Best BA (ADA) subjects combinations with scope 2021

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Are you confused about choosing BA as your career? Well, you need not worry because here’s everything that you’ll need to know about BA that’ll help you hammer your final nail to the coffin and help you initiate your studies in it. 

Let’s begin and read a few things regarding what the subject itself is to build a broader perspective and know all there is to know about it. 

What is BA? 

Bachelors of Art, popularly known as BA in Pakistan, has now been changed to ADA that stands for Associate Degree in Arts. After completing your intermediate, you can move towards ADA as it is a program readily available and offered by various government universities and institutions in Pakistan. Did you know that ADA is a program with a duration of only two years, and you can further take admission in a Master’s program after completing your degree in the given time? 

Let’s read further to understand better the program’s subjects and how they are marked throughout the two years of education. 

Subjects offered in the course: 

The course of Bachelor of Arts or Associate Degree of Arts known as now is divided in two years and has a few sets of subjects that you are elected and some that you can choose from by yourself and according to your interest. 

Associate Degree of Arts Year 1: (part 1) 

When studying ADA part one, an individual must take approximately six subjects, out of which two electives. Four subjects are compulsory, and all of them total up to 400 marks.

English 100 marks 
Pakistan Studies 30 marks 
Islamic Education 40 marks 
Rawadari/Insani haqooq 30 marks 
1 Elective Subject 100 marks 
2 Elective Subject100 marks 

All these papers accumulate and hold a score of 400 marks, so choose your elective subjects wisely and make sure you have an interest in them to develop a better understanding as well as a better score.

Associate Degree of Arts Year 2: (part 2) 

After completing your ADA part 1, you come down to part 2 automatically now at this point you are given one compulsory subject and two of your subjects are electives and the fourth one is an optional subject.

English 100 marks 
1 Elective subject 100 marks 
2 Elective Subject 100 marks 
Optional Subject 100 marks 

Elective subjects remain the same throughout the two years of your ADA, meaning that if you have taken Political Sciences as your elective in year 1, then you will be continuing Political sciences in year two as well. 

What needs to be understood by all students is that the criteria for optional subjects are that you can only take them in BA part 2 and make sure your elective and optional subjects aren’t the same; they should be separate. While choosing elective subjects, one needs to understand that opting for two languages as electives isn’t an option. Also, if a student fails their compulsory subject exams by chance, they will not be considered to pass and will have to resit the exam to score better than their first attempt.

Grouping of Subjects in BA: 

BA subjects are categorized in the following way to make the students understand which subjects are a priority and which subjects can be chosen as per the student’s interests and future. 

a. Compulsory Subjects: 

Compulsory subjects are significant while giving the BA exams, and no matter what your subject is like, you need to pass these examinations. In BA part 1, students have four compulsory subjects while in year two you have one compulsory subject that is English. 

b. Elective Subjects: 

Elective subjects are interest-based subjects that the students choose according to their likes and dislikes; if a student enjoys and wants to pursue psychology, then he/she may choose psychology as their elective. For elective subjects, you should remember that they can be selected from once in BA part 1; you will continue to study the same electives in both years. 

c. Optional Subjects: 

This category is only available in BA part 2 and holds a score of approximately 100 marks. This option allows the student to choose a subject of their choice to study as their optional.

Compulsory Subjects: 

The following compulsory subjects need to be studied and cleared by every student studying Bachelor of Arts.

Islamic Education
Rawadari/Insani Haqooq
Pakistan Studies 

Elective Subjects: 

Students have quite a few options in ADA while choosing their Elective subjects. There are 44 subjects to choose from according to your likes and dislikes and interests for your future career.

Some of those elective subjects are Arabic, Applied Psychology, Economics, Education, French, Fine Arts, Home Economics, Italian, Journalism, Music, Social Work, Women Studies and so much more to choose from!

Optional Subjects: 

As mentioned above, optional subjects are available for students who are currently doing part 2 of ADA. These subjects can not be the same as elective, meaning if you are taking psychology, avoid taking Applied Psychology. Instead, you could take another subject that helps you out in the future. Below is the list of optional subjects offered in BA.

Optional Subjects include approximately 31 courses; some are Statistics, Turkish, Kashmiryat, Journalism, Library and Information Sciences, Astronomy, and German. Are you shocked because so are we with the number of fields BA has got to offer?

Subjects That Are Scorable : 

Are you someone who wants to ace your BA and get the highest marks? Well, here’s a set of courses that you can take up to score marks easily. Remember, if you haven’t overthought their future and are just looking to gain a degree to get work, then go for the following subject or else choose according to your future career requirements and interests.

a. Arabic 

b. Islamic Studies 

c. Sociology 

d. Persian 

e. Kashmiryat

If you still do not get a better understanding of which subjects to opt for, scroll further to find out a few combinations of courses that can be taken up, we’re here to help you, and we have everything figured out just for you! 

Combination of Courses: 

When choosing the following, remember to keep in mind which ones to be taken as electives and which subjects as optional. 

  • Sociology and Persian could be chosen as an elective, while the optional subject could be Arabic and vise versa. 
  • Kashmiryat and Arabic can be another choice of electives, and you can keep Persian as an optional subject. 
  • Sociology and Islamic Studies as an elective and Arabic as your optional is also a good combination. 

At this point, if you are wondering why these combinations of subjects are recommended and what the outcome will be, here’s what you need to know about it. Choosing Arabic is a wise option because it is an objective-focused paper; hence everything is readily available to you, you have options, and if selected as an elective subject, you can quickly get 90+ marks both the years and combined it will probably become above 170 which is a win-win, not only this but taking it as an option is quite good too. 

