15 Well-Paying Jobs for Stay at Home Moms (Quick Checklist)

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Either you are a full-time mother who needs financial freedom or a productive distraction, or you are a full-time working mom who wants to make a switch to remote working because of the kids. 

Whatever your situation is, it can be back-breaking to juggle between the roles of a mother and a working woman. 

So, we have picked out the easiest and economically fruitful home-based jobs for you that you can do with no investment whatsoever. 

Here is a checklist of jobs for stay at home moms. You can start some of them today. 

  1. Blogging/Vlogging
  2. Online surveys
  3. Babysitting 
  4. Pet walking
  5. Freelancing
  6. Data entry jobs
  7. Makeup artist 
  8. Virtual assistant
  9. Social media management 
  10. Home-based business 
  11. Life coaching
  12. Selling preloved clothes
  13.  Proofread documents
  14. Home tutor
  15. Closet organizer

Let’s dive in.

15 Best Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

1. Start a Blog or a Vlog

Creating a blog website or a vlog channel on YouTube is one of the effortless jobs for stay at home moms with the least monetary investment.

Let’s talk about blogging first.

To begin with, you will need a clear idea of what interests you. 

There are trillions of mothers working on their blogs talking about what they resonate with. Be it your kids, your motherhood, relationships, or something related to your degree, and you are free to talk about what you like. 

How-to Blog: 

  • Once you’ve created your blog on Instagram, stay frequent in posting stuff. 
  • You can initially post screenshots of notes and then start with photos with great captions when you are comfortable. 

Vlogging is the same as blogging. It’s only the choice of medium. For blogging, you need a website, but to start a vlog, you will have to film to post on your channel.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an iPhone or top-notch cameras. When your video content is good and value-adding, people don’t care about the high-quality equipment.

How-to Vlog:

  • Come up with ideas.
  • Create your channel on YouTube.
  • Please put thought into coming up with the video’s theme.
  • Film videos. Make sure they are easy to view, and the sound is good. 
  • Edit and post the video once it’s ready. 


Businesses and individuals rely on bloggers and vloggers for marketing and advertising. 

Once you’ve established your channel, the brands or corporates will contact you and pay you hefty amounts to discuss their products. So, you can easily make a living out of it.

2. Take Online Surveys

If you have infants or toddlers, investing a lot of time in other money-making ways can be mentally taxing for you. 

Taking online surveys can help stay at home moms earn in a snap. You will need 15 to 30 minutes for the survey you are taking as fresh air, and you are done. 


Hundreds of survey websites like Swagbucks, LifePoints, Survey Junkie, and a few more that help you earn from $2 to $50

So it’s among the most accessible jobs for stay at home moms to make enough money for their expenses.

These websites will pay you in points when you play games and take surveys that you can retrieve in dollars through PayPal. 


Online surveys will help you get underway, but they aren’t a lucrative option to rely on for cash flow. You can save money and invest it in what you want to do. 

3. Baby Sitting 

Babysitting is yet another option for stay-at-home moms to engage in something they are experienced in.

Some mothers even enjoy spending time with kids and learning about their behaviors that help them do perfectly. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Feed the baby.
  • Cater to their cleanliness.
  • Keep them involved in fun activities until the guardians return. 


  • Talk to your friends, neighbors, and family members about the job. Tell them when you are available and how much you charge per hour (minimum $10 and maximum $25). 
  • You can also contact a childcare worker to be a part of their company and get relevant certification to gain authority in what you do. 


A babysitter can easily make a living out of this job. You can begin with the neighborhood that will babysit kids from high-profile families. 

The babysitting job, unlike other quick jobs, is reliable. People who are satisfied with your services will rehire you at reasonable rates. You can even upscale money with more experience. 

4. Pet Walking 

If you aren’t inclined towards babysitting, you can go for pet walking or pet sitting. 

Spending time with dogs even has positive effects on your overall health. You get support and comfort from a pet friend to declutter your thoughts. 


