11 Reasons Why Online University Degree Is Worth It

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Online learning is a fantastic, ground-breaking substitute for traditional education. And institutions have taken note.

In fact, today, up to 90% of businesses employ some type of online learning, up from only 4% in 1995. By 2026, the e-learning industry is expected to have grown by another 8%!

Still on the fence about e-learning?

Consider the advantages of replacing traditional learning with online learning at your institutions.

11 Reasons Why Online University Degrees Worth Are Worth The Money

There are concerns regarding the benefits of an Online University degree, and people often question their value. But despite the misconception that they are undervalued here are some of the benefits of an Online university degree:

1. Flexible Schedule

One of the most important benefits of getting an online degree is that unlike attending On-campus classes you get the flexibility of adjusting your education according to your time and schedules.

Due to classes being online and recorded most of the time, the leverage of taking the class at the time most convenient for you helps in your learning process. Feeling exhausted today? No problem taking the class tomorrow. 

This approach to education means that you will pay attention to what is being taught in class and with the help of lectures being recorded you can continue to refer back to a certain topic at your convenience.

2. Career Advancement 

 Another opportunity provided by Online learning is that you can choose to progress further in your career. If you are someone who is already on a job, you can further pursue your education online.

The benefit of this will be that you won’t have to give up your job, yet at the same time, you can attain a degree in a field of your preference. Not only will this improve your CV but will also prove to the employers that you are committed to self-improvement, and dedicated to learning more. 

3. Self Discipline 

 Online education isn’t easy, one has to learn to be responsible to keep up with the deadlines, study on time and keep up with the class. This helps in developing self-discipline as you have to make sure to perform to the best of your abilities with the lack of supervision. 

This is another quality that employers often appreciate. 

4. Technological Fluency 

One of the emerging needs of the time is that everyone must know their way around technology. And online education requires everything to be done online, so it pretty much ensures that you are familiar with doing things online.

In this era of technology, this is another feather in your cap!

5. Self Paced Learning

One of the many challenges students face in on-campus learning is that they are often unable to keep up with the class and the professor’s teaching pace. But this is a benefit in online classes as you can constantly rewind the video of the lecture in case you missed a point.

Further, if you are a slow writer and are unable to write as fast as the professor is speaking you can also pause the video while you take down your notes. 

This means that you are actually understanding what is being taught by keeping up with the topics at your own pace.

6. Self Motivation

Taking up online education isn’t an easy feat, you have to learn on your own and set your own pace of learning. You also have to learn to prioritize what is important and motivate yourself to complete your work on time without the supervision of a professor.

This is an added bonus as similar conditions are faced by people who are part of the workforce, which means these skills are more appealing to employers!

7. Gaining A Global Perspective

There are a huge number of people from all around the world who will be taking online classes which means you have a broader global exposure than most students.

During this learning process not only do you learn what is part of your syllabus rather your cross-cultural understandings also improve.

You learn how to interact with a variety of people hailing from different cultural backgrounds.

This not only increases your knowledge but can also spark your creativity. You will also become more comfortable in interacting with all kinds of people because you are going to be more aware culturally aware.

8. Affordable

Online education is more affordable for the general population as you are only paying for the education itself and the degree, you don’t have to look to pay for the on-campus amenities like housing, meals, and maintenance, etc.

Especially if you are a student who is attacking up the course in a university abroad you don’t have to run around looking for scholarships and financial aid so as to lessen the fee burden. 

Online education will cut your costs to an all-time low itself as you won’t be traveling back and forth from one country to another.

9. Peace of Mind

On-campus classes can become very challenging given that you have to constantly run back and forth from one class to another, with your education taking up most of your time. Which can prove to be mentally and physically exhausting and draining as you no longer feel in control of your life.

This is not the case with online education as you are entirely in charge of your schedule, which ensures that you are in control of the decisions you make, further lessening the mental and physical burden of learning and studying.

  10. Easier Documentation

Some of us are not the best at managing important papers, such as our assignments, term marks, resource material, etc. But guess what? You won’t have to worry about that when learning online because all this important information will be stored on the online database.

This will not only save your time looking around for those papers but will give you extra relief from organizing all the documents and making sure you don’t lose them.

11. Personalized Experience 

Many students struggle in on-campus classes with hundreds of students in a class, this means that they are unable to have more time to discuss their problems with their professors and often are unable to clarify their concepts.

With the help of online education, there are more opportunities for students to talk to their professors and there are also higher chances of more in-depth discussion regarding the topics.

This not only makes the process of learning more exciting but also increases the chances of students performing well in their exams as they have a better grasp and knowledge of the subject due to the personalized experience. 

Online Degree Programs You should Look Out For

In the past few years, there has been a notable rise in pursuing higher education online. With many universities offering online bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees in a variety of fields it can often get confusing to find the right degree programs.

Here’s a list of websites that may help you choose the right degree program for you:

  • On this page, you can access a comprehensive list of the number of online colleges offering degrees in every subject as well as any program-specific certification students should pay attention to and average salary statistics.
  • On this page, you can read about the best online bachelor’s degree programs within the US, it includes graduation rates, faculty credentials, and support services available.
  • On this page, you can find affordable online bachelor’s degree programs offered by top universities.

Online Degrees That Pay Well

Other than our passions guiding us in career options it is said that money is a great motivator in pursuing a university degree, be it online or on-campus. Listed below are some of the online degrees that promise good pay:

  1. Engineering Management – Average Salary $149,530
  2. Computer and Information Systems Manager – Average Salary $151,150
  3. Petroleum Engineering – Average Salary $137,330
  4. Advertising and Marketing Management – Average Salary $141,490
  5. HR Management – Average Salary $121,220
  6. Operations Research Analyst – Average Salary $86,200

To find more information about other high-paying jobs from online degrees access this link.

Are Online Master’s Degrees Respected By Employers?

One of the most pressing concerns people have about Pursuing an online master’s degree is that it will be equally credited by an employer. To put that question to rest the answer is yes! If you have an online degree from an accredited university it is unlikely for the employer to prefer a traditional master’s degree over an online degree. The job opportunities remain the same and are unlikely to be affected due to online education.

With the initial questions of its respect amongst employers being answered. An online master’s degree will have similar benefits to an online bachelor’s degree such as self-discipline and time management skills will help in establishing you as a potentially worthy candidate for the job with an added bonus of advanced skills and knowledge due to your degree status.

Although it is essential to check the accreditation of the university because if it is not an accredited university the employer will question the credibility of the degree.


In the end, an online degree is worth one’s time because furthering your interest, skills, and knowledge can do no harm. If you have the free time, will and the aim to save money this is the best solution.

Given the pandemic situation around the world, online degrees are widely gaining popularity, so it would be a foolish decision on our part to choose to spend our time in vain rather than investing in something that will reap us benefits in the future.

In the era of the Internet and technology, our challenges to pursue higher education have become easier. Not only that, the world of the internet has provided us with a vast majority of options and made some of the best universities that may be located so far from where we live so easily accessible to us; so why not benefit from the opportunities available at our fingertips.