Termites Harmful for Human!

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Termites Harmful for Human!

Termites – a small pale insect that is known to cause harm to wood and other household items.

These crawling winged insects do not directly harm humans in any way but constant exposure to them might result in allergic reactions or even asthma. 

Is Termites Harmful for Human Really !!!

Here’s the thing, these insects don’t bite us but they cause major damage to our belongings since they feed on wood like timber, oak-wood and therefore, will ruin our furniture. This is why we should be trying to protect our houses from these insects. This means that they will do anything to get access to our house, but

How exactly do they enter our premises?

Termites Harmful for Human

Let alone their attraction from wood, termites are drawn inside from moisture, and cracks in the building exterior. This calls for a house inspection to make sure that you don’t have any cracks or openings in your house which could give them access to your territory. 

Do you know that you might also accidentally bring these insects inside in firewood or unattended lumber? So don’t just grab any wood you see lying around!

These crawling creatures now have access to your house and they do not plan on leaving any time soon. 

How To know if house is under termites attack or not?

So far we know that termites feed on wood. So if your house is under attack by termites, you will find holes in your furniture where they would have already replenished their hunger. If you tap on the wood and it sounds hollow, it means that these creatures have already had their feast there too.

They can also go ahead to damaging your wall. There will be small pin-like holes on the walls where termites have eaten through the paper coating on the wall.

 If you find cracks on the baseboard and notice that it can not withstand the pressure, then it’s probably because it has been under attack by the termites and they made it hollow from the inside.

 Faint lines and peeling paint on the walls and damp flooring and ceiling give the same indication.

Your house is under attack and it doesn’t seem to stop. What are you going to do about it?

Before we figure out a solution to this problem, let’s take a look at termite bites and what precautionary measures can be taken 

Do termites bite humans?

It is very rare for a termite to bite a human because they do not possess the teeth for that. Termites feed on wood and other plant-based material. 

If ever there is a threat of a termite bite, it is only from the soldier species of termites, and that too very rarely. However, even if they do, it is likely to be a small bump that you would rarely notice. 

This means that at least we are safe from any kind of direct threat from these pests. Phew!

Are there any home remedies for termite bites?

Even though it is unlikely that you would have a major termite bite, if you have been around a termite nest and are worried that it might have gotten to you, you don’t have to worry about it. Just carry out these steps for precautionary measures

  • Wash the infected area with water
  • Apply ice for discomfort and irritation
  • If the infected area itches even after a day, apply any anti-irritation cream
  • If there is increased swelling or pain after two days, you should consult a doctor because chances are that the bite is not from a termite but another pest that could be harmful and dangerous.

Can you sleep in a room with termites?

The answer to this question is yes! Yes, you can sleep in the same room as the termites. It is clear by now that these pests will not infect us in any situation, so our health is safe.

But don’t let the bedbugs bite! 

Do termites bite clothes?

Termites feed on plant-based material, and the fabric of our clothes such as cotton and linen comes from plants. This means that this fabric contains cellulose which termites are always ready to feast on.

This means that if they get access to our wardrobes then we have to say goodbye to our favorite clothing because it will soon be a snack for the termites. 

How to get rid of termites?

You know that your house is infested with termites and you need to get rid of them or you will be left with no ceiling to live under!

First, you would want to get your house checked by a pest removal expert and then carry out important procedures to protect your house from any further damage. 

A pest removal expert would generally make use of chemical applications around the house which would also prevent more of these species from attacking the house. These chemicals mainly include fipronil and hexaflumuron.

You can also use boric acid on the floors and walls as borate is a famous termite repellent and set up termite baits to keep them away.  

Another repelling agent is mint. Termites hate the strong smell of mint and try to get away from it and hence mint can be used to get rid of termites effectively. 

Another natural way to get rid of termites is by using orange and neem oil. Orange contains a substance called limonene which instantly kills these pets if contact is made. Likewise, neem oil shows its best result when it is injected by the termites. 

You should leave both of these near the affected active area and patiently wait for the result. 

Once you have secured your house from these pests, you must carry out measures to make sure that they do not invade your house again in the future. 

Make sure that all cracks in your building exterior are cemented and covered and keep the area around your house dry because termites love to step up their colonies in dense humid places. 

Important: if you spot termites inside your house, don’t try to get rid of them yourself with the regular household fly sprays. Termites have strong survival instincts and if they sense disruption they will instantly move to another spot and the damage to your house will increase. 

By now you are well aware of what precautionary measures to take to protect your house from damage by these pests. If you don’t have any termite infection in your house, still take precautionary measures and make sure all cracks are repaired for the near future. 

So, Is Termites harmful for human ? probably not as for your body or health but may cause you some financial loss for your furniture and staff.