Top 5 Medical Student Podcasts Every Medical Student Must Hear

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The medical industry is always expanding, with new technologies and approaches being introduced. Apart from that, it’s evident that medical podcasts are both useful and interesting due to the stories told by the professionals and the exciting industry news.

As you may be aware, podcasts have been around for a while, but there has lately been a podcast boom. It’s even been called the “podcast renaissance” by some. It’s similar to listening to the radio in the old days, but now you get to choose the topic you want to hear about.

Continue reading to learn about the greatest medical podcasts, so you can remain up to date on everything that’s going on in the field.

Medical students should listen to the following podcasts:

These podcasts are a must-listen for anybody interested in learning more about the medical field and how it influences many elements of a student’s life. These podcasts offer anything from unique medical discoveries to educational recommendations. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular medical student podcasts below.

  • Beside Rounds
  • 2 Docs Talk
  • The Undifferentiated Medical Student 
  • Outside The Box 
  • The Short Coat Docs 

Beside Rounds: 

Each session of the podcast, hosted by Adam Rodman, lasts 20 minutes and describes the tale of the host’s experiences as a medical student. The host’s funny narrative style is what attracts listeners to this podcast. The episodes are informative as well as amusing. The majority of the stories are on social and cultural events that influenced healthcare in some way. Each episode delves into historical and philosophical details.

Adam Rodman is now a Harvard Medical Educator, but his podcast with the American College of Physicians is still going strong.

2 Docs Talk: 

Kendall Britt, MD, a practicing hospitalist, and Amy Rogers, MD, a Dallas medical journalist, host the podcast 2 Docs Talk. The podcast has a 15-minute run duration. In addition, this program includes healthcare-related news. The hosts discuss the characteristics of a good doctor-patient relationship.

The Undifferentiated Medical Student: 

This podcast is for students interested in learning about different medical specializations. From pediatrics to sleep medicine, there’s an episode for every medical student who wants to figure out what they want to do next. The podcasts feature interviews with doctors from various specialties who discuss their daily routines, the specialization’s course, and what students should expect.

Outside The Box: 

Dr. Nii Darko aspired to be a doctor since he was a child, but he quickly realized that the road to becoming a doctor was not simple. As a result, he began gathering accounts from doctors who were active in non-traditional medicine. That is how Docs Outside the Box was born.

These physicians worked as battlefield medics, humanitarians, and TV doctors. The must-listen podcast tells the experiences of healthcare professionals who go above and beyond in their work outside of the exam room. As a result, this podcast is a must-listen for students who want to be motivated by experts who have advanced their medical degrees.

The Short Coat Docs: 

The Short Coat is a great podcast to listen to whether you’re thinking about going into medicine or if you’ve already started. This podcast, hosted by Dave Etler and students from the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, gives you a glimpse into the life of medical students. It delves further into the social side of medical students’ lives.

Summing Up: 

Take your choice from our favorite medical podcasts whether you’re driving to work, taking a rare coffee break, or searching for something to listen to while preparing supper… 

So that was all there was to it when it came to Medical Student Podcasts. We hope you found this list helpful and that you would listen to any of the items on it to learn more about the legal profession.