What is the Guinness World Record for Longest FaceTime?

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The longest FaceTime Call on record of Guinness World records is a conference call held by Cisco Systems. The duration of the call was 88 hours 54 minutes and 20 seconds between May 25th And June 1st, 2015 in order to set the record.

The world record for the longest FaceTime ever wasn’t set for the first time by Cisco. Cisco had beaten the last record in their attempt and not basically set it for the very first time.

This record was previously held by Selena and her friends. Selena and her friends chatted on FaceTime for 84 hours, 43 minutes, and 7 seconds. They held the record for quite some time before Cisco’team decided to break it with a conference call.

In general, a skype call stops in around 12-13 hours.

If you find this record to be unique or some may find it very unusual, there are plenty of other records in Guinness word records that are relatable to it. For example, The record for the longest video call in word.

Yes, there is a record for the longest video call as well.

On March 8, 2015, in Citrus Heights, California, United States Tiana and her friends made the world record for the longest video call at a duration of 96,321 minutes. That means they video called on Skype for 1,605 hours (66+ days).

Why Do People Break Guinness Record? Do they make money out of it?

How Much Money Can You Make By Breaking A Guiness World Record?

I’m sure that you are wondering how much money you can make out of breaking a Guinness world record, or maybe by creating one. Unfortunately, I have to break your dreams on this.

You cannot make money if you beat a world record. However, a successful candidate who is able to break a world record gets a framable certificate from Guniess without any cash prizes.

Guiness World Record

Though there are other ways that you make money by breaking a Guinness world record like:

  • You can monetize your videos on YouTube Because you do get fame and a lot of limelight at starts when you break a record.
  • You are invited to shows and news channels and you can make the most out of those opportunities.