Top 8 Best Cadet Colleges in Pakistan

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Tired of surfing through sites in search of information regarding the Best Cadet Colleges in Pakistan and you are hoping to find a place where everything you need to know regarding Pakistan’s Top Cadet Colleges’ present in one place? Well, you are in luck today because you have landed at the correct place.

As a parent, it is a dream to see your son and daughter serving the country whether that be through Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Army, or any other armed forces.

It is a longing present in almost 9 out of 10 households, what’s better than getting them enrolled in the top Cadet Colleges where they will be polished and eventually become the perfect candidates for various forces. 

We have combined all there is to know about the Best Cadet Colleges in Pakistan right here for you!

Keep reading to find out what we have gathered here for you in terms of Admission, About the college, and some specifications regarding fees and education.

What role do Cadet Colleges play?

Cadet Colleges help train various individuals and make them capable of getting professionally employed in the Armed forces and others concerning skilled jobs. Pakistan is pretty strong in terms of Cadet Colleges and has many all over the country. 

To make it easier for parents, we have decided to list a few Cadet Colleges in Pakistan and all the necessary specifications and information a parent would need for their children’s education and admission. 

These Cadet Colleges are some of the Most Famous Colleges in Pakistan, and if your child secures a place in any one of them, you need not worry because there is a pretty high chance that ten years later, he/she will be out there serving the country. Let’s read further and find out which colleges are these; keep scrolling! 

The Top 08 Best Cadet Colleges in Pakistan:

Listed below are the Best Cadet Colleges of Pakistan; these Cadet colleges are on the top of the list and the best place to groom your kid in terms of fitness and other respective factors to serve in the various Armed Forces. 

  1. Cadet College Hassan Abdal:

Cadet College Hassan Abdal

Cadet College Hassan Abdal was established in the early 1950s by General Ayub Khan (late) and is located in Punjab near the Attock District. It is said to be one of the oldest and the first Cadet Colleges that came into being in Pakistan to prepare young individuals with the proper physical and educational training required for Army Cadets later. 


  • At the age of 12 to 19 years, boys can be enrolled in the Secondary Section that includes Grade 8, Grade 9, and Grade 10 (Matriculation System). 
  • Enrollment is done in the Intermediate program as well that includes both Grades 11 and 12, respectively.
  • Matriculation and Intermediate are affiliated with the Rawalpindi Board of Education.
  • Cadet College, Hassan Abdal allows individuals to complete their education through O and A levels too. 
  • The tuition fee for a student in O levels will be PKR 56,337 and A levels will be PKR 61,075.
  • Students entering in Grade 8 and First Year will be paying PKR 50,939 and PKR 53,098 respectively.
  • The above-stated fee will be charged from the year of entry i.e 1st April and will increase 10% per annum with an increase in the grade level of the student.

Admissions process:

To become part of this esteemed and reputable school, one needs to clear the institution’s written tests, interviews, and medical examinations. 

About the Institution:

Cadet College Hassan Abdal currently has 500 and above students studying this, but it lodges approximately a faculty personnel of 47 teachers.

The college is located near NH 5, Hassan Abdal, Attock, Punjab, covers 98 acres, including various areas subjected to various things, such as Sports Courts and Pitches, Gymnastics, Hockey, and Squash, as well as Cricket. An area for Horse Riding is also made and a 16-bed-Hospital facilitates the students in times of sickness. 

 To find out more about this Cadet College, you can check out their website:

2. Cadet College Jhelum:

Cadet College Jhelum

Established at Peer Shahab, Grand Trunk Road, in the Jhelum District of Punjab is Cadet College Jhelum. A college that is quite contrasting from The Military College Jhelum. 


  • Students from the age 12-17.5 are allowed admission from Grades 6 to 12th respectively.
  • They offer both Matriculation and Intermediate.
  • Students willing to study O and A levels are also catered to here at Cadet College Jhelum.

Admissions process:

Admission to this reputable institution is followed by a written paper, intelligence tests, interviews, and medical examinations conducted by the college. 

About the Institution:

Cadet College Jhelum provides numberable facilities such as Cadets Mess, M.I. Room. Gymnasium for the kids to enjoy their favorite games and sports, a relaxing Movie Night. A Cafeteria for the children to have their meals at and even a College Magazine where students stay up to date with what’s going around outside and inside the premises. It is located over 28 acres of land and is renowned for its qualified individuals in the Armed Forces. To find out more about the College and check out their website:

3. Cadet College Fateh Jung 

Cadet College Fateh Jung 

Cadet College Fateh Jung is known for empowering students with comprehensive knowledge of Islam. Not only this, but it takes institutional knowledge hand in hand as well.

Located at The Civil Hospital Road, Fateh Jung, in Attock District in Punjab is Cadet College Fateh Jung established in the year 2001, is founded by Hafiz Mushtaq Ahmed Sipra (late).


