10 Most Expensive High Schools In The World

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As a general rule, the cost of education should be affordable to the average person. But when it comes up to the modern world challenges, the traditional methods of education need to be updated.

The cost of education increase with the use of technology, multimedia, environmental exposure of students. This ultimately increases the education quality as well as its cost.

Why choose the most expensive school?

As per the need of the evolving educational requirement, every parent or guardian wants to select the most expensive school ( in their range of affordability). They are fully convinced with the reality that just like lifestyle or clothing, high-quality education is mandatory for the younger ones.

Parents who are acknowledged with the modern challenges and needs of skill and want to enroll their children in the most expensive schools of the town. 

List of 10 Most Expensive High Schools In The World

A fun fact about the most expensive high schools in the world is that 9 out of 10 schools are located in Switzerland. This reflects the supremacy of high-Quality academic standards of Switzerland that whole the majority of the most expensive high schools in the world. 

1. College Alpin Beau Soleil, Villars-Sur-Ollon, Switzerland   

College Alpin Beau Soleil is listed at the top of the list of the most expensive high schools in the world. This prestigious institution serves as a full boarding school for students aged between 11-18 years old. The school is committed to creating a family atmosphere and home-like boarding experience. 

College Alpin Beau Soleil, Villars-Sur-Ollon, Switzerland
College Alpin Beau Soleil, Villars-Sur-Ollon, Switzerland


Extra curriculum activities include 

  • Educational trips across the world
  • Bird-watching
  • Horse-riding
  • Ice-skating
  • Yoga
  • Boxing

Fee structure

  • Annual fees 111.980
  • Registration fee-CHF 3,000
  • Deposit – CHF 15,000
  • School uniform-CHF 5,950
  • Trips – CHF 6,000 per year

How to Apply

  • Step1: Complete the online application or download the printable version
  • Step 2: You have to submit a refundable admission fee that is CHF 3000
  • Step 3: Complete school entry test
  • Step 4: You will get the confirmation call from the school administration after reviewing your application

For accessing  further information and terms and conditions click here

2. Institut Le Rosey, Rolle, Switzerland 

Le Rosey also known as the school of kings is an incredible academic institution that aims to empower its students with strong academics and exploring the talent in each individual student. This institution provides the opportunity to students to gain excellence in every yield with education like sports, art, music, photography, and so on. It allows the student to explore the natural world and other cultures.

Institut Le Rosey, Rolle, Switzerland 
Institut Le Rosey, Rolle, Switzerland 


  • Buffet breakfast in the morning
  • Hot chocolate in mid-morning
  • Riding stables
  • A sailing center
  • Choice of learning 4 languages for student 

Fee structure

The annual tuition fee of Le Rosey is $113,000 ( including boarding)

How to Apply

  • Step1: Complete the online application form via an online link 
  • Step 2: Submit a copy of your documents including academic records and your medical report prepared by your doctor
  • To access further details click here

3. Aiglon College, Villars-Sur-Ollon, Switzerland  

Aiglon College is evolving educational community that allows the students to start their educational journey with a strong academic foundation. Its unique location and student-friendly environment are heavens for engaging students.

Aiglon College, Villars-Sur-Ollon, Switzerland  
Aiglon College, Villars-Sur-Ollon, Switzerland  


This school provides fun activities like 

  • Rock-climbing,
  •  Camping
  •  hiking
  • Mountaineering

How to apply

Complete an inquiry form as the first step of the application process. Upon completion, a team member will contact you for further continuation of the application process.

4. St George’s International School, Montreux Suisse, Switzerland 

St. George’s International School is established to encourage students to lift their eyes and recognize positive qualities within themselves. It is located at a safe location and gives a peaceful environment to students to gain academic excellence.

4. St George's International School, Montreux Suisse, Switzerland 
St George’s International School, Montreux Suisse, Switzerland 


  • Extracurricular sports club
  • Variety of sports activities
  • Instrumental and vocal tuition
  • Additional music classes
  • Allow students to practice traditional and creative art

Fee structure

Grade/YearEntrance feesTuition package

For weekly boarding and full boarding tuition fee packages, click here

5. Leysin American School, Leysin, Switzerland 

Leysin American School is dedicated to developing innovative, compassionate, and responsible citizens of the world. They are fully committed to educating the next generation of passionate thinkers and leaders by offering a family environment and high standards.

 Leysin American School, Leysin, Switzerland 
Leysin American School, Leysin, Switzerland 


  • Outdoor activities are planets for students including rock and ice climbing, hiking, mountaineering, and more
  • Alpine club adventures
  • Variety of Art courses including Visual Arts, Theater, and Music such as Digital Arts, Theater Arts, and Creative Music.

Fee structure

Admission fee500 CHF
Security deposit8000 CHF
Tuition fee per year99000 CHF
Capital improvement Fund8000 CHF

How To Apply

  • Step 1: Complete the online application form. For this, you have to first signup by clicking here.
  • Step 2: Non-native English speakers have to attempt an English placement test
  • Step 3: Final decision will be made by the school team after receiving full application and evaluation
  • Step 4: The enrollment process will be started after submission of required documents and security deposit payment

The documents required for admission purposes include

  • School transcript from the last 3 years
  • Copy of Passport and Passport Style Photo
  • 3 Teacher Recommendations (English, math, and one additional teacher)
  • Handwritten Student Essay

6. Hurtwood House School, Surrey, UK 

Hurtwood unifies the best factors of the traditional boarding system and creates a unique academic institution. Hurtwood schools provide a traditional, inspirational and safe bridge between school and university. 

