Can You Put Mascara on the Eyelash Extension?

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You can use mascara on the eyelash extension for good volume if you have a classic lash extension. But it is not suitable to use mascara on high-volume lash extensions. Classic lash extensions give you a decent and natural look with mascara like your own lashes.

If you are confused, can you put mascara on the eyelash extension, or does mascara ruin your lashes?

Many questions arise in the mind when you go for any new beauty procedure. Those who wear mascara on volume or hybrid lashes can damage your lash extension, so it is better to avoid it. 

Eyelash extensions have gained popularity worldwide. However, many people have done eyelash extensions to look attractive, which is now very common in the beauty industry. But it is better to understand that you can’t put mascara on every type of lash extension. So can you put mascara on the eyelash extension? 

What Type of Mascara Do I Wear With Eyelash Extension? 

So if you opt or are done with classic eyelash extension and don’t want to quit using mascara, what type of mascara do I wear with eyelash extension? 

Applying by right method and opting for the right mascara is very important to the lash extension.

Here is the list of the kinds of mascara that cause the least damage to your eyelash extension; 

Oil-Free Mascara: 

When choosing a mascara, always read the ingredients and label. The mascara for eyelash extension should be free of oil and silicon.

Why choose oil-free?

Opting for an oil-free mascara is because mascara with oils can dissolve the glue of eyelash extensions used to stick with your natural lashes. 


Choosing water-based mascara for eyelash extensions is the best option. Water-based mascara is less oily and waxy as compared to other mascaras available outside. It does not cause any damage or harm to the lash extension. 

So can you put mascara on the eyelash extension? It is a good option to wear water-based mascara on the eyelash extension to save it from any harm. 

How to Put Mascara on Eyelash Extension? 

Follow the rule of avoiding the oil-based mascara as it will loosen up your adhesive. Choose the appropriate mascara for your eyelash extensions.

After that, wash your face and lashes with the lash extension cleanser or any other foaming shampoo. Always note that the mascara brush should be soft. 

Comb your lashes with a spoolie or any other lash comb. Gently apply the mascara from the center of the lashes to the end. Avoid the base of the eyelash extensions. 

How to Remove Mascara From Eyelash Extension? 

Always remember to remove the mascara from the eyelash extension gently. Surfactant is the main ingredient in oil-free makeup removal so it’s better to use oil-free makeup remover to remove your makeup from the outer layer. 

When you start removing your mascara on eyelash extension, choose the lint-free or nonsticky applicator. You can also use a soft cloth or brush to remove it but be gentle. Do not rub your lashes while removing the mascara. 

What Are Eyelash Extension More Common? 

People usually prefer to go for natural lashes CC 0.07 12mm. C curl lashes are natural; however, D curl is heavy or dramatic.  

Although considering the lash quality is an essential key for your investment, the C curl lashes are preferred for most clients as it gives your eyes a natural and attractive look. 

5 Best Oil-Free Mascara: 

Oil-free mascara is the best option for people with eyelash extensions because those mascaras with oil can dissolve the glue that joins your natural lashes.

Here are the five best oil-free mascaras;

1. By Jo Mousseli Xtreme lashes

2. Maybelline New York Makeup Great Lash Washable Mascara

3. Essence | Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

4. GladGirl Oil-Free Mascara with Dual-Brush Wand | Vegan Mascara & Hypoallergenic

5. PÜR Fully Charged Mascara

Summing Up: 

After the lash extension, there is no need to wear mascara as your lashes will look more beautiful and natural without mascara but if you wanna add more volume and drama to your lash extensions so simply go for oil-free mascara or water-based mascara as it will not cause any damage to your lash extensions. 

People usually prefer classic lashes because of their natural look. However, applying mascara with the right method is essential. Wash your lashes gently without rubbing if you put mascara on your eyelash extensions.