How to make Hand Sanitizer : Easy, inexpensive homemade hand sanitizer

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If we talk about the current situation like COVID-19, the best precaution we can take is handwashing. 

When soap and handwash are not available the best thing we should use is hand sanitizer. It contains 60 to 70% alcohol. As we know corona virus is spreading rapidly and sanitizers are increasing in price or not available in stores. 

As we know many countries have locked down, so what should we do if we don’t have sanitizer or maybe it’s finished? 

We have a solution for you to make hand sanitizer in your home with a few common ingredients. 

What equipments do you need for making Homemade Hand sanitizer? 

You need;

  • Bowl
  • Spoon
  • Funnel 
  • Bottle 

What ingredients do you need for making hand sanitizer? 

It is very easy to make hand sanitizer in your home in just a few minutes. All you need is; 

● 5-10 drops lavender essential oil 

● 30 drops tea tree essential oil 

● 3 ounces rubbing alcohol 

● 1 ounce pure aloe vera gel 

● 1⁄4 teaspoon vitamin E oil or you can use lemon juice as well 

Steps for making hand sanitizer 

Nothing could be easier! 

Simply mix all the ingredients together. Use funnel to pour your homemade sanitizer into the bottle. 

● Gather your ingredients like rubbing alcohol, aloe vera gel, essential oils 

● Pour it into the bowl 

● Mix it well with a spoon 

● Take bottle 

● Put funnel on the top 

● Carefully pour your sanitizer in the bottle 

● Cover the lid of the bottle 

● Shake it well 

Your homemade hand sanitizer is ready for use 5 times in a day for 30 seconds. 

Tips for hand sanitizer 

● Wipe your counter with diluted bleach before you start preparing it 

● Make sure that the place where you are making sanitizer should be clean 

● Mixing item should be washed before using

● Make sure the alcohol you are using for making hand sanitizer in home should not be diluted 

● Do not touch the mixture with your hand until it is ready for use completely 

● Make sure the ingredients should blend completely 

Effects of ingredients we are using

● As we know alcohol give dryness to the hand so use 60 to 70% of alcohol in sanitizer 

● If you use alcohol in large quantity it causes irritation on your skin 

● The purpose of using aloe vera gel is to protect your hands against the dry effect of alcohol 

● Oils are the natural disinfectant and kill microorganisms 

● Oils give a pleasant smell in your sanitizer 

Is it safe for hands? 

The above mentioned recipes are used by professionals and experts to safely make homemade hand sanitizer. This option is only available when you have an extreme situation and have nothing like soap and handwash. Improper usage of these ingredients causes; 

● Skin injury 

● Skin irritation 

● Skin burns 

● Maybe microbes are not eliminated 

Word of Warning

Homemade hand sanitizer is not recommended for children as it causes greater risk of injury. Keep away from kitchen sides as it is flammable and can cause damage to your house. 

How to use homemade hand sanitizer? 

Follow these steps; 

● Take small amount of homemade sanitizer in your palm 

● Gently rub with your other hand 

● Continue rubbing for 30 seconds including finger gaps, front, back and wrist 

What germs are killed by hand sanitizer? 

Hand sanitizer kills 99% microbes and pathogens like novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. 

It is not effective in killing the following germs like; 

● Norovirus 

● Cryptosporidium 

● Clostridium 

It can not affect greasy or visible dirty hands. Washing hands are more preferable if you have the facility instead of using homemade hand sanitizer. 

Before you Leave!

Sanitizer is also made at home by using ingredients like aloe vera, rubbing alcohol, essential oils. This method is not so expensive as market hand sanitizer. It is only preferable in extreme situations when you don’t have anything else. Use it for 30 seconds on your hands.