Hussain Lakhani Hospital: A Free Private Corona Hospital In Karachi, Pakistan

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Pakistan is one of those countries which have the fastest rate of coronavirus infections, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The first coronavirus case country reported on February 26, 2020, and is now among the top 15 most-affected countries. More than 4,000 people have lost their lives from COVID-19 in Pakistan since the beginning of the outbreak. Moreover, there is a significant shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), ventilators, and isolation rooms in the country.

In a country that is home to 220 million people have just six hospital beds with a capacity of 60,000 people. Where the official government describes a picture of Pakistan’s hospital capacity recorded, only 1,681 critical care beds are currently occupied countrywide, compared with a total capacity of 6,664.

In this pandemic situation, Hunaid Lakhani a founder of Iqra University, head od bait-ul-maal,  Naveed Lakhani a famous businessman, and Zafar Abbas general secretary of JDC foundation start to build hospital named Hussain Lakhani Hospital, where the OPD, treatment, blood test, diagnostic test, and medicine offered free to the coronavirus patient.


Hunaid Lakhani named the hospital after his father’s name because this is their will to establish the best charity hospital of Pakistan for needy people, where any patient got every possible treatment facility from free medication to a free high-level equipment facility and operation. The foundation stone laid down on 30th April 2019.

The hospital began to be built on 15 July 2019 and was completed in 6 months. Its inauguration was held on 18 December 2019, where famous Islami scholar Molana Tariq Jamil taught that “Islam orders us to value humans and don’t divide into sects because hateful nations are doomed. And if you want to be a good person, then serve the servants of Allah and help hin in his misery.”

Hussain Lakhani hospital opens its door for the public and started with ten days of free eye camp and continue medical camp where they run gynae, general, peads, family medicine, and care were provided. 

Up to January, departments that are promoting are ophthalmology, gynae, peads, pharmacy,  physiotherapy, and general, where checkups, prescriptions, and medicines are administered free.    

In 20-25 days, more than 2700 patients reported in which more than 1000 eye patients examined, and 103 got back to back cryosurgery. And in the physiotherapy department, 5-6 patients per day patients approaches and received therapy.

But after the coronavirus outbreak, the hospital closed for at least two months, which was later explained by Hunaid Lakhani to 110 NEWS HD channels.“ Because of the coronavirus and lockdown circumstances and equipment for isolation ward like personal protective equipment (PPE) was not available. Secondly, the waste disposal system and disinfected system also not possible to be quick unless the equipment and Sindh health care commission don’t grant permission.”

Hunaid Lakhani’s statement on 18 March 2020:

Naveed Lakhani, Chairman, Hussain Lakhani Hospital Chairman, along with KMC Director Health Dr Salma Kausar, stated that “coronavirus patients will be treated free of cost in the ward. The state of art isolation ward is already implemented with ventilators, incubators, and other necessary equipment. The hospital will fully support the government in an hour of need.

He also added that the management of the hospital would try its best to facilitate maximum victims. And asked the business community to come front and encourage the government for the noble cause.”

The administration of Hussain Lakhani hospital announces the reopening of OPDs with all directed SOPs, where general physicians and consultants of peads, gynae, and dental care available. 

A revolutionary step for COVID-19 patients: 

In June, Hussain Lakhani’s trust revolutionary comes back with the participation of the JDC foundation, where they assured to provide free of cost ICU, ventilator, oxygen cylinder, and other treatment facilities to COVID-19 patients.   

In this collaboration, Huanid Lakhani said thanks to the JDC foundation and claimed that “he is very hopeful that this foundation will be completed and thousands of people will benefit from it. And also requested people to come and join them in their excellent work.” he also said,” ever since the lockdown began, he has been trying to make the hospital an isolation ward, ICU for coronavirus patient. Still, he has not been able to do so, but now with the JDC support, he will able to succeed, Insha Allah!     

Zafar Abbas, a general secretary of JDC foundation, said that “this is the first surveillance project in Pakistan which has provided its free of cost in coronavirus epidemic like this. And soon, it will be declared the hospital where everything from emergency to ICU will be offered free of charge.”

An agreement has been reached between the JDC foundation and Hussain Lakhani’s trust” that Hussain Lakhani’s trust will pay the salaries of doctors, paramedics, and the cleaning staff. At the same time, the JDC Foundation will buy all the machines and equipment of the hospital. 

JDC’s important services for Hussain Lakhani hospital:

All the services of the JDC foundation are excellent that they try its best to provide their service facility and also arrange a reliable and best quality equipment facility to Hussain Lakhani hospital, which includes; 

And even the smallest items are being provided so that the hospital can start as soon as possible.   

Zafar Abbas interviewed by Urdu point,” we can’t stand that our Pakistani dying,” he said, “that’s why we have started the process of running all hospitals of Karachi that are not running, no matter how expensive the machine is we are putting and provide it. In HUSSAIN LAKHANI HOSPITAL, we are all buying the most expensive and imported machines here.” 

He also declared,” We are not asking anyone from which religion and sect he/she from? We are all human, we are all Pakistani, and we (JDC) are ready to do whatever it takes.”   

Building structure:

Huanid Lakhani told in Ishq-e-Ramzan transmission that” the father bequeathed the land for the hospital, and we had the funds, so we started building.”

Hussain Lakhani hospital is the one hospital that doesn’t have a cash counter, and there is a  reception in the waiting area where people are guided. Community health care is also given to people.