Tell people that you are offering pet sitting services. Let them know through social media or word of mouth. 

Begin with lower rates and raise the price as you polish your skills.


Dog walking is an hourly-based job, and you can make $1000 annually. 

5. Freelancing 

Do you have a knack for writing, designing or teaching online? Freelancing is an all rounder solution for you.

You can learn a quick skill in creative side or digital marketing in a span of 12 weeks and with time develop mastery over the skill.

Freelancing is not confined to the jobs mentioned above so don’t fidget in stress if you can’t relate. The opportunities are endless here. 


Discover what you like and can do, begin practicing on it through guidelines available on the web. Gather a few samples and start submitting proposals on the relevant jobs. 


The jobs that you are hunting for can be fixed price or hourly based but they are high-paying and reliable. You can cash in your experience as time passes by.

6. Data Entry or Transcribing

Data entry or transcribing jobs can be difficult, but you can do it if you are a good reader or a good listener. 

Data Entry or Transcribing Jobs for Moms

It’s a kind of freelancing job, but health, finance, or transportation corporations also hire people on a salary basis when they are excellent at what they do. 

You will have to listen to the interviews or meetings in writing by listening to them with attention. Sign up for TranscribeMe or UpWork to begin your career. 


  • You will only need a computer with an internet connection, keyboard, and data to enter. 
  • You will have to learn the use of spreadsheets and Google suite.
  • Practice your typing skills to be faster and do the job earlier.
  • Note your typing speed and reach out to recruiters with proofs or samples, and you’re covered. 


Data entry or transcribing jobs are sometimes burdensome, but they give a reasonable sum by the end of the month. The exact salary for data entry or transcribing jobs is not specified, but $12 per hour is a basic package.

7. Become a Makeup Artist

Not all women know how to do makeup but they all have the potential to make things look more beautiful. 

Coming to becoming a freelance makeup artist, either polish your skills or if you are already an expert, you can jump right in. 

You will need essential makeup items like foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and contour kit for starters. You may have most of these sitting idle in your drawer.


  • Take a headstart with makeover giveaways to people in your circle and ask them to give you a review on social platforms or refer you to their friends. 
  • Keep quality products and offer premium service to your clients if you want to stand in the competitive market. 
  • Once you gain traction, you can expand the business with staff and better space. 


If your clients get what they want from you, they will happily pay you thousands of bucks for your efforts. 

Some women started with a room and now they have chains of salons all over the world due to their high quality services. 

8. Virtual Assistant 

Virtual assistance is one of the highly rewarding home-based jobs today. 

Virtual assistant jobs for stay at home moms

If you become a virtual assistant, you will have to manage the client’s social accounts, finances, incoming and outgoing data, client’s appointments, and whatnot. 


  • A computer and an internet connection. 
  • Learn the basics of the job through online guides.
  • Keep every detail saved in encryption so clients can trust you.


In lockdowns, many professionals sought individuals with basic digital education to handle their day-to-day tasks. 

Besides the lockdown, some individuals are running small companies and need assistance. So you are never running out of possibilities if you choose to become a VA.

Virtual assistant jobs are based on an hourly basis. The salary starts at $8 per hour to $20.

9. Social Media Manager

We all know how to use social media.

Taking a 5-minute break from life and scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, which extends to hours without us knowing, is a daily struggle. 

Why not use these platforms to earn?

Many businesses and influencers need somebody to manage their social media accounts by posting pictures, responding to queries, or promoting their product or service.


  • You may not have any influencer or small business owner in your circle, so you’ll have to use the same platforms for advertising your services. 
  • Remember the passwords to the client’s accounts and keep them protected.
  • Create a to-do list and note all that you need to do. 


Social media is a driving force for small businesses, so it’s here to stay. You can earn a good amount (not specified) and tell your client your hourly rate. If you stay consistent in your services, raise your rates with time. 

