5 Pilates Workout for Beginners at Home (Explained With Videos)

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We’ve come up with a really simple guide on Pilates workout for beginners at home that is easier to follow and comes at zero costs.

Looking to build a strong, toned body without putting in dozens and dozens of hours at the gym? Lifting weights may not be the only method to get a strong, toned physique. With just a yoga mat and a Pilates routine, you can get a terrific full-body strength exercise at home.

Pilates strengthens your body and develops core flexibility while tightening and toning your muscles. It contains workouts that include precise movements and breathing methods. So, what makes Pilates so appealing?

Continue reading to find out why you should incorporate this Pilates workout for beginners into your daily fitness plan.

What is Pilates?

Pilates was founded by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s. Pilates techniques are focused on low-impact movements and exercises that help strengthen muscles while also keeping them balanced and flexible, according to Mayo Clinic.

Pilates places a strong focus on alignment and posture, which is one of the reasons why so many people are drawn to it. It’s frequently used by dancers and sportsmen to assist balance their other training, as well as to help individuals rehab or recover from injuries. 

Pilates is a very efficient workout that may help you strengthen your body while keeping it safe. Improved core strength, stability, flexibility, injury avoidance, and posture are among the other advantages.

2 Types of Pilates Workout

There are two types of Pilates: one that uses mats and the other that uses large pieces of equipment that can only be found in Pilates studios. The most popular (and the one we’ll be focusing on) form of Pilates is mat-based, and it’s simple to do at home.

Pilates Workout for Beginners at Home

5 Forms of Pilates Workout

There are many forms of Pilates: 

  • Classic Pilates: The classic Pilates exercises created by Joseph Pilates, performed in the same order each time.
  • Mat Pilates:  Joseph Pilates’s 34 mat-based exercises, as well as other mat exercises.
  • Contemporary Pilates: A blend of traditional and advanced pilates movements performed in various sequences using a variety of tiny pieces of equipment.
  • Reformer Pilates:  A dynamic version of pilates that uses a ‘Reformer’ to increase resistance and challenge stability.
  • Clinical Pilates: Exercises suggested by physiotherapists for injury and rehabilitation.

 6 Reasons Why Pilates will improve your wellbeing

  1. Pilates is a great workout for everyone!

Pilates can be done by anybody, young or old, male or woman. Pilates may be done by anybody, regardless of age or physical ability. There are hundreds of workouts and adjustments to choose from, so it can be tailored to meet the needs of anybody – from a complete amateur to a seasoned athlete.

  1. Pilates works your core 

The emphasis on core strength is one of the most important aspects of Pilates. The core is the body’s “powerhouse,” and Pilates strengthens and develops it while also training your arms and legs. The exercises emphasise motions and postures that rely on your extremities (arms and legs) for control as well as your core.

  1. Pilates is good for your posture 

The link between mind and body, as well as total awareness of how your body moves, is one of the most important aspects of Pilates. As a consequence, especially during your Pilates exercise, you become more conscious of the positioning of your spine and pelvis.

  1. Pilates increases energy 

Pilates, like yoga, teaches you how to concentrate on breathing correctly. You’ll breathe more deeply, supplying more oxygen to your body and therefore improving your energy levels. You’ll feel more invigorated, de-stressed, calm, and relaxed after completing your Pilates workout.

  1. Pilates improves mind/body connection 

Pilates routines are meant to help you improve your balance and coordination by teaching you how to link your mind and body more effectively. Pilates exercises are performed slowly and deliberately to help you become more aware of your alignment.

  1. Pilates Improve balance and coordination 

Pilates helps you improve your general balance by strengthening your core, particularly because of its significant focus on the core.

Is Pilates some kind of cardio?

Pilates workouts are more concerned with the general tone and strength of your muscles, rather than working up a sweat or improving your overall cardiovascular health. While Pilates is a tough workout that focuses on attention and breathing, you need to even include cardio in your fitness routine. In addition to your Pilates exercise, try at least 1-2 cardio workouts each week.

Is there a difference between Pilates and Yoga?

In a nutshell, sure. While the two have many similarities, Pilates focuses more on the physical, whereas yoga focuses more on the spiritual. Pilates will tone, strengthen, and balance your muscles, particularly your core. Yoga teaches you how to attain and maintain equilibrium in your mind, body, and soul.

If you want a sleek, slim figure with no extra mass, Pilates is the workout for you. When you combine your Pilates workout with weekly cardio exercises, you’ll get the slim, toned, strong physique you want – with amazing abs to boot! 

Best Pilates Workout to try!

Are you ready to get your pilates fix online? You are, of course. Here are the best workouts that are worth your time and effort. There are pilates lessons for beginners as well as tougher ones for those who are more experienced with the discipline.

The best part? They’re all viable choices for doing Pilates at home! You don’t even have to leave your living room – yay!

1. Blogilates | Target your lower belly in three minutes

YouTube video

Cassey Ho is a famous worldwide Pilates authority, so we’re certain that this short exercise from her YouTube channel Blogilates will provide long-term effects.

2.  Five-Minute Core Workout | Isa Welly

YouTube video

As the pro-dancer turned Pilates instructor demonstrates, less is more.

3. Isa Welly’s 8-Minute Gentle Pilates Flow

YouTube video

Another from mega-trainer Isa Welly, this brief Pilates flow helps strengthen and stretch tight muscles for the ideal fast-paced workout.

4.. Blogilates – Tone your calves in 9 minutes

YouTube video

Are you looking for slim calves? Cassey Ho’s five techniques are essential.

5. Complete body workout in ten minutes | The Live Fit Girl

YouTube video

Deanna, a Pilates instructor located in Los Angeles, exercises every limb in this efficient session.