Top 20 Quick Certifications That Pay Well

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Do you prefer a raise in pay, a rapid promotion, or to move forward in your present position? If your answer is yes, then obtaining a quick certification that pays well is the ideal alternative for you. Certificate programs can help you improve all of your talents and prior experiences that are required to execute a job successfully.

If college isn’t a practical or financially feasible choice for you, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a well-paying job or that you shouldn’t strive to enhance your knowledge. You might want to think about enrolling in a certificate program.

Currently, some of the finest institutions are offering outstanding certifications for students to enroll in. During COVID, they may simply study from the convenience of their own home. You can also apply for the courses without having to leave your work. This is amazing!

Throughout this article, we will highlight a list of the greatest and most well-known quick certifications that pay off well. Analyze the list and choose which of these certifications is ideal for you.

Why Should You Go For a Quick Certification?

As we define the term certification, it refers to short-term training courses that are often completed in less time. It’s a big mistake to compare it to a degree program. They are both different from one another. As a result, these quick certifications are short-term courses that allow you to improve your skillset and get a job faster.

What Should You Look for in a Quick Certification that Pay Well?

Choosing a quick certification is not a simple process for newbies. The idea behind this approach is to acquire a new skill in order to broaden your knowledge. You must also select a certification depending on your skill proficiency. If you look around, you can discover a variety of on-campus and online programs. However, only a handful of these is worth studying.

CareerOneStop Certification Finder can assist you in choosing the appropriate certification. Additionally, you can seek advice from your current employer. Make contact with anyone you know who has already received the certification. The most crucial step is to choose an institution that has been accredited by the US Department of Education or that has been certified by the Higher Education Council.

What is the Estimated Time Frame for Quick Certifications?

When it comes to duration, it varies from one certification to another. Some institutions will give certification in as little as 5 weeks, while the rest may take up to a year to complete.

How Much Does the Quick Certification Cost?

The certification fee will be determined by the program to which you are applying. There are some classes that are completely free. Despite the fact that the certification will cost anywhere from $2,400 to $15,000! There will be some additional costs associated with acquiring course materials and textbooks.

What is the Quickest Certification to Get?

Earning a certification is a good investment for many working professionals. Certifications provide a variety of benefits that might assist you in moving up in your chosen industry.

Understanding how to incorporate these basic credentials into your resume will help you grow in your career.

Depending on your industry and career, there are a variety of credentials you may consider adding to your CV.

Human Resources Certifications, on the other hand, are the quickest and easiest to obtain in 2021.

Other quick certifications that pay well for various jobs and sectors are as follows:

  • Language Certification 
  • Information technology (IT) certifications 
  • First aid certifications 
  • Software Certifications 
  • Notary Public Certifications 
  • Marketing Certifications 
  • Project management certifications 
  • Government certifications 
  • Programming Certifications 
  • Forklift operator license 

List of High-Paying Online Quick Certifications

There has been a spike in demand for online certifications in recent years. There has been a boost in interest during the pandemic. These online certifications courses focus on a small skill set that is in high demand across a variety of sectors. They usually take six months to a year to finish in most cases. They’re also affordable, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money to get ready for a well-paying job. Individuals who take these courses can gain useful skills that can help them find work fast or advance in their existing jobs.

We’ve put together a selection of affordable and rewarding online certificate programs. The following are examples of online certificate programs:

  • Audio and sound technicians- average annual income is $33,526; average programme cost is $2000.
  • Architectural and civil drafter – average annual salary: $45,500; average course cost: $2000
  • Building Inspector – $53,725 average annual pay; $2,000 average programme cost
  • Average annual income for restaurant management: $55,084; average programme cost: $1500
  • Industrial Engineering Technician – $47,796 average annual salary; $4000 average programme cost
  • Average annual income for a court reporter is $58,413; average programme expense is $5500.
  • Massage Therapist – Average annual compensation is $52,379, with a programme cost of $4000.
  • Average annual income for a dental assistant is $39,265; average programme cost is $4,000.
  • Mechanic for Heavy Vehicles and Mobile Equipment – Average annual salary: $55,120; average course cost: $6000
  • Computer Support Specialist – Annual average income of $60,620; average course cost of $4000
  • Average annual income for a real estate broker is $100,514; average programme cost is $2000.
  • Sheet Metal Worker – Annual Average Salary: $38,039; Annual Average Program Cost: $1000
  • HVAC Technicians – Average annual income is $42,602; average programme cost is $2600.
  • Average annual income for a bookkeeper is $44,044; average course expense is $1500.
  • Industrial Engineering Technician – $47,796 average annual salary; $4000 average course cost. 

List of Quick Certifications that Pay Well 

Now, without wasting any time, let’s go right into a review of some of the most well-known quick certifications that pay well in 2021:

#1 Phlebotomy Tech

Choosing phlebotomy tech as a professional path to a successful job in the field of healthcare is the ideal option for you. A Phlebotomy Tech’s primary responsibility is to collect individual blood for testing and to participate in blood donation drives.