Hussain Lakhani hospital has a 650-bed capacity where 150 beds are ready, and at the end of the year, it will increase up to 350-400 beds or more. One flour of the hospital has six big halls, and each has a minimum of 40-beds capacity. The hospital is well designed, and different departments, laboratories, diagnostic rooms, and operation theatre building will be furnished with the best medical equipment. As Zafar Abbas said,” we are trying our best to manage the best medical equipment. No matter how expensive machinery is, we are buying it and not stopping.” 

A separate place for admission has been made for coronavirus positive patients from where the place will divide into 3 zones;

  • Red zone: for ICU patients.
  • Yellow zone:  for HDU patients.
  • Green zone: an isolation ward.

All these rooms are ready, with the ventilator machine, vitals monitor, ECG machine, defibrillator, and negative pressure. HDU still has eight beds, the ICU has 12, and isolation ward has 25 consecutive beds, and more beds will be arranged soon.  

A mini operation theater also made for the patient who needs emergency treatment. And all restricted rooms or areas are well organized with equipment and have negative pressure ducts.   

A tunnel was made where medical staff members who are treating coronavirus patients wear off their PPE and go out of the hospital clean.

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Hospital team:

The hospital cannot operate without the hospital team because these are the people who build and run the hospital system. Other than Hunaid Lakhani, Naveed Lakhani, and Zafar Abbas, hospital team include;

  • Dr. Kadir Shaikh, who is the head of the hospital and will run the hospital system.
  • Dr. Salman, Dr. M. Yasir Malik( senior physiotherapist), Dr. Syeeda Junaid, Dr. Rabab, Dr. Akhtar are working as a hospital administrator and also hiring more doctors, paramedics staff for working. And this project manager is Dr. Hassan Khurshid.
  • Dr. Mughal Baigh, an eye specialist. And other doctors.

Dr. Rubab has previously worked voluntarily at the Expo Center for coronavirus patients. 

“And all the hospital team requested to other doctors, paramedics, cleaning staff to come forward and support Pakistan in this pandemic situation. And they are ready to give the best salaries, and if anyone wants to work voluntarily, they also welcome them.” 

General questions:

Is there any hope of growing more such hospitals in Karachi?

Yes! Insha Allah, as Zafar Abbas stated to Aaj News TV that”  we have written to the government to give us all hospitals that are closed, we could open it completely, brought our machines so that we could run hospitals for free of cost.”  he also announced that “ he intends to build more hospitals after this hospitals. Inshaa Allah!” And he also requests those people who live in other countries and those who can support them, support JDC foundation or Hussain Lakhani trust for the betterment of Pakistan.

What kind of doctor and paramedics staff they are hiring?

The doctor should be FCPS, MCPS, intermodular trained, qualified, competent, and paramedic staff should have their respective qualification with skills, experience, and competency so that he/she can stand even in the most difficult situation.

Will everything really is free of cost in Hussain Lakhani hospital?

Insha Allah! Everything will be treated here for free, as Zafar Abbas (JDC) and Hunaid Lakhani already said coronavirus test, X-ray diagnostic test, ventilator, bed, everything would be free of charge. 

If the hospital is free of cost, where will the salaries of doctors and paramedic staff, etc., come from?

Hussain Lakhani’s trust will pay the salaries of doctors and paramedics, and Hunaid Lakhani said in Ishq-e-Ramzan transmission that “the hospital can never run on its own. No one man can always drive, so to make this hospital sustainable, we will move to an alternative, such as a charity or medical institute, so that it can continue to move forward. 

Is anyone else helping to build this Hussain Lakhani hospital? And if someone wants to help or donate, how? 

In addition to these two, Hussain Lakhani’s trust and JDC foundation, Head of GFS marketing Mr. Irfan, assured that if any kind of cooperation is needed, they are present. For which Hunaid Lakhani thanked them.  The Head of Haveli restaurant donated a huge amount and also provide food to people of the hospital. Some people are helping. If you want to join or donate: 

How to donate:

Come forward in this hour of tribulation and cooperate with HUSSAIN LAKHANI HOSPITAL and JDC FOUNDATION, you can donate or support in equipment facility, staff salary, or frontline caregivers.


  • Account No.: 1535180(JS Bank).
  • IBAN NO.: PK33JSBL9512000001535180.
  • Feel free to contact for further information, Contact no.: 021-36723218-19


  • Account no.: 1031-0081-011633-01-2
  • Swift Code: BAHL PKKA.
  • Branch address: Bank AL Habib Limited, Gulberg Sub-branch, Karachi, Pakistan.
  • For further information, Contact no: 03440200960, 021-36341059
  • Helpline no.: 1024

For more information you can visit;

Hunaid Lakhani :

JDC foundation:


Hussain Lakhani hospital situated at Allama Rasheed Turabi Rd, opp. Iqra University, Block-B Block B North Nazimabad Town, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 74600. Or in front of Ziauddin hospital.


Pakistan’s situation is different from the US, China, and others, because 25% of our people are in poverty. Punishment falls on the poor because of lockdown. Because of coronavirus, there are no places or beds in a hospital, and where there is, there is so much money that no one can afford it.  

In this situation, the work done by Hussain Lakhani’s trust and JDC foundation is admirable that they set up the hospital, which provides free treatment to poor or needed people. And Insha Allah Pakistan will come out of this plague soon. Insha Allah! The hospital will provide its services soon.

As Dr Rabab said” whenever Pakistan had a bad time, we faced it together. And this is also a difficult time for us for Pakistan, so please go ahead and help all the non-disabled people and those Pakistani who are outside the country, whoever can play their part, do. And soon our hard work will pay off, and we will come out of this pandemic situation, Insha Allah!”