10 Most Expensive High Schools in Los Angeles

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Want to know the most expensive high schools in Los Angeles? We did the research for you and hand-picked some of the best high schools in Los Angeles that are known for quality education.

High school education possesses so much significance in the life of an individual. It keeps the foundation of further academic and career life for the student.

Traditional methods of learning are not enough today. This generation needs soft skills, mindfulness, and practical exposure to the world along with learning. These all factors raise the cost of education to a higher extent. 

In this regard, we compiled data of schools in Los Angeles and further shortlisted schools on basis of the cost and provided facilities by these schools. The conclusion gives us the list of “ 10 most expensive High schools in Los Angeles” with key features and resources. 

List of Most Expensive High school In Los Angeles

Along with each institution name  mentioned in the list of “10 most expensive high schools in Los Angeles”, we will also  cover the following details in this article

  • Annual tuition fee
  • Application fee
  • Deadline to apply
  • The average strength of students
  • Student-teacher ratio

1. Webb Schools

The Webb School is enlisted at the top in the list of “ most expensive high schools in Los Angeles. This institution has a vision of making students mindful and creative about their education and service. 

Web schools establish Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology which is the only accredited museum of paleontology on a high school campus. Moreover, Web school initiates Rogers Peccary Scholars program. This reflects their objective to provide skillful education to students with unbound thinking and hands-on learning

Annual tuition$50,380
Application fee$75
Application deadlineJanuary 15
Average Students408
Student-teacher ratio6:1

How to apply:

  • You have to fill an inquiry form available on the website
  • International students have to pass an English   proficiency test
  • Attempt the interview
  • Check we’s admission decision on March 10, 2022

2. Milken Community school

Milken Community school as 2nd most expensive school in Los Angeles

Milken Community school is one of the largest Jewish day schools in the U.S. It has a mission of empowering students with the latest knowledge with the help of advanced tools and pieces of equipment. Its technology that encourages the learning process of students includes:

  • Engineering Lab
  •  International Classroom for global connection
  •  Access to state-of-the-art equipment 
  • Complex professional grade industrial tools 
Annual tuition$46,500
Application fee$150
Application deadlineDecember 6
Average Students750
Student-teacher ratio7:1

How to apply?

  • Complete Your Application. 
  • Attend Your Interview. 
  • Provide Supplemental Forms and Transcripts.

3. Marlborough School

It is counted as 3rd in the list of “ most expensive high schools in Los Angeles. Marlborough empowers its students to raise their voices and polish their leadership abilities to prove their worth to the world. 

10 Most Expensive High Schools in Los Angeles 1 - Daily Medicos

Marlborough owns the school’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation to facilitate the students for multiple disciplines. Additional facilities provided by this 3rd most expensive school in Los Angeles includes

  • Engineering
  • Digital arts
  • Robotics
  •  Media
  •  Academic research
  •  Entrepreneurship
Annual tuition$45,800
Application fee$150
Application deadlineJanuary 4
Average Students533
Student-teacher ratio7:1

How to apply Marlborough School

Marlborough school uses the Raveena software platform which you can access from here. The general steps of application:

  1. Submit an inquiry form
  2. Submit the initial application form with the application fee
  3. If you are applying for grades 7-8, you will receive an email of an activity session in Raveena. In case of applying for grades 9- 11, you will receive an email of scheduling an interview
  4. delegate recommendations from your School Administrator, English Teacher, and Math Teacher by January 14, 2022, in raveena
  5. Submit official transcripts by January 14, 2022

4. Oakwood School

Oakwood school ranks 4th in the list of most expensive schools in Los Angeles. This institution provides such an environment to students which is safe to ask questions and to take risks. The highlighted features of Oakwood school that make it special includes

10 Most Expensive High Schools in Los Angeles 2 - Daily Medicos
Oakwood School Campus View
  • Diversity in culture
  • Valuable opinion and learning style
  • Encouraging environment 
Annual tuition$44,310
Application fee$150
Application deadlineDecember 10
Average Students831
Student-teacher ratio8:1

How to apply

Unfortunately, their website has not any updates about the application procedure

5. Sage Hill School

Sage Hill School ranks 5th in the list of “most expensive high schools in Los Angeles”. This school designed its curriculum to encourage independent, creative, and critical thinking in the students of 9-12 standards. Career counseling is offered to the students to ensure their right direction in academic life and help them to choose the right college field. 

