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How And Why Is Water Important?

60% of the human body is water-based. A simple question commonly asked is “how much water do I drink in a day?” There are various studies that claim various recommendations. However, the water percentage one should consume depends on a lot of factors like health, weight, BMI, physical activeness, your environment, etc.

Water is essential for our body to keep functioning as water drains out toxins from the body, helps digestion of food, helps nutrients transmission, and many others. A human body can survive a period of two to three weeks without food, but without water, it can hardly last for about three to four days. Your body gets dehydrated(lack of water consumption) which causes seizures and you can even faint. 

Each human body functions differently. It depends on how the body reacts to certain fluids or meals. Water is easily drained out of our body through sweating, breathing, or urinating hence it is said to drink a lot of water to keep yourself fresh both; physically and mentally.

Different doctors have different opinions about how much water a person should consume in a day. An average recommended amount is about eight-ounce glasses 2 litres/ half a gallon per day. Some even recommended having small sips of water after every few minutes regardless of being thirsty or not.

However, a proper and accurate amount can only be determined based on your body type. Keep reading to learn more about how body type affects water consumption and why water consumption is important.

Water: What You Need To Know

This piece of article covers a lot about water consumptions, factors affecting it, and the benefits.

How Much Water Should I Consume?

The 8×8 rule is pretty common, however, it is not true. Water consumption depends upon the body type of a person. It can vary from person to person.

Knowledgeable fact: about 20% of your body water requirements are fulfilled by the food you consume.

Normally, For men 13 cups/ 3 liters of water is recommended by IOM (Institute of Medicine). For women, a total of 9 cups/ 2 liters of water is recommended. For a pregnant woman a total of 10 cups, and for a breastfeeding mother, about 12 cups.

These fluids can be in the form of juices, beverages, from a food, or just simple water. 

You can also use a water calculator.

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Factors Affecting Water Consumption

The season:

Human body requires a larger quantity of water in summer or warm environments as compared to winters or cold environments.

Health Type

In case you are sick or unwell, and keep vomiting or have diarrhea you need to increase your water consumption as the body keeps losing fluids through sickness. For long term sickness like diabetics, you need to consume a lot of water.

Physical Activeness

If you have a job that requires a lot of physical work, or you have to stand/ move around. You need to increase your water consumption.

Diet Plan

Body loses water through urine or sweat. If you like eating meals that are spicy or salty, you will have to drink more water. Even if you consume a lot of caffeinated drinks, you have to drink more water as such drinks make you urinate a lot.

Pregnant Or Breastfeeding

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers need to increase water consumption to stay hydrated all the time. If not, they can feel dizziness or seizures that is not good for both; the mother and the baby.

Kids Water Consumption

A child’s water consumption to depends on many factors including age, height, weight, gender, and physical activeness. It is recommended that children and teenagers consume six to eight cups of water.

Is Water Our Only Water Consumption Source?

Water consumption can be made through all your meal sources from the water itself to beverages and food items, but you have to look out for what you consume. Let’s have a look:

Water Intake And Energy Levels

Like body hydration, mind hydration is important too. Our brain uses water as an energy source to stay hydrated. According to a study loss of water/ dehydration can cause your body weight to lower down to 1-3%. This can affect your mood and concentration level. Water loss can also affect our feelings causing fatigue and anxiety.

Dehydration can also make you feel headaches, lower your muscle strength, and lose bodyweight. Although a loss of 1% body weight does not seem a lot, it means losing a lot of water. So even a little loss of water can cause negative effects on your mental and physical health.

Water And Weight Loss

Water sure aids weight loss. Here is why:

1. Natural appetite crusher

Water can help fill up our stomach a lot. When our stomach is full, our brain gets a signal that we do not need to consume more, reducing our hunger and fullness feelings.

2. Waste removal from the body

You need water to process your food and dispose of waste. Water is required for stomach related juices, (pee), and stool. What’s more, you can wager that water is the principal fixation in sweat. liquids in your body, water is required by every cell to work.

3. Waste removal from the body

According to different studies, 0.5 litres of water helps in a metabolism boost. This affects calorie burning by a great amount. Especially drinking cold water can help you use energy to heat up your body to bring it back to body temperature.

4. Feeling Of Fullness

Our bodies often mistake thirst for hunger. If you consume water before meals, it can help you stay full and as a result you will eat less. So it is recommended to drink water half an hour before your meal.

5. Fat Burner

Water is necessary to burn fat. There are several detox drinks you can make out of water that can help you burn fat. For instance, add cucumber, mint, lemon, ginger in water and let it sit overnight. Drink it for the whole next day. It is a great fat burner.

Benefits Of Water

1. Improves Sleep Routine

Lack of hydration has been found to trigger cerebral pains and headaches in certain people. A few examinations have shown that drinking water can forestall or assuage particular sorts of migraines in the individuals who are dehydrated.

2. Keeps Your Skin Fresh

 It hydrates and renews the skin tissues prompting an increment in the skin’s elasticity. Devouring a sufficient amount of  water ordinarily gives you new, delicate and sparkling skin. It keeps up the ideal internal heat level, keeping the skin clammy.

3. Helps Improve Mood

Water helps in adjusting moods. It additionally keeps cells dynamic and equilibriums compound cycles in the brain, assisting with controlling pressure and anxiety. Studies have recognized a connection among lack of hydration and state of mind unsettling influences. Drinking water expands the brain temperature and disposes of poisons and dead cells.

4. Energy Boost

Water can help your blood transport oxygen and other fundamental supplements to your cells. In case you’re feeling depleted constantly, get a jolt of energy with water. Parchedness causes you to feel tired. Drinking sufficient amount of water can help with dizziness and laziness.

5. Helps With Stress

If you feel stressed, one reason could be that you are dehydrated. Dehydration makes you stressed physically and mentally. This is because 70 to 80% of your brain muscle is water. It’s better to keep a glass or a bottle of water next to you all the time.

6. Health Issues

Increased water intake can help with constipation, diabetics, Kidney stones, and urinary infections.

How Do I Know If I Am Dehydrated?

You are likely to be dehydrated if you:

  1. Have been in the sun for a long time.
  2. Diabetic
  3. Did a workout with a lot of sweats.
  4. Been in 38 degrees C or more.
  5. Have vomited 
  6. Have diarrhea

Here are a few symptoms of dehydration:

  1. Feeling of dizziness
  2. Feeling of tiredness
  3. Little to no urination frequently
  4. Have a dry skin
  5. Have dry eyes, mouth, and lips
  6. Feeling of thirst
  7. Color of pee changes
  8. Strong smelling pee

How To Reduce Dehydration?

Water can help your blood transport oxygen and other fundamental supplements to your cells. In case you’re feeling depleted a lot, get a jolt of energy with water. Dehydration causes you to feel tired. The perfect measure of water could help your heart pump your blood all the more viably.

To forestall drying out and ensure your body has the liquids it needs, settle on water your drink of decision. It’s a smart thought to drink a glass of water:

Bottom Line

Drink water if you want a long and healthy life! “In the event that you don’t get sufficient water, hard stools and clogging could be regular results, alongside stomach torment and issues.” Dull skin. Drying out appears all over as dry, ashy skin that appears to be less brilliant, full and flexible. Weakness.