4 Easy Ways to Scrunch Hair with Style (With Pictures)

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Are you frustrated with using heat or hair products on your hair all the time to make your curls or waves look presentable? Or you’re just someone with straight hair and wish to have flawless beachy waves without letting your hair damage from curling irons?

We have shared the Scrunch Hair technique which would give you defined and textured curls or waves naturally without letting your hair suffer from all that heat and hair products!

What is Hair Scrunching?

Easy Ways to Scrunch Hair

Hair Scrunching is a classic, natural technique for curly or wavy hair. The simplest way is when you step out of the shower, cup your hair with either your hands or a soft towel or even a cotton t-shirt would work.

This would help to add some bounce and volume to your hair, making it frizz-free and giving you a more defined look with just scrunching wavy hair or curly hair! Note that you can also scrunch straight hair the same way. Below we’ve mentioned 4 simple ways to Scrunch Hair. 

4 Easy Ways to Scrunch Hair

1. How to scrunch hair with gel

Easy Ways to Scrunch Hair

To Scrunch Hair with gel has been a practice for years. Here are some easy steps for you to follow to scrunch your hair with hair gel;

  1. Wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner and then wring them dry with a microfiber towel or T-shirt. 
  2. Gently brush your hair with a wooden comb to loosen any knots or tangles in your hair. 
  3. Scoop out some hair gel on your fingers, depending upon your hair length and run it through the mid shafts of your hair till you reach the bottom. 
  4. Now, flip your hair upside down, take some more hair gel and apply it on the back of your hair. This would give your hair a voluminous healthy look.
  5. Now scrunch your hair with your palm just the way you crumple a paper (please be kind to your hair) and continue to further scrunch hair with either a towel or T-shirt for the next 10 minutes or at least till your hair has dried. 

If you don’t have hair gel or hair gels don’t suit you, try hair mousse with the same process!

2. How to scrunch hair without a diffuser

Are you actually worried about not having a diffuser to scrunch hair? You really don’t need to because your hair can hold the definition of your waves or curls even without a diffuser. You can scrunch your hair with gel or mousse too- follow the process written above or here’s another way to get the perfect Scrunch Hair look without a diffuser!

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner and dry your hair with a towel or cotton T-shirt.
  2. Take a wide toothed wooden comb and brush your hair gently to free any tangles or knots. 
  3. Now get a handful of clips, part your hair into 6 sections and start twisting the strand and folding the strand up to the scalp of your head and putting the clip in between.

You may require more clips and hair sectioning depending on the length and volume of your hair

  1. After you are done doing step C, get a good hairspray and spray it equally over your hair and then let the clips stay in your head for the next half an hour or so. 
  2. Start gently removing your clips one after the other. Once you remove a clip, hold your folded hair in your palm and press it 2 to 3 times then let the strand down. 
  3. Once all the clips are taken out, scrunch portions of hair to add more fullness to the hair.
  4. If you have hair gel or some hair softening serum, run it through with your fingers and Voila, you’ve got the perfect scrunch hair!

                  P.S-This method works best on straight hair!

3. How to scrunch hair with hair ties

If you’re looking for how to scrunch hair overnight, you can definitely try this way. You just simply need some scrunch hair ties and honestly, nothing more!

  1. There are two ways to do it; either wet your hair, dry it a little and then do the next steps or just simply follow the steps below on your dry hair. 
  2. Brush your hair with a wooden comb and then part your hair in sections.
  3. Twist and fold your hair up strands one by one and tie a hair tie on them, giving mini hair buns look. Now, go to sleep.

You can also run through some hair-softening serum if you have really frizzy hair.

  1. When you wake up in the morning, open all the scrunch hair ties. While opening each strand, scrunch hair with your hand and then let them flow down. 
  2. Enjoy the perfect scrunch hair look. 

You can also scrunch the hair with one hair tie by putting your hair in a bun. 

4. How to scrunch hair with a diffuser

Did you recently buy a hairdryer with a diffuser and are confused about how to use it? Here we’ve mentioned the simplest steps on how you can scrunch hair with a diffuser;

  1. When you’ve washed your hair, squeeze your hair to get rid of excess water, with a microfiber towel or cotton T-shirt. 
  2. Apply hair mousse or serum at the middle and ends of your hair and then run your fingers into your hair scrunching them.
  3. Partition your hair into 4 portions. Attach the diffuser on your blow dryer and start drying from the bottom of your hair up to your roots. 

Continue scrunching your hair with your fingers too. 

  1. Do this process for at least 5 to 10 more minutes. Now, take a hair spray and spray from afar, all around your hair to keep the locks and waves intact. Enjoy the look!

 Note: You can follow this procedure even if you have short hair.

5 Important Tips to Scrunch Hair

#1 Scrunching short hair

A concern that arises for all the women with long or short bob cuts is how to scrunch short hair. Scrunching short hair is just as easy as long hair or straight hair.

You can scrunch your short hair with a hair diffuser or without one; with gel and mousse, following the same steps as mentioned in how to scrunch hair with diffuser or with gel. You can also simply towel dry your hair and scrunch them up to the roots. 

#2 Importance of Wooden Combs

If while reading my above-mentioned hair scrunching ways you wondered why I constantly mentioned the use of the wooden comb, it is because wooden combs can help improve the texture of your hair. Find out more about it here

#3 Tip to prevent frizzy hair

Whatever way you follow for scrunching your wavy, curly or straight hair, do not brush your hair after the scrunching process. This would ruin your curls and make your hair super frizzy. 

#4 Hair Product

If you have thick hair, it is recommended to use gel for scrunching and if your hair is thin, use foam or mousse to scrunch hair.

#5 Silk Scrunchies

The best way to scrunch hair overnight is to get silk scrunchie hair ties as silk locks moisture in your hair and keeps them hydrated. This gives you soft frizz-free hair and the perfect crimped look. 


Whether you are curly headed, someone with wavy or straight hair or have long or short hair, Scrunching Hair is something which is convenient and you can definitely pull it off regardless of the nature of your hair. 

You can scrunch your hair with a diffuser, with hair gels\serum or even with butterfly clips or hair ties. Scrunch hair style has been in trend for years due to the ravishing and tempting look that it produces. So get on the bandwagon and don’t forget to try out the 4 ways we’ve mentioned for scrunching your hair!