Roadmap On How To Become Pediatrician In Pakistan

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One of the most respectable and best professions to earn good pay is becoming a doctor in Pakistan. This is the reason why it’s almost every student’s dream to become a doctor. Do you have the same wish? However, do you know how to become a pediatrician in Pakistan? Here I have composed everything in this matter.

 After reading this entire post, you will come to thoroughly understand this query, including; study duration, what subject you need to become a doctor, and course degree details.

 It is perhaps the most difficult examination in Pakistan, and an enormous number of students pursue their careers in medical fields after eighth class. After that, students take admission in FSc pre-medical or A level with medical majors. This means students need to pass their initial entry test, such as the MCAT test in Pakistan.

Keep on reading this post and come to think about how to become a pediatrician in Pakistan.

Steps to make-up a study plan

These are the most initial steps to make up a study plan to take admission in Medicine from school to college and from college to university. 

  • Set an aim!
  • Complete Matriculation with Biology or O-levels with Medical Subjects.
  • Complete FSC with Biology or A-Levels With Medical Majors.
  • Prepare for the Medical Entry Test.
  • Apply to Medical College.
  • Choose your Preference.
how to become pediatrician in pakistan

1. Set an aim

The initial step is to aim that you genuinely want to be a pediatrician or are you forced by your parents to turn into a doctor. Everything that anyone wants to achieve must have a plan about what to perform? Furthermore, how to achieve it? Once you have a plan in your mind, it will be simple to achieve your goal. It is the initial step for how to turn into a doctor in Pakistan.

2. Medical fields after Inter/A-levels 

  • Bachelors of Medical Bachelors of Surgery (MBBS)
  • Bachelor of Dentistry (BDS)
  • Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D)
  • Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT)
  • BSc Nursing
  • DVM (Veterinary Medicine)

Besides these, there are a lot of medical fields after FSC pre-medical which you can choose for yourself. 

3. Matriculation with Biology

Every individual who wants to turn into a paediatrician in Pakistan must have done Matriculation with science because without having essential information, nobody can do specialization. Students who have done their Matriculation with arts or computers won’t be permitted to do FSC Pre-Biology. It is additionally required for students to get good marks in Matriculation to get admission to any great college. 

4. FSC pre-medical

As you have chosen to turn into a paediatrician and need to join the medical field, you must do FSC in Pre-medical or Science. Without clearing FSC pre-medical, no student will get admission in the medical field for higher education.

FSC is the most important because it plays a significant part in the entry. So if your FSC exams are closer, gear up and give your best shot!

5. Entry test

In Pakistan, medical institutes are not many; however, students are more in number. Subsequently, there is intense competition in this field. To pick the best student for the medical field, colleges arrange an entry test.

If you are from Punjab, you need to plan and pass MDCAT, and if you are from KPK, you ought to apply for the ETEA test.

These tests are mandatory for admission in government universities and some private medical universities. Some Medical organizations additionally take their entrance test or accept NTS NAT-1 for access.

6. Apply in a medical college

After all of this, you have to apply to a medical college. You have options for both Government as well as Private Medical Universities, each having its own criteria. These Universities conduct entry tests before the announcement of results, and that is why you have to be alert and apply within due time to secure a place for yourself.

Remember to apply to most of the Medical Universities from both the Private and Government universities you may never know where you get admission.

7. Choose your preference

In the end, you need to pick in which field you would like to do specialization. Students can pick MBBS, BDS, Pharm. D or some other medical course to turn into a future pediatrician in Pakistan. It is likewise an important step to turn into a doctor in Pakistan since the wrong subject’s choice may result in failure.

Students can follow these step-by-step approaches and fulfill their dream to turn into a pediatrician in Pakistan. These are the fundamental steps to becoming a pediatrician in Pakistan.

After following all the steps as mentioned earlier correctly and choosing the subjects of your preference, finally, you step into the world of Medicine, where you start figuring out about the course structure, recognizing the course, job opportunities that are offered worldwide, and the amount provided to doctors for the services offered.  

Course structure and recognition of the course

The course structure circulates around the following subjects:

  • Anatomy 
  • Physiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Pathology
  • Biochemistry
  • Community health sciences

One needs to get familiar with  the various systems of the human body such as 

  • The Respiratory system
  • Central Nervous system 
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Digestive System and so on. 

The examination is on a semester basis relying on the Medical university you go to. Clinical training is likewise a piece of your course structure that usually occurs in the last two years.

This medical course is recognized all over Pakistan; after finishing your five years of studying and one year of internship, you become a recognized doctor all over Pakistan and can practice legitimately. 

Anyway, similar to the case for each country to work on being a doctor or being a practising doctor in a foreign country, you would need to give an extra test to meet all the requirements. For instance, to practice in Canada, you would need to get through a Canadian Medical department test. The same approach to practice in the US requires taking a test known as USMLE, which has three stages or three modules that you need to pass.

Job opportunities

There are various job opportunities for doctors of Pakistan, particularly the ones that practice. If you practice from a reputed teaching hospital abroad, your odds of getting a generously paid doctor’s work increases extraordinarily. There are opportunities for Pakistani Doctors broadly and outside the nation, as in the US, UK, and Canada.


An individual working as a Physician – Pediatrics in Pakistan ordinarily earns around 196,000 PKR each month. Pay rates range from 102,000 PKR (lowest) to 301,000 PKR (highest). 

This is the average month-to-month pay, including housing, transport, and different advantages. Doctor – Pediatrics salary fluctuates radically depending on experience, abilities, gender, or area.

The Chart Below gives you an idea regarding the incomes of various Paediatricians at different stages. 

An Entry-Level Pediatrician (1-3 years of experience)Average Income: Rs 2,529,324
A Senior-Level Pediatrician (8+ years of experience)Average Income: Rs 4,845,332

Bottom line

This is a roadmap that you need to follow to become a doctor in Pakistan. I’m hoping you are fully aware of all the procedures you need to bear in mind. Just remember, Medicine takes an extensive amount of passion, combined determination, and hard work.

If you want to be a part of this uphill battle, keep in mind that the slope is steep, and the journey will require years, yet toward its end, it’ll be all worth it.