Can A Medical Laboratory Scientist Become A Medical Doctor

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Yes, a medical laboratory scientist can become a medical doctor by following the similar educational path that other doctors follow i.e. getting a bachelor’s degree in the sciences, and fulfilling the other requirements and prerequisites that undergraduates follow for a medical school. 

From Laboratory Scientist To A Medical Doctor

What Is A Medical Lab Scientist?

Another name for clinical lab scientist, medical lab scientist evaluate and analyze body tissues, fluids, and other important samples that help identify a disease of signs of disease. They work in clinical labs. They are helpful in diagnosing diseases, find disease cells, and even sometimes matching blood types. 

How Can One Become A Doctor After A Laboratory Scientist?

In order to become a doctor after a medical laboratory scientist, you need to do a four-year MBBS program degree. Here are the details:

Bachelor Of Medicine, Bachelor Of Surgery (MBBS)

MBBS is no piece of cake, but once you get through, it is totally all worth it! It is an introductory 5-year course that educates and train you well to become a doctor. From that point, you can proceed onward to turning into a trained professional. To sum up, the only equation that fits here is “work hard, strive harder.”


It is obligatory to get in any event a 60% minimum in FSc Pre Medical or equivalent in A-levels and pass the MDCAT section assessment.


If you opt for Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), you can;

  1. Startup your clinic.
  2. Work as a medical researcher.
  3. Work as a professor.
  4. Work as a medico-legal advisor.

Universities Offering MBBS

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