Now what’s good is you will be giving Islamic education as compulsory in BA part 1. What you can do is choose Islamic Studies, which itself is a different subject option but will mostly have similar topics of studying, making it easier for you to burden you less. 

When it comes to Sociology, you should know that it’s an easy and scorable subject. So if you’re worried about losing marks and not being able to score correctly, then choose the following subjects, and within two years, you’ll become a BA.

Career Options After BA

Currently, in the year 2021, if you are someone who’s completed their BA and are looking to broaden their horizons and build up a career, then here’s what you can do. 

a. Philanthropist: 

Are you someone who loves promoting and working for the welfare of children, women, and people in general? To become a philanthropist, you can choose subjects like women studies, Sociology, and Social Worker. These enable us to understand better how the systems work, what can be done to improvise, and how to work for our society’s welfare. It also allows you to open up an NGO and even an INGO of your own. You can work with the government in the Social Sector or Social Welfare department and help make a better environment for the needful. 

b. Journalist: 

Who doesn’t enjoy having a voice of their own? Trust me; it’s a true example of empowerment knowing how something you have written may inspire someone to become better or leave an impact. So if you are confused about what to become, this career can help you reach out to so many people. Not only this, but in today’s world, this degree isn’t just a low-paid job, but with the rising technology and advancement, people are adequately accommodated if they are journalists. Options to work on various news channels are also passed around, giving you a huge opportunity to build and broaden your horizons as an anchor or a journalist. 

Various companies look for writers, so what if newspapers and magazines are going out of business? There are digital magazines and newspapers available for enjoyment and include fun articles based on various subjects. It won’t limit your voice help you get your word out quickly.

c. English Literature:

Did you grow up reading the classic and are a huge fan of Pride and Prejudice or Jane Austen’s and want to be the one to get into the depths of it. BA gives you the chance to get your skills sharpened. 

A degree like this will grant an individual exposure to the English Language, Contextual texts and Social values, and so much more. All of this exposure will give you an edge to become a story writer and come up with short stories of your own, and even become a professor. 

Not only can you take advantage of this degree in the field of Language and Literature, but to utilize this degree to its fullest is by further studying CSS and even PMS. These degrees are some of the most acceptable degrees in Pakistan, giving you an edge over many things. These are competitive exams and are challenging but one of the best career choices. 

d. Lawyer: 

Do you have it in you to argue your way to the top? Then what are you waiting for because BA will help you get one step ahead towards your dream? Choosing subjects like Political Sciences and Civics is a way to know what’s going on; even taking sociology as your optional is good because you will quickly understand various social norms and learn the nitty-gritty details. 

These courses enable an individual to get admitted to the bachelor level directly; how cool is that? 

e. Applied Psychology: 

Advancement’s most significant impact is positive and negative on us human beings. Although life indeed has taken a positive and easy turn with the technological advances at the same time, individuals have personally weakened. People do not have a strong family bond or the time to speak to someone in their households, and with the world being fast as it is today, sometimes people avoid it; at this point, a Psychologist comes into the picture.

He/She helps the individual gain a better understanding of themselves and helps them reach out and do the needful. Today, in Pakistan, psychology’s scope is increasing day by day; schools, colleges, and institutions feel the need to have a psychologist around to talk to the students and counsel them and make sure they are functioning correctly in all terms. Hence, why you could choose this field, and it’s a plus one if you’re a good listener!

f. Computer Studies: 

We live in an era of technological development, and if you want to grow at home and have a business of your own or be the boss lady and man, why not choose computer studies as your elective in BA. This subject will enable you to understand various software and applications and their development. Not only this, but you can bring out the creative side in you by designing multiple web pages. With the telecom sector on the road to development, you can easily score a job in the government and private sectors. 

Are you a tech-crazy person? Well, this is the degree for you! 

g. Physical Education: 

It’s true when they say health is the most significant gift to humanity and its maintenance comes with a huge price that we all need to pay, but who will be the one to guide us if we need any instruction. If you are a health enthusiast and loves eating healthy, why not choose your subjects accordingly and flourish in the field. There are so many opportunities left vacant, so study and excel in this subject and fill the gaps to help people gain better health, physically!

Finally, decide what to do, or are you still confused about your subjects? Well, scroll down to understand better what to do after completing your BA/ADA. 

What Comes Next? 

Many individuals are confused regarding what to do after their BA/ADA; here’s what we have concluded for you. 

a. After completing your BA, you can study further and complete your MA, depending on what you have learned in your BA. You can quickly pursue a degree in MA in Political Sciences, Fine arts, Philosophy, English, and many other subjects. 

But it would help if you made sure that the subject you choose to focus on in your MA is taken as an elective in BA. 

b. Another option is a Master in Sciences, subjects included are Economics, Sociology, and Psychology. Remember to study these subjects in BA to pursue further in your Mac. 

c. By giving your luck a try and studying hard for CSS after BA is a cherry on top, and what’s even better is clearing the exam and starting work as a 17th scale Government officer; how amazing is that? 

d. Start your business? What are you waiting for, and what’s stopping you from finally starting a business of your own and becoming your boss. Into baking? You can quickly become a home-based baker. Love writing? Start your blog! There are so many ways to earn. 

e. If you have decided not to study further, you can work in various places and easily make use of your skills. There is a solution to everything!

Bottom line: 

From all the above information, you have probably gathered what needs to be done and how the process is carried out. We have tried to center this article according to your needs to get a better understanding and grasp all that you need to know regarding BA/ADA. It’s a great start to so many fields, break the societal norms and choose BA instead of opting for the same old medicine, and you will realize how many areas open up to you!

If you have any further queries related to this article, Kindly Comment below and Our team members will respond to them very soon!