Beginners Guide to Bear Squat Machine

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 All you need to know about Bear Squat Machine and Bear Squat Exercise

Are you an athlete looking for something that would improve your vertical jumping if you’re someone who plays baseball or basketball? Or someone who desires to tone their lower body and strengthen your knees and leg muscles? You might’ve heard about the “Bear Squat Machine” if you had a gym at your schools or colleges. Let’s get more into what Bear Squat Machines actually are; 

What is a Bear Squat Machine? 

Bear Squat Machine

The term “Squats” is something most of us are already familiar with. Squats is an exercise that provides robustness, endurance, and strength, boosting your functional movement by lowering your hips and bending knees from a standing position and then returning back to standing up again. There are numerous machines that are manufactured for the purpose of exercising squats on machinery for instance V-Squat Machine or Bear Squat Machine.

The Bear Squat Machine is of two types; one is a heavy machine that has been widely used in the US and many other regions for health or sports training programs. The machine is designed for explosive vertical jumps; a way that helps you in doing squats while jumping slightly from your position. It is highly effective and recommended to be in use by those who are fond of or professionally play matches such as Football, Basketball, and Baseball. 

The second one is an exercising machine that helps in doing bear squats and can be used by anyone for losing weight and getting in shape. A special feature that comes with it is that there’s a safety pin that actually enables you to adjust the pin according to your height. 

6 Benefits of Bear Squat Machine 

Similar to Squats, Bear Squat Machine provides you with several benefits; 

  1. It helps in enhancing maximum power for vertical jumping which is a crucial element to accelerate high performance in athletes. 
  2. It helps in maintaining the structure of your back by improving back alignment and posture and elongating your spine. 
  3. If you’re someone who is determined to shape your buttocks, this is a great exercise for segregating your hips and glutes and provides a well shaped butt. 
  4. It raises your knee mobility which is essential for strengthening of the muscles that sustain and support your knees and it also reduces over straining of the knees. 
  5. It motivates athleticism and intensifies stamina.
  6. It improves your flexibility and tones, shapes your thighs.

How to use a Bear Squat Machine 

Honestly, it isn’t something complicated to apprehend and perform but without a doubt, you will definitely find it a bit tricky at the start. Here’s how you can use a Bear Squat Machine for Vertical Jumping;

  1. Get under the squat apparatus and put the adjusting rod down. 
  2. Place your feet on the slide and hold the handles on the sides of the rods. 
  3. Bend your knees a little and start jumping. 
  4. Remember to keep your shoulders and back straight and don’t jump too high. 
  5. From beginners, Jump 20 times in sets of 3 and start increasing the number of times as you advance forward. 

Check this video to get a better understanding of Bear Squat Jumping. 

YouTube video

Here’s how you can use a Bear Squat Machine for squats;

  1. Get under the squat apparatus and remove the safety pin according to your height. 
  2. Place your feet with a little gap, on the slide or on the flat surface of the machine, your chest and shoulders need to be up and straight. 
  3. Descend your hip down to the squatting position, your knees bent and your back straight. 
  4. Ascend back and repeat this for 20 times in sets of 3. 

Check this video for a clearer vision of the exercise. 

YouTube video

Is Bear Squat Machine Effective?

Without a doubt, it is declared as the most effective tool, the best and safest squat position as of yet. If you do squats on Bear Squat Machine, you’d see results 7 times faster than from Bar squats. It is also beneficial for diminishing weight load from the bottom. Athletes have stated that they have sustained impressive drops in 40 times. 

Is Bear Squat Machine Expensive?

The price of a Bear Squat Machine varies from 700$ up to 1700$ which could be expensive for some individuals but compared to the other squat machines, Bear Squat Machine is relatively cheaper. 

If you can’t afford a new Bear Squat Machine, you can resort to buying used ones which function perfectly fine. 

Where can I buy a Bear Squat Machine?

You can easily buy a Bear Squat Machine from online websites such as Amazon, Picclick, Alibaba, Progymsupply, OLX Pakistan, and so on. You could also check them out from Exercise Equipment Local Stores near you. 

Before buying, be sure that the safety pins, holding pads, squat platform are properly fixed and functioning and rods aren’t rusted. 

5 Tips for using Bear Squat Machine

  1. Always ensure all the safety measures are being observed such as removing the safety pin when beginning with the exercise and pushing back the safety pin inside before stepping off the machine. 
  2. Be careful when bending your knees, whether that be for Bear jump Squats or standard Bear Squats. You could hit your knee on any rod while jumping or bending down for squatting.
  3. Keep your focus straight on jumping while exercising Bear Jump Squats. A little diversion could cause you injury. 
  4. Do not directly start off with a higher number of repetitions and sets. Increase your pace with time and always do warm up exercises before getting on the machine. 
  5. Go all the way down when squatting for proper form.  

Bear Squats at home

Bear Squats is an exercise that focuses on the lower body such as calves, glutes, legs as well as the upper body targeting the shoulders, core, and back. You’d see promising results from Bear Squats at home without any machinery and inconvenience. 

How to Bear Squats at Home (Without Bear Squat Machine)

  1. Get into all fours position and then lift your knees slightly above the floor and your lower legs backwards. Remember when you lift up your knees, your toes will bend. 
  2. Your hands should be well pressed on the ground or mat and your face should be facing down.
  3. Now, push your hips back and roll your heels as far as you can take and your hands will be straight but sloping backwards.
  4. Then rock forward, your legs would be straight this time and your face slightly ahead than your hands. 
  5. Repeat this for 15 times in sets of 3 in the start and then keep increasing the reps as you progress.

Remember; You need to maintain the proper form- keep your back and shoulders completely straight. 

Here’s a video for you to clearly understand how you’ve to do Bear Squats at home. 

YouTube video


If you’re an athlete, along with Bear Squats Jumping, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy foods and sleep on time and try out more workouts such as burpees, landmines, bench press and find more exercises here

You need to be consistent for spotting prominent results and for building body strength. Your results will entirely be dependent upon the time and enthusiasm that you invest in and we guarantee you the perfect brawny body that you aspire for.