Hurtwood House School, Surrey, UK 
Hurtwood House School, Surrey, UK 


  • Media studies
  • Music technology
  • Dance
  • Art
  • Textile
  • Photography

Fee structure

  • Boarding fees per term is £15,171
  • Day fee per term is £10,113

How to apply

  • Students have to contact the school team via the contact form and send them details like their present grades, their interests, the subjects they want to study at A-level, and why they want to come to Hurtwood
  • After consideration by the headmaster of school, the applicant will receive a call for interview.
  • Selection will be made on basis of your academic records and impression of the interview
  • Finally, you have to complete an online application to complete the application process.

7. College du Leman, Versoix, Switzerland 

College du Leman is actually a global community that inspired students towards character development, individual growth academic perfection, and lifelong learning. This school promotes the prime values of internationalism, respect, and a spirit of excellence in its students.

 College du Leman, Versoix, Switzerland
College du Leman, Versoix, Switzerland


  • It allows the students to learn sailing in nearby lakes
  • It permits the students to do exercise in 5,000 square meter gymnasium

Fee structure

Application feeCHF 500
Admission feeCHF 3,800
Security depositCHF 600

School year Fees per grade

Lower SectionsPreschool
2-3 years old22,700
4-5 years old23.780
Secondary EnglishMiddle school
G6-G8/ BIL6-BIL732,760
High school
G11-12 and 1B35,900

How to apply

The four steps of application include 

  • Inquiry
  • Application
  • Acceptance
  • Enrolment

For completing the application form, the following documents are mandatory

  • A scanned passport photo of each student.
  • Scans of both parent and students passports.
  • Prior 1-2 years of academic transcripts 
  • A copy of any psychoeducational assessments for those students with learning support needs.

All essential links and detail  for the application process and further inquiry are mentioned here

8. Brillantmont International School, Lausanne, Switzerland 

Brillantmont International school is one and only in the world. It does not scatter its roots throughout the world and retain its unique identity. This school provide several opportunities to its students to express their creativity and imagination through art

 Brillantmont International School, Lausanne, Switzerland 
Brillantmont International School, Lausanne, Switzerland 


  • It has a well-equipped art center and music studio to polish the potential of students along with academic learning
  • It has a Full-sized gymnasium and outdoor sports activities including tennis, basketball, Zumba, gymnastics, trampoline, volleyball, badminton, and many more.

Fee structure for Boarding students

8th GradeAnnual fees
7-day boardingCHF 77’000
5-day boardingCHF 73’000
9th Grade, 10th GradeAnnual fees
7-day boardingCHF 81’000
5-day boardingCHF 77’000
11th Grade, 12th Grade, post-high school 13th gradeAnnual fees
7-day boardingCHF 86’000
5-day boardingCHF 82’000

How to apply

The application procedure consists of the following 4 steps:

Step 1:

The family complete the documents below and send the completed forms to us by email to: admissions@brillantmont.ch

Step 2:

The family pay the registration fee of CHF 1’600 (this is non-refundable)

Step 3:

The school sends the Admissions tests in Mathematics and English.

Step 4:

The school may require you to send further information or to have a Zoom interview.

9. Think Global School 

Think Global school or TGS set their values from cultures around the world, Its vision is to explore the four corners of the globe for motivation, inspiration, and wisdom TGS administration strives to teach and inspire.

Think Global school or TGS
Think Global school or TGS

Fee structure

The total cost for a student to attend THINK Global School is $94,050


  • Allow their students to travel globally and explore the world
  • TGS does not restrict learning to the classroom but purely gives global exposure
  • Allow the students to do research and document the world with passion and wisdom
  • It encourages students to see the world with their own eyes and learn with practice instead of just being a bookworm.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The candidate must be 18 years old or younger than 18 years. If students turn 19 years prior to their TGS graduation date, they will be disqualified.
  • Students can only take admission in grade 10 or 11 to complete the requirements of TGS, that is a minimum of 2 years of coursework.
  • Candidate must have strong academic qualifications and curiosity to explore the secrets of the world

How to apply?

Click on the inquiry form to start your application process


  • 3 September 2021 for Early Decision
  • 1 January 2022 for Regular Decision

10. The American school, Ticino, Switzerland 

The American School in Switzerland belongs to the family of an international school with additional campuses in England, Puerto Rico, and Portugal. It is established with a mission to promoting the skills of lifelong learning with character development 

 The American school, Ticino, Switzerland 
The American school, Ticino, Switzerland 

Fee structure

GradesTuition fee in CHF currency
Middle and high school90,000
Grades 9-12 and PG49,250
Grades 7–8CHF 46,650
Grade 6CHF 42,250
Kindergarten-Grade 5CHF 31,250
Pre-Kindergarten (ages 3 and 4)CHF 26,000
One-Time Campus Enhancement Fund(starting in grade 1)+CHF 5,000


  • TASIS school combines a challenging academic program with opportunities for artistic endeavor, physical activity, and service to others
  • TASIS promotes values of personal responsibility, civility, compassion, justice, and truth in its students.

How to apply

  • As  a beginner, log in first by clicking the link
  • If you have already log in then you can continue your application process by clicking here
  • Students must submit the following documents with their application:
  • Citizenship and family information
  • Academic transcripts
  • Student and Parent Statements
  • Teacher recommendations
  • Standardized testing results (as needed)
  • English Language Proficiency test (for non-native speakers)

Summing Up

Here we finally accomplish a brief overview of the 10 expensive high schools in the world. Beginning from school introduction to the procedure of application, we listed the most important facts about each and every school. This detailed guide will definitely serve as a helping hand for students to get all information at one place about the most expensive high school in the world.