All About Massage- Massage Types, and its interesting Facts

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Massages were done over at least 4.000 years ago and it is created for relaxation purposes. But from then to now there are numerous types of massages discovered for giving relaxation to the people and getting free from the stress. The massage helps you to relieve your all stress, ease pain, enhance the circulation of blood, encourage the lymphatic system, and boost energy. It proves more beneficial for you whenever you pick the right type of massage based on your personal needs. 

Most of us know about only traditional massage. Most of you are familiar with the only table and oil type for massage, but let me clear one thing that is not the only category. 

Massaging is the best technique for healing and energizing the body. When your therapist rubbed your body parts and applied gentle pressure on tissues and muscles, then you noticed several health benefits. There are many methods and techniques known as modalities that only target your specific body parts to ease your pain and give you a comfort zone. But keep in mind not all the modality makes sense for every person; you will need to find the best one modality for your relaxation. 

Which types of massage are best for you?

You are getting fed up with your daily routine full of stress, anxiety, and workload. It would be best if you relaxed your mind. So the massage is the best thing for relaxing your mind and gets rid of stress, anxiety, headache, and so on. Numerous types of massage styles exist and become popular. The most important thing is what type of massage becomes important for you? And how does it become beneficial that actually helps you?

The latest style and their list that are used in massage therapy are so long. It depends on your selection of massage types and your massage therapist. Some massage therapists use the essential oils and then mix it with a carrier oil, while some use a good fragrance lotion for rubbing it on your body, and some do not use anything. The duration of the massage depends on what type of massage you choose? How your pain, anxiety looks (such as mild, severe, or chronic), even though it may belong for at least 5minutes to 1 hour. 

But keep in mind before deciding the massage types you should judge yourself and ask questions to yourself. Do I want a simple massage to relax my mind or control the stress? Do I need symptom relief? Your therapist guides you perfectly on what type of massage you need to energize yourself and boost your energy. The therapist guides you more perfectly according to your age, gender, condition of pain and stress, and any other special goals you need to have.

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Here is the list of massage types that actually prove beneficial for all to treat stress and anxiety and control their depression level by comforting and relaxing. These are

Trigger Point Massage

Are you experiencing back or neck pain? Trigger point massage proves effective in this neck or back pain. In this massage, the massage therapist applies pressures or targets on certain points in the body where the pain actually exists then stretches the affected area with a range of motion. The main purpose of this massage is to tackle the muscle knots, and it locates the chronic tensions in the muscles to eliminate the associated knot pain. 

What are the benefits of trigger point massage?

  • If you are thinking about how massage helps to increase flexibility? Your query is resolved because trigger point massage helps strengthen your muscles and enhance joints movements.
  • It may also help to treat the headache.
  • It may help to reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Trigger point massage improves good posture.
  • Helps reduce the pain caused by rotator cuff issues, joint stiffness, sciatica, and other specific pain issues. 

What are you expecting during or after triggering point massage?

The main focus of triggering point massage is rubbing and applying pressure on the muscles knot (muscles become tightened or contract at the time of rest and become hard). During the time of massage, might be possible you may feel discomfort or relief. But after doing a trigger massage you may feel relaxed or sometimes tired.

According to the National Association of Myofascial Trigger point Massage Therapist, you may also experience soreness for 1-2 days, or some are experienced boosting energy. 

Couple Massage:

Couple massages is a massage that is done in a separate room with your partner. You can also do it with your friend, family member, or in the same room. Couple massage proves more effective if you are taking this massage in a sauna (small rooms used for health benefits such as increased metabolism, enhanced circulation of blood, refreshing the body, pain reduction, and getting pedicures. 

The main purpose of doing couple massages is to enjoy the relaxing moments with your partner, which also helps make your bond strong and improves relationships. For doing a couple of massages, you are lying in two separate beds, and generally, two therapists are needed for a couple of massages (one for each person). 

Couple massage
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What are the benefits of Couple Massage?

  • Couple massages help release stress, depression, and give you a comfort zone. 
  • Couple massages encourage intimacy and reconnect with your partner, friends, sister, mother, and daughter.
  • Encourage me to spend quality time and enhance the quality of affection.

What are the interesting tips for a couple’s massage?

If you are assigned the couple’s massage in the same room and want to spend a beautiful time in a relaxing mood, you should follow some interesting tips to make your message more effective. These interesting tips are

  • It would help if you got rubbed the right way and at the right place for adjusting proper pressure.
  • Do not overeat yourself before taking a couple’s massage.
  • Clean up your unnecessary hairs by using personal hygiene stuff. If you clean your real nice, then it boosts your level of confidence. 
  • You should set your massage calendar, such as evening is the best time for doing a couple of massages. 

Swedish Massage

Are you finding a relaxed mood and confused about what types of massage you can take? How massage increases flexibility? And How massage reduces your anxiety? Because whenever we think about massage, the first thing we focus on is relaxing and energizing. Swedish massage is the best massage that focuses on relaxing mood and also helps to boost energy. This massage is also termed a classic massage. Swedish massage involved different kinds of gliding strokes kneads combined with the joint movements, and it may help ease the deep tension in muscles. 

