6 Shire Horse Secrets You Never Know – Most Beautiful Horse That People Love

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Are you familiar with Shire Horses? Or is it the first term you are hearing about this animal? If yes then we have everything that you need to know about Shire Horses, keep reading to find out!

Shire horses are one of the ancient breeds in England. They are originally from the shires of Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cheshire, Derbyshire, and Nottinghamshire.

Some people might have heard the word “shires” in the Harry Potter movie series. It is a division in which wizards live in Hogwarts School. But they are not the same thing. There were also two horses used in Harry Potter movies that have been mistakenly called shire horses but are actually Clydesdales that were used for filming purposes only. How confusing! But why worry when we have gathered some interesting information for you?

To know more about this amazing breed, please read on to see 6 Shire Horse secrets you never knew!

Uncovering 6 Shire Horse Secrets For You!

Many people are familiar with the Shire horse, but do you know all of their secrets? Shire horses are known for their strength and intelligence. They were bred for working on farms, pulling loads, and riding horses. You can find some Shire horses as pets as well. This article will tell you six secrets of the Shire horse that you may not know.

The First Secret is that they are used in Therapy and Healing

When we hear the word ‘horse’ we usually think of them as a means of transportation and not as a tool for healing and therapy. But the Shire Horse is one breed that has been used for both purposes since ancient times.

Some of the most important therapeutic benefits include their ability to help people with Alzheimer’s, autism, sensory processing disorder, social anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, or any other disabilities or disabilities. For those who are looking to heal from an addiction or are unable to do it on their own, Shire horses can be a great companion in their journey.

The Shires are also used by therapists who deal with mental health issues. They have been found to produce calming effects on humans which can help reduce patients’ symptoms like depression and anxiety.

The Second Secret is that they have an Excellent Sense of Balance

Shire horses have a very special and unique sense of balance. They can walk over objects and not fall down. Shire horses have a very good sense of balance because they rely less on their eyesight and more on their other senses such as smell, touch, sound, and taste. Shires also use their ears to help them balance better than humans do. They can take a step forward, backward, sideways, or even turn around without losing their balance. How cool!

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The Third Secret is that they can be Trained to Dance and Jump Over Obstacles

Many people are amazed at the amazing skills that Shire Horses possess. But did you know they can also be trained to dance and jump over obstacles?

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A shire horse is a type of draft horse developed in the north of England to pull heavy loads, usually on public roads. This animal was bred for strength, endurance, and the ability to work long hours. It was also bred for boldness and courage, so it can be trained to jump over obstacles or dance to the music! So there won’t be a minute passing by that this amazing animal won’t impress you, it’s full of fun secrets!

The Fourth Secret is that they Excel at Dressage

Shire horses are best known for their work in the early days. But do you know that these beauties are also great dressage horses? Yes, that’s right! 

There are not many people that know about the Shire Horse. The Shire Horse was originally used in Great Britain for agriculture. 

In World War I, British soldiers would use Shire horses to carry their supplies and equipment in the trenches. They were also used in mines and coal pits. 

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Shire horses are used in dressage competitions today because of their large frame and strong muscles to carry heavy loads. 

So if you see a black or white, strong horse in a dressage competition obediently doing all the tasks, you’ll know it’s a Shire!

Their Fifth Secret is that they can be used as Service Animals

Shire Horses are one of the most common service animals in the world. They are known for their gentleness and patience.

They can provide great benefits to people with disabilities. Shire Horses are also good at dealing with children who have ADHD. They can be better than other animals because they are more clever and patient than the usual horses.

Shire horses are mainly used by people who have disabilities, giving them the ability to live independently, to be mobile and to do tasks that would otherwise be difficult or impossible for them to do on their own. Who knew?

Their Sixth Secret is that they have a name Reflecting Their Origin

The Shire horse is a breed of draft horse from the United Kingdom. The name “Shire” is a reflection of where they originated from. Originally, these draft horses were bred in the county of Yorkshire and other places close to the River Great Ouse – a tributary of the River Severn. It was called “shire” because it was so large and heavy that it could only be managed by someone who had been granted special powers by a king or queen.

Shire Horses are often called the “Cadillac” of horses because this breed will do anything you ask, how unique!

Where Can I Find Shire Horses?

People often think that the Shire Horse is extinct because they haven’t seen them in a long time. However, you can find them at the Shire Horse Trust and The National Stud.

I guess it’s not so secret now! But apart from that, you can also find them at the local zoo, and wildlife parks. You can also check out your local council’s records because they have been known to be bred by the country and distributed amongst different areas. This will give you a better insight. 

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Bottom Line:

Who knew this amazing animal was capable of so much? With its height and stature, Shire Horse is quite a famous horse. Standing at 16-17 hands high and a weight of 500 kg this horse is the true depiction of beauty and strength! What’s stopping you? Quickly go and check them out to know how amazing they are. 

I hope you enjoyed reading the article and found something interesting in it.