How to Get Rid of Beef Curtains Without Surgery? 

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Many women are born with large and often asymmetrical labia and might not experience any discomfort and side effects. It varies from person to person whether they wanna go for labiaplasty or not. If they want a normal size labia without a beef curtain and can be reduced mostly through labiaplasty. 

But how to get rid of beef curtains without surgery? There is no other option developed yet to correct the defect other than surgery (labiaplasty). However, body positivity and a good diet are the better treatment option. 

The vulva is the outer part of the women’s sex organ usually called the beef curtain. Some women have to deal with it and opt for surgery because of a lack of confidence while wearing tight and skinny clothes. 

What are Beef Curtains? 

Women’s vulvas and different organs come in several colors, sizes, shapes, and even with different smells as well. The word beef curtains are used to describe a vulva. It is the outer part of the women’s sex organ. 

The stretched-out and saggy lips are called the beef curtains.  Beef curtains can be pink or brown in color. 

Causes of the Beef Curtain? 

The scientifically proven cause for beef curtains is Children Asymmetrical Labium Majus Enlargement (CALME). Other causes like puberty, pregnancy, sexual abuse need some explanation and have not been proven yet but how to get rid of beef curtains without surgery? All the mentioned causes can be treatable through surgery (labiaplasty). 

What is CALME? 

Children’s Asymmetrical Labium Majus Enlargement (CALME) is a condition in which the one fold of labia has excessive growth other than the other part. It can only be corrected by surgery (labiaplasty). 

What is Labiaplasty? 

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that is performed to reduce the size of the vulva through the removal of excess tissue from the labia majora and/or labia minora mostly the labia minora are changed. 

Do I Need Labiaplasty? 

A minority of women suffer from the medical conditions to opt for labiaplasty. If the beef curtains restrict your exercises, physical activity, and sex so you can visit the doctor and discuss it. 

Another reason for labioplasty is to remove the lump on the women’s sexual organs which can become dangerous and abnormal. How to get rid of beef curtains without surgery? If you have suffered from pain because of beef curtains during the activities so it is good to opt for labiaplasty. 

What is the Average Cost of Labiaplasty? 

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the average cost of a labiaplasty was between $2,800 – $3,100 excluding other medical expenses. The price range for labiaplasty is $2,000 – $6,000

Summing Up: 

Many women suffered from asymmetrical labia without any discomfort. But how to get rid of beef curtains without surgery? A good diet and healthy body positivity can be a better treatment options. If the women have pain and are not able to perform physical activities so they should opt for labiaplasty to correct the lips of the vulva. 

Labioplasty is the removal of excess tissues from the labia majora or labia minora mostly the labia minora are changed.