How To Create a Safe Password? Effective Ways to Make Your Password Safe

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How To Create a Safe Password? Effective Ways to Make Your Password Safe

Creating safe and strong passwords is a bit of an intimidating task, mostly when it is recommended to use a new and unique password for each website you visit. Therefore, you either start using the same password everywhere or create short words using numbers that are related to your life and can be too easy to guess, knowing it’s unsafe and that your personal information can easily be exposed. 

Strong passwords are those that are lengthy – the longer, the better. A strong password consists of a mixture of letters, both upper and lower case, symbols, and numbers, no personal information, no words from the dictionary, and contains at least 11 characters.  

What Are The Effective Ways to Make Your Password Safe?

Cybercriminals use numerous password hacking strategies at their disposal, yet the simplest is to buy them from the dark web. But if you’re smart enough to make your passwords strong, then they have to crack it using Brute force attack, dictionary attack, and phishing.

Thus, you can make your passwords safe using these tactics:

Don’t Create Easy to Guess Passwords:

Set passwords that are unique and hard to guess. Avoid using sequential numbers or letters, and most importantly, do not use ‘password’. Use unique words or phrases that don’t contain obvious or personal information such as your name or DOB. 

Make Sure It Can’t be Brute Force Attacked:

You can use these tactics to secure your password being brute force attacked: 

  • Increase its length: Make your password as long as possible – at least 11 characters. Add letters, numbers, and symbols and mix them up to avoid brute force attacks. 
  • Avoid common replacing: HAckers are experts and can guess the common substitutions. Using DOORBELL or DOORB3LL both can be cracked with the same ease. Instead, use numerals or special characters for replacing. 
  • Avoid using sequential keyboard paths: Don’t use easy-to-guess sequential keyboard paths such as qwerty, asdf, etc. 
Cipher to help you protect your personal information

You can rely on Sky ECC to help you secure your passwords with their amazingly advanced features – providing you with a separate password for each application, and limiting password attempts to help save your account from brute force attack, and Cipher to help you protect your personal information from online and offline attacks.

Make Sure It Can’t be Dictionary Attacked:

Avoid using a single word as your password, instead, add multiple words or use phrases or sentences to confuse this tactic. Such attacks minimize the possible number of guesses to the number of words one may use to the exponential power of the number of words he/she uses. 

Use a Well-trusted Smartphone Application:

Specialized apps help you secure your password and personal info from getting leaked. These apps create a one-time PIN that you need to enter while logging in. These PINs change every 30 seconds on its own. You must follow the instructions to set up Multiple-factor authentication (MFA) for your specific app, however, many applications don’t yet support this MFA method.

Use Sky ECC to help you secure your passwords, providing you with a separate password for each application.

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