What are the benefits of Swedish massage?

  • Swedish massage helps to reduce stress by increasing the relaxation mood.
  • Swedish massage improves blood circulation, manages scar tissues, and reduces the deposition of fatty acids.
  • Swedish massage help to increase the flexibility
  • It may also help to stimulate the lymphatic system and the parasympathetic system.
  • By doing this massage, endorphins are released that helps to enhance the quality of mood.
  • What are the techniques for doing Swedish massage? 
  • Generally, massage therapists have their own way of performing a massage to ease your pain and give you comfort. The main techniques of doing Swedish massage are listed as,


Petrissage is the technique that is followed to do Swedish massage. In this technique, the pressure is applied to the muscles and tissues which are affected by pain. 

Kneading, skin rolling, wringing, squeeze, and pick up, and lifting are the movements that are done in Petrissage massage. 


Effleurage is a French word that means “TOUCH LIGHTLY.” This technique circulates the blood, gives relaxation, and encourages lymph flow by stimulating the lymphatic and parasympathetic system. This technique generally goes towards the direction of the heart with the help of a flowing stroke.


This technique involves tissue pressing. Then rubbed it in a back and forth motion to give a relaxed mood by using the thumb. Friction is the technique that is followed while performing Swedish massage for remodeling the scar tissues. 


Tapotement is the most potent technique that may help in the circulation of tissues and affects the tone. It may also help reduce the deposition of fatty acids, and it is considered rhythmic tapping. 

Parental Massage

Getting a massage at the time of pregnancy is known as parental massage that reduces the pain, decreases swelling, regulates the hormones, gets rid of anxiety, and ease the stress. The main goal of parental massage is to decrease the expecting mother’s pain. In this massage, the therapist used a special cushioning system that helps to face down easily and safely. 

What are the benefits of Parental massage?

  • Parental massage to reduce the anxiety, back pain, and edema
  • It may also help to reduce headache and ease the joint pain
  • Helps to enhance the circulation of blood and encourage oxygenation of tissues and muscles
  • Parental massage also improved the quality of sleep

What are the tips for doing prenatal massage at home?

Generally, pregnancy is a serious condition, and it is considered a blessing time period for every woman. Besides this, women are bearing severe pain for giving birth to their child. We are not doing anything to remove their pain, but there is a possibility that we can help them to reduce the pain through massage. There are the following tips available that help you to do prenatal massage at home; these are:

Rubbing shoulder

For doing prenatal massage, you can apply pressure gently at one side of the neck with the help of your pads of fingertips and base of hands; then, you can glide between the skull and top of the shoulder. After doing one side, you can repeat it on the other side to give them comfort.

Gently rubbing foot

Our partner easily does this tip by using lotion for smoother strokes by rubbing the foot and applied pressure on it. Then making small circles near your ankle after working from toes towards the ankle. Now instruct her to move one thumb in the down position and the other up. 

Scalp massage

By using both hands, your fingers apply pressure gently on her scalp and then move your fingertip in a circular motion to provide her comfort zone. Now move your hands from the front of her skull to the hairline and rotate your fingers in all directions.

Back rub

For rubbing back, you should lie or sit on the back of your partner, then use your hands to move it up and down. You can also use any moisturizer or lotion to make your hands glide then rub with soft or gentle hands. You should focus on back muscles from where you are applying pressure with the thumb or base of your hands. 

Deep-Tissue Massage

How massage reduces anxiety? This is the most common confusion or question that people think, but if they are doing this deep tissue massage, all doubts are cleared. Deep-tissue massage proves best to relieve the pain, stiffness, and trouble spots in your body parts. This massage’s main goal is to ease the pain, tension that exists in deeper layers of muscle tissue and sometimes in the fascia. The massage therapist focused on the muscles or tissue pain and applied pressure slowly or gradually to target the inner muscle layers. Deep-tissue massage is good for those who are doing high physical activities or a severe, chronic pain type. 

What are the benefits of deep-tissue massage?

  • Deep tissue massage helps to eliminate lower back pain
  • Deep tissue massage help to encourage the circulation of blood
  • It may help to reduce the blood pressure and heart rate
  • Deep tissue massage helps to increase the flexibility, ease the movement after breaking up the scars tissue.
  • It may help to reduce arthritis.

What things do you keep in your mind for deep tissue massage?

The things that you keep in your mind for deep tissue massage which helps this treatment more beneficial for you are,

  1. Relaxation- If you are taking deep tissue massage, you should calm your mind and free from all anxieties. If you are stressed during a massage, then it is not beneficial for you and makes it more complicated for your massage therapist to work effectively. 
  2. Applying ice- In deep tissue massage your therapist applied the deepest pressure on your muscles or tissues; there are chances of soreness or swelling. You should apply ice to the muscles where the deepest pressure is applied.
  3. Drink plenty of water- As the deepest massage helps you to relieve the pain, stimulate the lymphatic system and blood circulation that assists with cleansing cell toxin. That’s why your blood requires plenty of water that adjusts the nutrient and oxygen and helps to bring to muscles. To prevent yourself from dehydration you should drink plenty of water. 


