Danish schools Admission and scholarships for needy students 2021

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For students in grades, 6 through intermediate, Danish Schools provides fully-funded scholarships. Admissions are issued solely on the basis of merit. In each grade, 99 seats are reserved for needy students, with only ten percent (11 students) paying the fee and other expenses.

Those accepted on the basis of need will receive a fully funded scholarship that will cover all costs, including tuition, housing, and other expenses. Admissions applications must be submitted by January 27, 2021.

Applicants who apply on a self-finance basis must pay PKR: 16,500/- per month. Those applying on the basis of need must have a total combined gross income of the household of not more than fifteen thousand rupees per month (this was initially Rs.15000/), or some other sum as the Authority may specify.

Daanish Schools Scholarship Sub Categories

 The student, in order of precedence, falls in either of the following sub-categories:

  • He is an orphan having lost both of his parents and having no guardian or being taken care of by an elder sibling or a member of extended family
  • He is an orphan and living with his mother
  • Both parents are illiterate, the parents do not own any immovable property and either of them is disabled
  • He has been a school dropout and his both parents are illiterate and the parents do not own any immovable property
  • His both parents are illiterate, the parents do not own any immovable property and do not have any fixed job or source of income
  • He is not a resident of a town, tehsil, or district headquarters and any of his parent is a semi-skilled or unskilled menial village worker, and the parents do not own any immovable property and are illiterate; and
  • He is a resident of a town, tehsil, or district headquarters and his household resides in a katcha house

The Daanish School may admit a student whose parent is an employee of the School.

Likewise, seeing the success of the venture, the Provincial Governments approached and 2 seats for boys and girls in each of the 14 campuses were reserved as a provincial quota with FATA (especially South and North Waziristan and Baluchistan getting 2 extra seats for students in Attock and Rajanpur respectively.

Daanish Schools scholarship Eligibility Criteria

The student will be eligible to get admission if:

  • Be a student of Grade-V
  • Passed exams of Class V either PEC or any other
  • 10-12 years for boys
  • 10-13 years for girls
  • Must fall below the approved maximum income bracket
  • Must fall in one of the deserving categories
  • Should clear the written test.
  • Clear antecedent verification
  • Clear the Medical test
  • Be among the first 87 or 100 students on merit.

How to apply for Daanish Schools Scholarship and Admission

Admission forms are available at Daanish Schools and the website. Forms can be downloaded or can be obtained from the schools. The admissions form must be deposited into the respective Daanish Schools along with the following attested documents: 

  •  Four passport size photographs
  •  Result of Punjab Education Commission Examination or final result of class 5th
  •  Photocopy of father’s ID card
  •  Birth certificate B Form

Shortlisting Students

Shortlisting students on the basis of admission form, Call letters for the written test are issued, indicating:

  • Detail about the subject to be tested
  • Marks distribution
  • Reference books
  • Test conduction venue
  • Test conduction time
  • Things required to attempt the paper
  • Roll numbers slip (attached with call letter)

Daanish Schools Scholarship Written Test

Following are the list of some standards to be followed while attempting a written test:

  • Tests will be made centrally at the Head Office by the Academic Wing
  • English, Urdu, Math, Science, and IQ will be tested
  • One paper will be made, separated by sections for different subjects
  • English Section carries 35 marks, Gen science 15 marks, Mathematics 20 marks, Urdu 10 marks and IQ 20 marks
  • Gen Science and Mathematics Sections can either be attempted in English or Urdu
  • Data of only successful candidates will be sent to the Head office who would select on merit the list to be sent for antecedent verification