Goldman Sachs mask; A national mandate mask that lowers the risk of infection rate and helps in economic recovery

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Here is the big question that arises like how? As we all suffer from this coronavirus for few months. Wearing a mask has grown a uniquely hot-button point in the U.S. which discovers itself in the throes of a coronavirus pressure seems to be cruising out of control by the day.  A national mask mandate could reduce viruses and improve the economic comeback, according to a new report from Goldman Sachs. 

Wearing a mask is very necessary for this pandemic. Although there are a lot of masks available in markets. In the US Goldman Sachs recommends a nationwide mask mandate would reduce the germination standard of new coronavirus infections and anticipate a 5% GDP loss produced by additional lockdown actions. 

Why Goldman Sachs suggest this? 

As coronavirus cases spread to record levels, prompting some states to pause or walk back their reopening plans, many lawmakers have called for a national mask mandate. We begin by pointing that a national mandate would likely improve face mask practice meaningfully, mainly in states such as Florida and Texas where masks rest widely willing to date. 

What are the key points for the need for a national mask mandate?

The Goldman Sachs  team tried to investigate the connection among mask usage to defend toward the transmission of droplets that pass on the COVID-19 infection, they are looking at three key elements: 

  1. A US local board in which we compare the increase incidence of viruses and fatalities to the initiation of state face mask mandate
  2. A high country-level cross-section in which we relate cumulative infections and fatalities to the lag between the onset of spread and the introduction of a face mask mandate
  3. A more petite country-level council in which we link the growth rate of infections and fatalities to lagged mask usage.

How national mask mandate helps in recovery?

Decreasing the extent of the virus within mask-wearing, the analysts discovered, could be a replacement for severe lockdown actions that would oppositely save 5%—or $1 trillion—of the U.S. GDP. If a face mask mandate meaningfully reduces coronavirus infections, it could be important not only from a public health view but also from an economic perspective.

How to wear a national mandate mask?

You need to follow these instructions when you put on the national mask follow in the US. 

  1. Before placing on the mask, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water
  2. Inspect for errors in the face mask, such as cuts or irregular loops.
  3. Place the shaded view of the mask outside.
  4. If present, make certain the hard strip or plastic strip is at the head of the mask
  5. Placed upon the link of your nose
  6. Keep the mask by both ear circles  
  7. Put one loop above each ear.
  8. Rust the bendable hard above strip to the appearance of your nose by pressing down on it with your fingers.
  9. Remove the base of the mask over your mouth and chin.
  10. Be certain the mask fits appropriately
  11. If the mask becomes dirty or moist, return it with a different one.

Why there is a need to follow a national mask mandate?

There is a need to follow a national mask mandate due to the protection of yourself and your family from COVID 19. The major symptoms of coronavirus like flu, fever, shortness can only be control if we wear a mask. By following this national mask mandate can improve your health as well as help in the recovery of the state.

Is there a need to wear a national mask mandate everywhere?

So yes this decision is made only for you and your country’s economy. You have to follow this rule everywhere like in public transport, parks, office, schools. Banks. Parks etc. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has developed its mask administration to say Americans should use them in every “public environment when nearby people outside of their household.” It had earlier advised using a mask while at places like grocery shops and pharmacies when social distancing is hard to control.


In a report titled “Face Masks and GDP” the financial giant said a national mask mandate could “partially substitute” for renewed lockdowns that would otherwise subtract nearly five percent from US growth. Based on COVID-19 trends in 125 countries, the report estimated that coronavirus cases grew by 17.3 percent per week without a mask mandate, but only 7.3 percent with a mask mandate. Whether the US should follow European and Asian nations in establishing the mandate is an “essentially political decision,” Goldman said