10. Home-Based Business

Many jobs for stay at home moms need specific skills in one way or another, but this one can come naturally to you.

If you are good at cooking or baking, you can start tiffin services for working professionals or sell the food in nearby parks or online. 

Suppose you are good at painting, sell your paintings in the market. Selling the crafts you have created is also a good way to start your business with what you truly love. 


Think of what you can do passionately and collect your resources to do the job.

Network with people that can help you get more business.

Ask customers for feedback so you can improve.

Maintaining the quality from start to end. 


The opportunities for a business are never-ending. You will have to invest in it financially, mentally, and emotionally but the return will be worth your while.

11. Coach or Educate 

If you have the ability to get into people’s heads and educate them in the way they like, you can become a successful life coach in a few months. 

You can school people online through your social media with short videos about what they should do under challenging instances like losing a loved one or a job. 

If not about life, you can go for something you are good at, like giving people handy tips to manage their finances or teaching them how to stay focused when working from home. Everything will count here. 


  • Prepare the topic that you want to talk about.
  • Reach for your phone, shoot a video.
  • Post it on your social accounts.


Life coaching is always in demand. People will always listen to you if you add value and tell them something realistic and practical. 

This approach may take a bit of time to catch pace, but it’s monetary pleasant for the long run. 

12. Sell Your Books or Clothes 

Buying preloved clothes has become a trend. People like investing in newly found clothes or books that save them bucks. 

If you have hardcover books and clothes that you don’t wear anymore, you have an excellent chance to earn money with no financial backing.


  • Your clothes should be ironed and look new-like so people would like to buy them at a good rate. 
  • You should also try binding the books before you put them on sale. 


Selling your unused or rarely-used clothes to people is a positive approach to putting your wardrobe in order. It’s suitable for adopting a minimalistic way of life but not a source of permanent earning.

13. Proofread Documents

Proofreading is a smooth job if you are good at the language you are dealing with. If you know the document’s language that you have to proofread, you can pinpoint the grammatical errors, wrong sentence structures, and missing words in an instant, saving your and others’ time. 

But sadly, if you have to work on proofreading, it will take you a good time to adjust. You’ll have to learn the grammar and syntax of the language before you are qualified to proofread it. 


  • You can test your skills online and offer your services 2 to 3 times at lower costs.
  • Apply to online jobs when you have good experience proofs.
  • Join groups or sign-up for online courses where people with the same goal hangout.


Many women proofread online and make around $10 to $15 per hour, which adds to a good $50 sum if you are reading a couple of articles. 

14. Home Tutor

Teaching kids online is different from offline home tutoring. You will have to participate in online programs for online tutoring, which may need a subscription to prove that you are qualified to teach a particular subject. 

But, for home or private tuition, you don’t have to invest even a single penny. If you are capable, students will reach out to you. 


  • Teach the subjects that you are already good at. 
  • Understand the topic before you deliver it to your students.
  • Be responsive and prepare for questions beforehand.


The scope of tutoring is ever-growing. Parents want their kids to top the class, and some kids also have goals to succeed, so this career option is not going in the dark any sooner. 

As for the earning possibilities, that ultimately depends on where you live and how people perceive home tutoring, so there’s no specific count for it. 

15. Organize Closets 

If you are a mom who loves to keep stuff organized, you will love this job. 

Becoming a closet organizer is nothing unusual. People have been doing these jobs where their clients hire them for significant holiday closet sorting like Thanksgiving or Christmas. 

Your clients tell you all you need to do, like where to put a particular clothing item and how to fold their expensive coat. They guide you through the whole process, and you only have to save their time organizing the wardrobe. 



A closet organizer can make $27,000 to $46,000 annually, which counts to $18 to $25 hourly. If you help the client with a few more things, they also give a good bonus. 


Being a mother doesn’t mean that you can’t live for yourself. 

Investing in your financial independence is the best thing you can do. So pick what you can do from the list of jobs for stay at home moms and buckle do

wn to the process!