In addition, phlebotomists now have a variety of job options. A few of the finest alternatives include labs, medical clinics, and donation facilities.

  • The average annual wage is $32,710.
  • The duration of the programme is around 1-2 months.
  • Career Prospects: By 2025, it is anticipated to increase by 25%.

#2 Surgical Technology

This is a certificate program that has traditionally been one of the most difficult to complete. In the operating rooms, you’ll see a large number of surgical technology specialists. They are in charge of setting up operation theatres, arranging all of the equipment, and assisting physicians during difficult procedures.

  • The annual salary is about $47,300.
  • The program duration is limited to two years.
  • Employment Opportunities: By 2028, it will have increased to about 13%.

#3 Industrial Engineering Technology

The certification of Industrial Engineering Technology is next on our list! Professional experts will help industrial engineers in this sector, as well as update operating techniques at various manufacturing plants and other industrial locations.

Their primary responsibility is to help the seniors in updating operation techniques, arranging equipment plans, and ensuring the smooth functioning of the plant.

  • The annual salary is $55,460.
  • The program’s working method is online.
  • Job prospects: By 2028, it is anticipated to have increased to 35%.

#4 Web Development

The next certification on our list is web development, which is another popular one right now. Web developers are like magicians who will make your website more appealing and classy. They will assist you in creating a website that meets your needs and desires.

They will also assist you in keeping a continual eye on the performance, capacity, and speed of your website. Web developers might operate as freelancers or as employees of web development companies or web design departments.

  • The annual salary is $69,430.
  • The program’s working method is online.
  •  Job prospects: By 2028, it is anticipated to increase at a rate of 13%.

#5 Physical Therapy Assistant and Aide 

We have a Physical Therapy Assistant and Aide course, which is well-known for providing the best course for obtaining quick certification that pays well. This is an excellent job option because it requires no formal education.

These specialists will collaborate with experienced physical therapists in treating patients with injuries and discomfort in their bodies. By enrolling in this certification, you will be able to enter the healthcare industry. Work as a compassionate nurse or in an outpatient clinic to advance your career.

You have the option of working part-time or full-time. After you’ve completed your certification, you’ll need to get a license in the state before you can legally operate as a therapist.

  • The average income is $45,290.
  • The duration of the programme is one month.
  • Career Opportunities: By 2028, it will have increased to 25%.

#6 Flight Attendant

Consider becoming a flight attendant if you want a job that allows you to travel. As a flight attendant, your job includes serving food and beverages to passengers as well as providing assistance. You will have the option to travel across the world for free, and because of the constant travel, you will have a variable schedule in this profession, which may include nights, weekends, and holidays.

  • $48,500 is the average salary. 
  • 3 week programme
  • Career prospects: A 10% rise is expected, which is faster than average.

#7 Pharmacy Technician Professional

Another well-paying qualification is that of a pharmacy technician. These individuals operate under the direction of a pharmacist to assist in the preparation and filing of medical prescriptions.

They manage the majority of client interactions, with the exception of drug explanations, which are handled entirely by the pharmacist. Drugstore technicians might work in a retail pharmacy or in the health sector.

  • Annual salary: $30,753
  • Duration of the programme: 24 weeks
  • Jobs are expected to rise at a significantly faster-than-average rate of 13% by 2028.

#8 Certified Electrician

If you want to work in the power industry, you can enroll in a short, well-paid electrical course. Installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical wiring in houses and/or buildings is the responsibility of an electrician.

Their responsibilities also include the monitoring of electrical systems, smart devices, cameras, and other devices. As an electrician, you will be required to work in a variety of locations and jobs, as well as in high temperatures, in order to complete a project. It’s one of the quickest and most lucrative certificates to obtain.

  • Salary: $52,720 
  • Duration of the programme: 4 months
  • Career Prospects: Expected to grow by 9%, which is about average.

#9 Makeup Artist (Theatrical and Performance)

This is, without a doubt, the highest-paying quick certification program. Makeup is applied to actors in theatrical and performance settings to reflect the place, time, and situation of the parts.

You can cooperate with film and video production businesses, as well as performing arts groups and personal care service providers.

  • The typical annual salary for makeup artists (theatrical and performance) is $106,920, with top earners earning more than $157,680.

#10 Massage Therapist

Massage therapists stimulate the muscles of patients to relieve pain, reduce tension, and assist in the healing of injuries. You may become a professional and study more than 80 different forms of therapy by completing a certificate course. While you can earn a certification in less than two years – and perhaps weeks – you’ll probably want to do it correctly and study something more demanding.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most courses need at least 500 hours of study, with some requiring 1,000 or more hours.

  • Two years is the average time it takes to get a certificate.
  • $42,820 seems to be the average salary.

#11 Behavioral Technician Specialists

Behavioral Technician Specialists work in mental health institutions, medical clinics, schools, and child development centers, among other places.

