8 Best Pre Med Schools in Georgia That Are Worth Money

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If you are a med student who wants to go to the best pre med schools in Georgia or in a state where making a gradual transition into your field is normal, you should consider attending one of Georgia’s pre-medical schools. 

Name of SchoolFeeProgramsCity
University of Georgia$31,073The M.D. degree joint M.D.
Emory University$51,198M.D.Ph.D. iD.P.T.
Master’s programs in anesthesiology,
Genetic counseling medical assistant bachelor’s degree in medical imaging
Georgia College$5,500Biology B.S.Biology
M.S.Biology Minor
Nurse Educator Concentration MSN (Online)
Nurse Midwifery
Nursing B.S.N
Nursing DNP
Nursing MSN
Mercer University$42,586M.D.Ph.D. in Clinical Medical PsychologyMaster of Science in Biomedical or Preclinical Sciences
Master’s degree in family therapy or public health
Morehouse School of Medicine$46,829M.D. program
Oglethorpe University$42,754General Business Administration and Management
Biology/Biological Sciences
Accounting Fine/Studio Arts
English Language and Literature
Rhetoric and Composition;
International Relations and Affairs; Biopsychology
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine$50,700D.O. program
D.D.P.T. degrees
M.S. degrees in Biomedical sciences
Physician assistant organizational development and leadership
A certificate in medical simulations.
Georgia State University$11,076medical dental pharmacy optometry veterinaryAtlanta
Pre Med Schools in Georgia

The following list will assist you further in comprehending your options and what is required of you as a candidate. This will allow you to determine which school is best for you rapidly.

1. University of Georgia 

1. University of Georgia 

The pre-medical program at the University of Georgia in Athens includes core subjects and specializations. Georgia offers sophisticated placement programs for freshmen who seek to gain academic credits for their first semester of college and enroll in more demanding classes.

The Medical College of Georgia in Augusta is among the best pre-med schools in Georgia. It is not only the state’s only government medical school, but it is among the ten largest med students in the region. 


$31,073 (Locals) 

$59,431 (For foreigners)

The college, known for its faculty’s emphasis on research, was the state’s initial hysterectomy school.

2. Emory University School of Medicine

2. Emory University School of Medicine

Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, starts student counseling sessions for courses and specialization in the sophomore year. 

Emory Institution School of Medicine is situated in the central campus of the university in the upscale Druid Hills district of Atlanta. 


$51,198 for local students

 $51,198 for foreign students

Volunteering, shadowing, and internships can get you good chances to score a seat. 

3. Georgia College

Georgia College logo

Georgia College in Milledgeville, one of the best pre-med schools in Georgia, offers a Pre Professional Degree to pre-med undergraduates pursuing a profession in medicine, dentistry, occupational or physical therapy. 

Georgia College Campus View
Georgia College Campus View

An adviser counsels students on which pre-med courses to take each semester, and each pre-med participant in the program receives one-on-one assistance. 


$5,500 for local medicos

$1,342.88 for internationals

Furthermore, MCG provides its students with a wide range of clinical experiences; students will have the option to visit over 350 clinical sites to gain expertise in the whole spectrum of medicine, from acute inpatient care to primary care in rural regions.

4. Mercer University School of Medicine

Morehouse School of Medicine logo

Mercer University School of Medicine only considers candidates who are residents of Georgia for one year. So if you are a Georgia citizen going to medical school, this school should be at the top of your list due to your primary advantage. 

Mercer University School of Medicine Campus View
Mercer University School of Medicine Campus View



Rather than a standard lecture-based preclinical style, the school employs a unique formal discussion-based program that emphasizes interaction within organized teams. 

5. Morehouse School of Medicine

Morehouse School of Medicine logo

Morehouse School of Medicine is a black institution dedicated to providing diverse students. Morehouse also stresses primary care medical education and community outreach. 


  • $46,829 locals
  • $46,829 foreigners 

Numerous noteworthy healthcare professionals have been associated with Morehouse Medical School. Louis W. Sullivan, who served as both dean and president and later as the United States Secretary of Health and Human Services, and David Satcher, who served as the United States Surgeon General and later as the school’s chairman. 

6. Oglethorpe University

The pre-med program at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta comprises a fundamental course for all medical students that incorporates a liberal arts education with a concentration on science and mathematics. 



The typical freshman retention rate is 79 percent, which is a sign of student satisfaction. According to Zippia, Oglethorpe is one of the top three institutions in Georgia for economics graduates and one of the top five for business graduates. 

In addition to their reward, specialty, and grant awards, In-state students must complete the Application for (FAFSA) for state rewards.

7. Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine 

The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (Georgia Campus) was formed in response to the critical need for more physicians to serve Georgia’s growing population. It is only 27 miles north of Atlanta, and students can treat both urban and rural patient groups.



After earning your degree, you can enroll in the college’s osteopathic post-graduate program. Its purpose is to teach students about osteopathic theory and procedures. 

8. Georgia State University

Georgia State does not have a pre-medical curriculum. Still, it provides a very respected tracking program for pre med students interested in applying.


$11,076 for locals 

$30,114 for foreigners.

The institution provides all of the essential pre-medical science courses as well as assistance with the application procedure. 


Georgia has a wide variety of undergraduate medical courses. Whether you’re a foreign or a local applicant, interested in research or primary care, or want to live in a huge, urban center or a rural town, you’ll find a school that meets your needs. You can increase your chances by communicating fit effectively. 

Visit the official website of each institute if you think you might need a little extra help ensuring you receive a favorable result with your registration. 

Otherwise, these guides have assisted thousands of students from all across the country in getting into their preferred colleges (including Georgia). Do your research before you make a decision.