7 Benefits of Drinking Reverse Osmosis Water [Detailed Guide]

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7 Benefits of Drinking Reverse Osmosis Water [Detailed Guide]

Do you ever notice that labels on the water bottles of brands like Aquafina, Nestle and Dasani mentioned that they are “ filtered with reverse osmosis”? This label mentions the name of the process but not the details of what is the process and how it works. This article is designed to simplify the process of reverse osmosis and to highlight the benefits of reverse osmosis water or you can say RO water benefits.

What is Meant by Reverse Osmosis Water?

Reverse osmosis water (RO)  can be generally defined as simple water that gets filtered through the process of reverse osmosis. In simpler terms, we can say that water that is obtained after being filtered by the process of reverse osmosis is called reverse osmosis water or RO water

Although the core theme of this article is to discuss the benefits of reverse osmosis water before initiation, the main topic let’s make  a concept about what reverse osmosis actually is and how it works

What is Reverse Osmosis & How it Works?

Reverse osmosis is a water filtration or purification process that serves to remove contaminants from the water and restore its purity. The process utilized a synthetic semi-permeable membrane to filter out the contaminants, microorganisms, and sediments from water

Osmosis is the process in which water moves from low concentration to high concentration and generates osmotic pressure. It means that pure water moves towards contaminated one through a semipermeable membrane and of course this phenomenon doesn’t allow us to make water potable. 

Reverse osmosis is the inverse of osmosis in which pressure is applied to overcome osmotic pressure and water is forced to move from a high concentration of contaminants to a low concentration of contaminants. In this way purification of water takes place. 

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water:

Reverse osmosis tends to be the most popular water purification because of the various benefits of reverse osmosis water. Drinking reverse osmosis water gives you the following benefits that favor the use of RO water. 

1 RO is Free of Contaminants:

Reverse osmosis is an efficient process to remove contaminants from water up to 98%. The resulting water that is obtained after filtration is too pure to use safely for drinking purposes. It gives surety to the community that their drinking water is free from potential contaminants and micro-organisms. Reverse osmosis water is free from

  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Mercury
  • sulfate
  • Sodium
  • Chloride
  • Calcium
  • Fluoride

2 RO is free of Minerals :

Even though clean water ( without filtration) possesses some minerals like magnesium and calcium that have the ability to form complexes and need to be removed from it. Water filtration plants don’t remove these minerals from the water so efficiently. Reverse osmosis water serves as the best alternate choice for individuals who want pure water to avoid ailment and disease. 

3 RO is Energy Efficient

Reverse osmosis power plants are energy-efficient and don’t actually use electricity. This benefit of reverse osmosis water is economically very valuable. Consumption of low energy ultimately leads to low prices and better marketing of the branded water bottles. 

4 RO Provides a Better Taste :

The presence of unwanted minerals and chlorine in water changes its taste and smell. Although we know that water is universally tasteless and colorless but unwanted chemical substances may induce bitterness or acrid taste. Drinking reverse osmosis water really helps your taste buds to get rid of the water taste. The potential benefit of reverse osmosis water is to upgrade and improve the water taste.

5 RO is Cost-effective:

As we mentioned earlier that reverse osmosis water plants are energy efficient and tend to give good output with low consumption of energy. It ultimately leads to cost-effectiveness for water bottles by the community. The affordability with the surety of purity is the prominent benefit of reverse osmosis water.

6 RO is Environment Friendly:

Environments get polluted by using plastic water bottles. It is a good and wise step to establish a water plant with reverse osmosis filters to get clean water directly from your tap. The places such as academic institutes, research centers or seminar halls where people get together on a daily basis and need water for drinking. Instead of making everyone compulsory to buy their own plastic water bottle, a water plant with reverse osmosis water is quite a nice and smart idea for a healthy environment.

7 RO Improves Health Status:

Drinking reverse osmosis water has potential significance to improve better health. Water is the most significant thing on earth without which life cannot be possible. A variety of health problems may be resolved by drinking enough water with good quality and purity. Patients who are going through chemotherapy for cancer treatments are suggested to drink reverse osmosis water because their immune system is weak enough to fight and foreign particle or pathogen

Secondly, reverse osmosis water is free from sodium and chloride ions that decrease the intake of sodium for hypertensive patients. Much sodium intake helps to keep heart and kidneys healthy and functional 

Reverse Osmosis Water Vs Distilled Water:

Reverse osmosis and distillation both are water purification processes but the water obtained from both processes is not qualitatively similar to one another. The debate between the usage of reverse osmosis water vs distilled water is not new. This comparison however gives you a clear image to decide water for the specific application. 

  • In terms of purification: reverse osmosis water is more than distilled water without any volatile chemical entity. Whereas distilled water cannot claim to be free from minerals and chemicals 
  • In terms of energy consumption: Distillation is a very energy consumption process as this process involves the boiling and condensation of water vapors to get the pure water. In contrast to it, the reverse osmosis process is an energy-efficient process 
  • In terms of health benefits: This debate may be controversial but a realistic approach says that both reverse osmosis water and distilled water have their own significance. Drinking Reverse osmosis water for chemotherapeutic patients is often suggested. In the case of a healthy individual, distilled water with all the minerals is preferable.
  • In terms of price: Distillation plants and assemblies are more expensive as compared to the reverse osmosis process. The cost of the purification process directly influences the product obtained from it. 

Conclusive Thoughts :

There is no object in the world that possesses only advantages without any negative impact so as with reverse osmosis water The benefits of reverse osmosis water justified the preference and usage of drinking it. although there may be few myths circulating about it. Reverse osmosis water holds preference over distilled water due to more purified water, less energy consumption, cost-effectiveness, and health benefits.