They partner with Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) to make the most significant improvements in a patient’s life.

Their duty is to develop treatment programs for autistic people. While capturing and evaluating data, they teach youngsters language and communication skills, as well as everyday life skills.

  • Annual salary: $31,522
  • Length of Program: 11 Weeks
  • Career Prospects: From 2018 to 2028, employment is expected to rise by 22%, significantly faster than the overall average.

#12 Professional Healthcare Coder

A Professional Coder compiles and examines a patient’s medical data before assigning codes to diagnoses and treatments.

Their job is to prepare coded data for healthcare insurers or for research purposes. They are most commonly found in hospitals and other medical institutions.

  • $32,670 is the average salary.
  • The programme lasts for 20 weeks.
  • Career prospects: Expected to grow 20% quicker than average.

#13 Real Estate Broker

With the proper expertise and skill set, real estate agents have the potential to make six figures. A high school diploma or equivalent is all that is required to become a real estate broker, however, a college degree in a related subject may be helpful. A few seminars and tests are required to obtain your real estate certification.

Compared to a typical four-year college, the courses and examinations are significantly less expensive and time-consuming. Although state requirements differ, many institutions offer real estate certificate programs, both online and in-person.

Real estate brokers make money by selling homes and completing transaction paperwork, as well as assisting homeowners through the process.

To be successful in this role, you must be able to work flexible hours and have excellent interpersonal skills.

  • Average salary per year: $71,287 
  • Course Duration: 6 months 

#14 Personal Trainer

Personal training is a lucrative profession that may be further enhanced by expanding your client base, working for a high-paying business, or instructing higher-paying clients.

Many personal trainers have expertise in exercise science, nutrition, and other relevant disciplines, and they will need certifications to teach physical fitness techniques to customers. 

  • Average salary: $21 per hour
  • For personal training, there are three-month certificate programmes, six-month certificate programmes, and various short certificate programmes available. There are also some online certificate programmes that mix print, online, and in-person instruction.

#15 Hearing Aid Specialists

This is one of the quick certifications that pay well without a bachelor’s degree. Conducting numerous hearing tests to determine the amount of a patient’s hearing loss is one of your responsibilities.

Based on the test findings, you will next propose the best hearing aid. You can also assist with the insertion of the gadget into the patient’s ear.

  • Their typical yearly pay is $52,630, with the top earners earning more than $81,170.

#16 HVACR Technicians

A certificate program in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) takes at least 6 months to finish, and higher levels can take up to 2 years.

It is one of the quick certifications that pay well, with an average yearly income of $53,410.

The following are some of the responsibilities of an HVACR technician:

  • Furnaces cleaning
  • refrigerant lines insulation
  • Pipe cutting and soldering
  • Electric system inspection and installation
  • Repairing or replacing worn-out components in air conditioning systems.

#17 Bookkeeper

As a bookkeeper, you’ll be in charge of keeping track of a company’s money. You’ll audit records and keep track of purchases and receipts. You’ll also ensure that payroll is performed correctly and on schedule. Journal entries, closing books, and keeping electronic records of financial transactions are all examples of additional tasks. This is one of the greatest qualifications to get if you care about your money.

  • Average Salary: $42,410 
  • Course Duration: 5 months
  • Career Prospects: Expected to Fall by 6%

#18 Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Diagnostic medical sonographers are operators of imaging equipment that assist doctors in obtaining clear images of their patients’ interior organs. Students who get certificates learn how to correctly create ultrasound reports and examine them for errors. 

  • Sonography certification can be obtained in 15 to 21 months after graduating with a CAAHEP-accredited degree. 
  • Diagnostic medical sonographers make a good living, earning an average of $70,380 per year, or $33.84 per hour.

#19 Paralegal

Individuals who want to start a career as a paralegal can get an online degree in paralegal studies. These courses are available to those who are already working as legal professionals and want to improve their abilities.

They develop the abilities and professional competencies that the profession requires. Legal writing, reasoning, research abilities, legislation, legal tools, and technology are among them.

Students will be ready to sit for the CLA/CP test and begin working as paralegals. They are capable of working in a variety of legal contexts as well as associated companies.

  • Average Annual Salary: $52,920

 #20 Dressmaking and Design: 

Whether you want to work as a tailor for a large clothing company or launch your own clothing line, the skills you’ll need (from fabric selection to working with it to caring for it) may be taught through a certification program at your local college.

  •  If you enjoy designing clothes and want to earn between $25,000 and $60,000 (or more if you launch your own clothing line), a dressmaking degree is the right fit for you.


Lastly, there are several other quick certifications that pay well without requiring a four-year degree. Don’t just sit at your desk for years in the same position. Accept the challenge and work towards the certifications.

There are a variety of certifications that pay well; you can get started with the ones on our list by following the instructions.

Your passion, interest, future job prospects, and financial capabilities are the most crucial factors to consider. These courses might serve as a stepping stone to more advanced positions.