Disinfect Home: Useful, inexpensive home remedies to Disinfect your home

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Did you Know, you could easily disinfect home with these simple remedies. While you are quarantined in your home, you should be disinfecting your house and cleaning things to prevent any possible spread of the virus.

How disinfection works? 

It is the process of killing harmful microorganisms except spores by using chemical agents, heat and radiation. 

What is an ideal disinfectant? 

● Should have a broad spectrum against microorganisms 

● Should act in presence of microorganisms 

● Should be non toxic means not harmful to the user 

● Should have a pleasant odor 

● Should be soluble in water 

● Should have speedy action 

● Should have good cleaning properties 

● Should friedly to the environment 

● Should be inexpensive 

Types of disinfectants

Types of disinfectant includes; 

Air disinfectant: it is used to disinfect the organisms present in the air. Air disinfectant is ideal for use because it has high lethality to microorganisms and low human toxicity. 

Alcohols: alcohols can be found as one of the ingredients in surface sanitizer and disinfectant. It is more effective when combined with distilled water because it is easily available. 

Aldehydes: such as formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde have broad spectrum activity against viruses, fungi, bacteria like staphylococcus ,bacillus etc which are commonly found indoor air. 

Oxidizing agent: chlorine and oxygen are strong oxidizing agents. They act like oxidizing the cell membrane of microorganisms. Some oxidizing agent are here; 

1. Hydrogen peroxide; used in hospital surfaces. It is used alone as well as with other chemicals to achieve high level disinfection. It is preferred because it does not cause any allergic reaction like others. 

2. Hydrogen peroxide vapor; use in medical setups and as room disinfectants. 

Ozone; it is a type of gas. It is used to disinfect water, food, laundry, air, surfaces. It is chemically aggressive and destroys many microorganisms. 

Potassium permanganate; it is used to disinfect the aquarium and pools. 

Things you need to disinfect your home 

You need just; 

1. Water 

2. Spray bottle 

3. Clean dry cloth 

The above mentioned things are not so expensive. We need the following remedies with the use of these two things. 

Home remedies to disinfect home 

As we know that disinfectants available in markets are expensive as compared to ingredients present in home. It can keep you, your family and your home healthy. 

Here are some home disinfecting methods which are as follows; 

Soap with water; if your home is not full of germs and you need a home to clean, so water and soap is the best option because it is easily available in your home. 


1. Take hot water and soap in a spray bottle.

2. Spray it on your floors, counters etc. 

3. Clean it with a clean cloth. 

4. It removes all the dirt present in the home. 

Baking soda with water; it is not itself a disinfectant. Baking soda itself is a cleanser when combined with natural ingredients like vinegar. 


1. Make a paste with water 

2. Clean your microwave and refrigerator.

3. Add lemon juice in it for polish. 

4. Add vinegar for opening of drains. 

Tea tree oil; it is a natural extract. It is naturally antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal. It is specially used in skincare and cosmetics. It can also clean your counters, floors, basins, bath, shower etc. 


1. Take water in spray bottle 

2. Put some oil in it 

3. Spray at targeted side 

4. Clean with dry cloth. Cloth gets oily due to tea tree oil. 

5. Use another clean cloth or wash it with detergent to reuse it. 

Hydrogen peroxide; good for household cleaning. It Removes stains from carpets and clothes, it is also good for cleaning teeth. 


1. Take water in spray bottle

2. Add 1 cap of vinegar in it 

3. Add hydrogen peroxide 

4. Spray it 

5. Clean with cloth for carpets 

Do not use vinegar and hydrogen peroxide combinedly because together they make peracetic acid. First apply vinegar and then hydrogen peroxide. 

Vinegar; it is a natural disinfectant and has antimicrobial properties. It is good for cleaning purposes like toilets, glasses, sinks etc. 


1. Take 1 or 2 caps vinegar in spray bottle

2. Spray it 

3. Clean it with cloth or water 

Lemon; lemon is rich in citric acid. It is good for household cleaning.


1. Take water in spray bottle

2. Add half lemon 

3. Add 1 cap old vinegar 

4. Spray it 

5. Clean it with cloth or water

Lemon and vinegar have high acidity levels which help loosen mineral deposits. This cleaner helps remove strong stains like coffee and tea. 

Where to disinfect in home? 

Use disinfectant on anywhere you touch; 

● Light switches 

● Door handles 

● Stair railings 

● Toilet handles 

● Toilet seats 

● Cabinet handles 

● Telephones 

● Remote controls 

● Steering wheel present in car 

● Car door handles (inside and out) and many more 

Difference between sterilization and disinfection 

Disinfection and sterilization are both decontamination processes. Disinfection means eliminating, killing or reducing microorganisms except spores. While sterilization is the process of killing all microorganisms including spores. Mostly used in hospitals for cleaning instruments. 

Before you Leave!

Disinfection means killing the microorganisms like fungi, virus and bacteria except spores. You can use home remedies for disinfecting your home like lemon, vinegar, soap, hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil, baking soda etc. Make sure to wipe the mentioned spaces often with homemade disinfectant recipes that best suit you. 

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