7 YouTube Channels for Aspiring Dentists

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YouTube may be a fantastic resource for aspiring dentists!

It might be tough to get a sense of what medical school is like, but owing to the advent of student YouTubers, finding someone eager to talk about their experiences isn’t too difficult.

YouTube has videos on just about anything, so if you’re looking for inspiration or insight into a particular aspect of medical school, life as a dentist, or the path to get there. There are hours and hours of wonderful information accessible, regardless of your specialty –– orthodontics, periodontics, pediatric dentistry, and so on.

Better than that? There is no charge for the information. You may improve your competence, expand your professional knowledge, and advance your career by setting aside an hour each week to do so.

We thought it could be useful to highlight a few of our favorites because there are so many dentistry-related YouTube channels to pick from. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but you’ll undoubtedly learn something new if you subscribe to any of the channels listed below.

5 YouTube Channels For Aspiring Dentistry Students

1. Dental Economics

Dental Economics is widely regarded as the premier print and digital management publication for dentists. Oral Hygiene was the title of the publication when it first appeared in 1910, and it was changed to its current title in 1967. It’s become one of the industry’s most lauded training and education resources.

The editorial team at Dental Economics decided to start a YouTube channel in 2014. Despite the fact that it doesn’t have as many subscribers as some of the other channels on our list, the content is interesting and relevant.

2. All Things Dentistry 

You should subscribe to All Things Dentistry if you operate a dental office. This YouTube channel is dedicated to “sharing those unwritten dental advice” that you might not have studied in school.

Since its inception in 2011, All Things Dentistry has had over 9.8 million views. What began as a fun side project during a two-year advanced education course in general dentistry soon became one of the most popular YouTube channels on the subject.

The channel’s host, Ash, has a fantastic presenting style and covers a wide range of subjects that are useful to both novice and experienced dental practitioners. “Root canal tips,” “Tooth cavity, partial pulpotomy surgery,” and “Coronavirus: Keeping Your Team and Patients Up to Date” are among the most recent highlights.

3. The American Dental Association

From cancer treatment to patient experience, goal setting, workplace ergonomics, and more, the ADA channel covers all aspects of dentistry. You’ll also discover a variety of educational movies to show patients. Make an ADA video playlist to send out through email or play in your waiting area.

4. Glidewell Dental 

Glidewell Dental is one of the most popular dental business YouTube channels, with over 50,000 followers. Attracting the proper patients to your clinic, switching to same-day dentistry, enhancing chairside photography, and CAD/CAM are all popular subjects on the channel.

5. Teeth

Dr. Teeth is one of YouTube’s most popular dental channels. The channel has over 108,000 followers globally and updates once or twice a week with fresh content.

Dr. Hina Malik is the project’s driving force. Her lectures are often 10 minutes or longer, allowing her to discuss key issues in more depth. “All about bruxism,” “Line angle and point angles in cavity preparation,” and “Principles for tooth preparation” are among Dr. Malik’s most popular videos.

6. Hack Dentistry 

Hack Dentistry is distinctive in that it offers teaching videos in the style of animated cartoons. But don’t be put off by the presenting approach. The Hack Dentistry YouTube channel has generated over 100 lectures for dentists all around the world in less than three years. You can watch a few videos in one sitting because they are rarely more than seven minutes long.

“Calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor: Clinical characteristics, radiography, histology, and therapy,” “What is condensing osteitis?,” and “Plaque development and its function in producing dental caries” are among the most recent themes. Hack Dentistry can enhance your in-office training if you’re responsible for educating interns or fresh grads.

7. 3M Oral Care

For many years, 3M has been a market leader in the development of revolutionary dental and orthodontic products. Clinical, professional, and personal themes are all covered in their guidelines.

Bottom Line:  

If you haven’t previously included YouTube videos into your professional development routine, now is the time to start. Do you have a favorite YouTube channel that wasn’t on our list of the top 7? Please let us know in the comments!