsolve the knots: 

Unsolving and removing the knots in the hair is the most important step to follow before dying. Brush your hair to remove the knots in the hair. It will make the process easier and give better results. 

4. Prepare the face: 

Dying hair is a messy process and sometimes causes stains on the neck, forehead, and ears. To prevent stains on your forehead, ears, and neck, apply any oil and petroleum jelly. 

5. Wear gloves:

Before starting the greasy and oily hair dye procedure it is fine to wear gloves. Wearing gloves can prevent your hands to be stained by dye and harmful chemicals. 

6. Mixing the product:

Follow the instructions on the product box before dying. Start mixing the hair dye and developer as per the directions mentioned in the product box. 

Warning; always use the plastic bowl. Don’t try to use metal bowls as they will react with the dye. 

7. Division of hair:

Dividing the hair can make the procedure easier and give the desired results to hair. Divide the hair into four sections and clip each section. 

8. Dying process: 

Unclip one section and subdivide it. Then apply the dye from the tips to the root. Here comes the question why from tips to the root instead of roots to the tips? So the answer is the root process is quicker to give the results as compared to the tips so that’s why it will dye after the tips. 

After applying the color, comb the hair to ensure that dye has equally distributed to each hair. Follow this again and again till the end. 

9. Cover the hair:

After completing and ensuring that dye is complete and even then cover your head to process the dyed hair with the shower cap for better results. Leave it as per the instructions mentioned in the product box.

10. Wash and dry process:

Remover the cap during the washing process. Wash the hair with clean water till the dye is removed. After removing the dye dry your hair with the dryer or any other thing.

Warning; do not shampoo your hair immediately after dying. Do it after 1-2 days. 

What will be the aftercare to dye hair? 

The main thing about dye hair is to treat them well. Use the correct product for your hair to make it healthy and shiny. This will make it strong for future hair dye. Plus oiling is the most important aftercare. Oil your hair thrice a week. Furthermore, always choose the good and right dye for your hair to prevent it from being damaged. 

If you are going to enhance your own natural hair tone then don’t opt for two shades of lighter or darker color that will compliment your skin tone as well as your natural hair color. Also, go for the hair treatment ad glossing at the salon to keep it look amazing and attractive. 

Summing Up 

Yes, you can dye your greasy and oily hair. Dying greasy and oily hair can be very challenging and difficult. The exact color in the dye can be weakened if the hair is too slick before you dye it.

Little greasy and oily hair can save your scalp from harmful chemicals. If you are brushing your hair often it makes your hair more oily as it is stimulated the scalp to release the sebum. 

If you haven’t washed your hair 3-4 days ago then ash your hair before hair dye. Take care of your color before and after having a hair dye. Nourish and moisturize the hair at least twice a week to make your hair healthy and shine for the future desirable hair dye,