Aromatherapy is done with some essential oil such as eucalyptus and lavender, and it may be considered a holistic treatment. In aromatherapy, natural extract of plants is used for healing purposes. Aromatherapy is also known as essential oil therapy because of the use of aromatic oil that may help promote healing and improve the body’s health. The oil or natural extract is directly applied to the affected area.

What are the benefits of Aromatherapy?

  • Aromatherapy helps to reduce anxiety, stress, depression.
  • It may also help to reduce the chances of insomnia, nausea, and vomiting.
  • Aromatherapy helps to improve the quality of life and severe health conditions.

What do you expect from Aromatherapy?

The expectation depends on what type of aromatherapy you choose because there are various aromatherapy types, and it may depend on how long you can take this therapy. Your massage therapist asked about your general health, diet, sleeping pattern, and any medical history you have before starting the aromatherapy. That all queries help your therapist to choose the oil “what type of oil they’ll choose for you?”  After selecting essential oil, your therapist mixes this essential oil with any carrier oil then blends on yours. Sometimes aromatherapists get the oil before they blend or apply it on your body because warm oil more absorbs your body and works effectively. Aromatherapy usually is taken 1-1.5 hours, or it may depend on your initial consultation. Aromatherapy needs a longer time to make you relax and giving you comfort. 

Hot Stone massage

In hot stone massage, stones are used that are made from volcanic rock. This stone heated between 130 to 140 degrees to retain the heat. Generally, your therapist heated the stone with water. After heating the stone, your massage therapist placed the stone in a towel for 5-8 seconds for cooling purposes. After using this stone on your body, your therapist initially massages your body with any carrier oil to warm it up then the stone is applied to the affected part of your muscles. 

Hot stone massage
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What are the benefits of hot stone massage?

  • The hot stone helps to release the tension of muscles
  • It may help to encourage the circulation of blood
  • Reduce the anxiety
  • It may help to enhance sleep quality
  • Hot stone massage also helps to decrease the chances of developing any cancer, and it may also help boost energy.

Is hot stone massage therapy painful?

No, it is not a painful procedure; the stones used for performing this massage therapy are smooth and a few inches long. The stone should be hot, but it is not harmful to you because a professional electric massage heater is used, and this heater controls the temperature of the stone. 

If you feel that the stone becomes too hot and you are getting uncomfortable with it, you should inform your massage therapist immediately and don’t bear any pain because too much hot stone burns your body that makes it painful. 

The hot stone allows your massage therapist to work effectively or efficiently on deep tissue.

Chair Massage

Chair massage is good for your neck, shoulder, upper back, arms, and hands because this massage is done on specially designed chairs that giving you a comfort zone. A specially designed chair helps to release the pain, and it is portable. Chair massage proves effective for those people who are working in offices that help them to relieve anxiety. 

What are the health benefits of chair massage?

  • Chair massages help to increase flexibility, reduce anxiety, and boost the immune system.
  • It may help to enhance blood circulation and also help to reduce blood pressure.
  • It may promote flexibility, ease movement, and improve sleep quality.

Active Release Therapy-

Active Release Therapy is the technique that helps to recorrect the soft tissues that cause a severe type of pain and also causes mobility issues. Active release therapy aims to break the scar tissues for normalization and optimize body function. 

What are the benefits of active release therapy?

The active release therapy helps to encourage the range of the motion

  • It may be reducing the lower back pain and stiffness
  • Active release therapy helps to enhance the flexibility and eases the movements.
  • It may also help with the management of carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, and shin splints.

Thai Massage

Thai massage needs an expert massage therapist for performing with full expertise. Because in Thai massage, yoga-like stretching is required. Thai massage based on stretching proves good for the people, especially those who are active in sports such as athletes. Your therapist used soft smell essential oil for rubbing your back. 

What are the benefits of Thai massage?

  • Thai massage helps to regulate the circulate and makes the immune system strong
  • It may also help to make you energizing and active
  • Thai massage enhances the range of motion and reduces stress, headache, anxiety.

Before You Leave

Hope so your queries regarding how massage helps to increase flexibility? How massage reduce your anxiety? How it encourages the circulation of blood resolved after readout the content. If you are getting tired with your daily routine and your mind is full of stress, then massage is the best treatment for relaxing in your mind and easing your pain. There are many massage types discovered for giving you a relaxing mood, but it’s up to you what type of massage you choose to get relaxation. After choosing a massage type, it is also necessary that your therapist is an expert in their work. Massage therapy plays an important role in relieving your pain and makes you more comfortable and stress-free. Your therapist guides you more perfectly according to your condition and pain. Different kinds of modalities in massage technique and method help ease your pain, boost your energy, give you relaxation, encourage blood circulation, and boost your immune and lymphatic system.