10 Most Expensive High Schools in Los Angeles 3 - Daily Medicos
Sage Hill School Campus

Some prominent feature of Sage Hill School includes

  • Explore artistic abilities
  • Community
  •  internships and educational travel.
Annual tuition$44,170
Application fee
Application deadlineFebruary 15
Average Students545
Student-teacher ratio10:1

How to apply

  • Sage Hill School’s online application for the 2022-2023 school year will go live at 5:00 PM on Saturday, October 9, 2021
  • Interested candidates in applying for the 2022-2023 school year, request submit an official inquiry here.

6. Chadwick School

Chadwick is a coeducational day school with a mission to develop students with keen minds, self-knowledge, and exemplary characters. They emphasize core values of honesty, respect, responsibility, fairness, and compassion that prepare students to succeed throughout school, college, and life. Their vision is to bring the best in students via

10 Most Expensive High Schools in Los Angeles 4 - Daily Medicos
  • experiential learning
  • challenging academics
  • unparalleled global experiences
  •  nationally distinguished outdoor education program
  •  outstanding athletics
  •  visual and performing arts program.
Annual tuition$42,700
Application fee$125
Application deadlineJanuary 10
Average Students867
Student-teacher ratio8:1

How to apply

  • Get started by clicking the inquiry button
  • Online application forms are available here
  • For any queries, you can visit admissions@chadwickschool.org.

7. Harvard Westlake school

Harvard Westlake School is a co-educational and college preparatory school for grades 7-12. It is an independent educational institution that ranks 7th in the list of “ Most expensive high schools in Los Angeles”. Not only is it expensive but it thrives to be the center of educational excellence, living, and learning with integrity.  

10 Most Expensive High Schools in Los Angeles 5 - Daily Medicos
Annual tuition$42,600
Application fee$150
Application deadlineJanuary 15
Average Students1625
Student-teacher ratio8:1

8. Flintridge Preparatory School

It is a co-educational day school, also known as Flintridge Prep for the students of grades 7-12. It has a core idea of polishing the skills of students along with the knowledge to gain success in their dream field. Facilities provided by this school includes

10 Most Expensive High Schools in Los Angeles 6 - Daily Medicos
  • science/cultural center,
  •  multiple classroom buildings with labs
  • two-story library
  • learning center having space for individual and group study, and a laptop room
  •  black-box theater
Annual tuition$40,500
Application fee$100
Application deadlineJanuary 11
Average Students530
Student-teacher ratio8:1

How to Apply

  • Complete inquiry form to get full information about the school
  • Click here to get access to the application portal and to create an account
  • You will be called to schedule a formal interview
  • The rest of the process will be completed after submitting applications and financial assistance decisions.

9. Windward School

Windward School is strictly committed to provide dynamic education in a nurturing community for co-ed students in Grades 7-12 in Los Angeles. The nucleus of the school’s philosophy is community and collaboration which are reflected in the curriculum and education style of the school. In the learning atmosphere of Windward school, students are highly supported by faculty members and e with full confidence and knowledge.

Annual tuition$42,245
Application fee$150
Application deadlineDecember 7
Average Students625
Student-teacher ratio6:1

How to Apply

  • Complete your application
  • Sign up and attend an open house
  • Complete additional application form
  • For ISSE information/ in house exam testing information click here
  • For an interview, information click here

10. Westridge School

Westridge school is the final name that is listed in the list of “ 10 more expensive high schools in Los Angeles”. Westridge School offers ambitious and adventurous, active, and discussion-based learning. The core idea of Westridge school is to develop the curiosity and suspense in students that motivate them to learn new things. This institute develops the ability of students to think, analyze and make corrections. 

Annual tuition$39,870
Application fee$100
Application deadlineJanuary 10
Average Students550
Student-teacher ratio5:1

How to Apply

  • Westridge school online application system is now open at Ravenna
  • Sign up for an online interview
  • Take character skills snapshot
  • Submit the following documents from your current school
  1. Two teacher evaluations
  2. Transcripts from the 2020-2021 school year, and the first semester or trimester of the 2021-2022 school year

Summing Up

Finally, we compile the list of “ 10 most expensive high schools in Los Angeles”. The demand for smart learning as the core perspective of education is a key factor to develop a mindful society. Creative learning ideas that enhance the potential talent of the students and guide them in the right way is a mandatory practice for all educational institutions.