Everything You Need to Know About AMCON Software Before Investing

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Are you somebody who has been hearing a lot about Amcon Software? Thinking of investing in Amcon Software?

Well, you’re at the right place because we have everything that you need to know about this and more! Please keep reading and scrolling till the end of the article to find out all that you need to know about it.

What is AMCON Software? 

 AMCONSOFT is an overall IT provider and counseling organization for market leaders. It is a comprehensive consultant for organizations that form a business in the online world or need to change their processes into an advanced environment.

Established in 2014, AMCONSOFT has introduced 30 worthwhile projects for customers worldwide. They have developed a reputation as a solid provider of complete IT solutions during this time. The primary approach is to sell business solutions to partners.

They combine industry knowledge, technology, and the business objectives of clients. AmconSoft is represented in 5 countries: Ukraine, Ireland, the USA, Canada, and Lithuania

This article is a must-read if you’re searching the web to find out all about Amconsoft as it covers the services offered by Amcon, their expertise, and the industries they focus on. Let’s get into it.

Services Offered by AMCON

1. Custom Software Development: 

AmconSoft – something other than just a software company. It is designed to develop a custom development plan dependent on your unique set of needs.AMCONSOFT Offers Efficient and Customized Software Solutions for Business from Startups to Enterprise.

The core development directions include E-commerce, CRM, ERP, and other platform advancements.

Robotic process automation (RPA) is applied to improve the existing applications for connecting with other computerized systems. 

2. Application Development: 

We offer your business the chance of planning a mobile application or game that will be exceptionally competitive and valuable for clients. Tools used: Swift, Objective-C, Java. 

3. Legacy Software Modernization:

AMCONSOFT helps you with legacy software modernization processes to guarantee a business’ smooth work. I am suggesting the solutions to re-hosting, redesigning, and helping with the app migration. 

4. MVP & PoC Development:

Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and Proof of Concept (POC) development focus on how to approve your most significant assumptions and limit the greatest risks. That will be different for each organization and product. It assists with market research, customer development, idea validation, and product strategy. 

5. Source code review & Audit:

To find code bugs, disclosure violations, or other source code blunders, it is suggested to perform a product source code review and review. The aftereffect of a practical assessment is bug-free, easily maintainable software. The source code audit goals are to detect and explore insights about the hidden security bugs, prevent cyber-attacks, and minimize errors before the final software release. 

Industries That AMCON Focus

1. Supply Chain Management:

It creates custom logistics and supply chain management software that guarantees improved business tasks, enhances the board measures, refines the delivery experience, and cut fleet operational expenses.i.e TMS, WMS, FMS, MES. 

2. Urban Public Transportation:

It creates custom solutions for smart cities to control urban infrastructure portability. It drives towns to the next level with keen parking arrangements, an intuitive fleet management system, last-mile delivery services. The custom solution allows the urban transportation industry to incorporate present-day computerized solutions. It helps modernize the urban transportation industry with client-arranged multimodal intelligent mobility solutions to keep the city moving productively.

3. Tourism & Hospitality:

It helps in customizing software solutions of the traveling industry to oversee business measures, smooth out in-house activities, improve client experience, and other all the more necessities. With AMCONSOFT custom software solutions, travel industries will save time and money on the main operation processes. 

4. Broadcast & Media:

AMCONSOFT gives media streaming software services for various domains. It delivers media streaming app development services promoting education, media and entertainment, travel, and transportation. 

Expertise of AMCON

1. Product Management:

Product management is the foundation of the most successful products. Therefore, AMCON offers help at all phases of product management. Beginning with the arrangement until the result, it takes meticulous care of your venture, so you accomplish your goals. 

2. End-to-end Business Solutions

When dealing with complex services or systems, end-to-end arrangements are regularly cost-effective. End-to-end business solutions can help streamline a business’s presentation and effectiveness by killing the middleman. 

3. IoT & Industry:

It is committed to providing the most stable and flexible approaches. Core areas specialize in healthcare, IT and telecom, Smart devices, banking and financial services, innovative power and utilities, smart cities, and connected infrastructure.  

IoT & Industry

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning:

People can fix their blunders; however, we lose in correlation with machines in operational speed. Scaling up your business, you face the need to at the same time measure a lot of information that comes from various sources.

AI & Machine Learning handle this assignment with profound investigation, sustained learning, and getting the hang of thinking and reasoning. 

Bottom Line 

From all the above information, you are now fully aware of what AMCON is, how and where it is used and how it works according to the unique set of customer needs.

To all the investors out who are looking forward to investing in something that makes their line of work easy, I hope you will make the right choice after reading this.