  • Classes begin from Grade 5 to Intermediate, respectively.
  • Matriculation and Intermediate are affiliated with the Rawalpindi Board of Education. 
  • Students wishing to complete their education through mediums O and A levels can also study in this College. 
  • Boys of age 10 to 17 years respectively are given Admission in this College.
  • As a student of Grade 6 to Grade 9, the fee is PKR 22,000 for every month. 
  • Intermediate students need to pay PKR 21,500 each month.


The Admission for Cadet College Fateh Jung is based on various tests and interviews conducted by the Admissions team. 

About the College:

Cadet College Fateh Jung covers at least 27.5 acres of land and incorporates three hostel blocks for the students, one mess hall, and two academic blocks. For entertainment purposes and to increase sportsmanship in the students, the College has a swimming pool and an auditorium for various programs. A mosque and a medical unit are also present to cater to the needs of students in sickness. 

Did you know that? The cafeteria, auditorium, and medical unit can make room for approximately 350 students and 55 faculty members. Located near Power Plant Bhall Syedan, Fateh Jung and to find out more about the College, you can check out their website:

4. Girls Cadet College Mardan:

Girls Cadet College Mardan

GCCM aims to provide education and build a future for all those girls looking to serve in the Armed forces; they provide education, but they also train students for the future. 


  • It is affiliated with the Board of Secondary and Intermediate Education Mardan.
  • Admissions are granted in Grade 8 based on Merit. 
  • Not only do they offer Girls to complete their Matriculation but Intermediate too in subjects Pre-Medical and Pre-Engineering, respectively.  
  • An individual should be at the age of 12 to 14 on the 1st of April in the year of Admission.
  • The per semester fee is PKR 57,000 for each student. 

Admission Process:

The Admissions conducted by GCCM are purely based on Merit and are followed by a series of tests that includes; a written test, an interview, and a medical and fitness test. The cumulative results of these tests are combined to clear the student for Admission. Fitness and Medical tests are essential to clear for getting admission to the College. 

About the College: 

This girls cadet college was established in earlier 2017 in the conservative northwest where girls are confined in social norms. The Pakistan-Tehreek-e-Insaf government established it in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The College caters to the girls’ needs by providing them with internet services and a luxury environment to study and become physically fit for what’s coming. 

To find out more, check out their website:

5. Cadet College Kallar Kahar 

Cadet College Kallar Kahar 

Cadet College Kallar Kahar was founded in 1997 by Lt. General Nazar Hussain; at first, it just had one building for an academic, hostel, mess, and even administration, but over the years, it has excelled and made separate buildings for all purposes. Typically cadet colleges offer six wings, but Cadet College Kallar Kahar offers eight wings for its students. 


  • Cadet College Kallar Kahar is situated side by side with the girl’s section, so not only can you send your son but educate your daughter close by too.
  • Admissions for Grade VII and Grade VIII open up in the first week of December
  • Admissions for Grade XI mostly open up from the first week of March.
  • The main entry point of Cadet College Kallar Kahar is Grade 8; otherwise, in Higher Grade levels, if there is a vacancy, then only your child will be given priority. 

Admissions Process:

The Admission is based on merit, and a written test, interview, and medical examination of the student are done. 

About the College:

The Cadet College Kallar Kahar is located near the famous Kallar Kahar lake making the area beautiful. The College is based on various playgrounds and has different mountains. It covered over 150 acres and was located on a plateau. The College is free of pollution and is set with a very calm environment, offering education to up to 660 boys at a time. 

They have Hostel, Mess, Cafeteria and a Library, and other areas to facilitate the students. They even have a dairy farm and a college water dam which shows the healthy environment they maintain. Fun Fact, Cadet College Kallar Kahar even has a barbershop, so you need not worry about your kid’s hair being long because he can surely get them chopped.

 To find out more, you can visit their website:

6. Cadet College Petaro:

Cadet College Petaro

The Cadet College Petaro is the second Cadet College in Pakistan after Cadet College Hassan Abdal. Initially, it was established in Mirpur Khas in 1957 and later onwards was shifted to its Petaro in 1959, where it is presently. 


  • The College offers education in  Matriculation, Intermediate, O, and A levels. 
  •  Classes for Matric start from Grade 8. There are labs for Chemistry, Physics, and Biology catering to the students’ educational needs. 
  • The Cambridge wing has an up-to-date system and Computer, General Science, and Chemistry labs. 
  • The College only offers Science subjects for both Secondary and Higher-Secondary levels. 
  •  Your child can study Pre-Medical, Computer Science, and Pre-engineering, and the affiliated board is the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Hyderabad. 
  •  Admissions are conducted in December/January as per the announcement. 
  • Matriculation System: Fees for Classes VII-X for one year is 555,993. For classes XI and XII is 568, 623. 
  •  Cambridge System: The fee for O levels is 688,766, and for A levels for 2021-22 is 740,519. 
  •  Cadets are even paid Rs 900/month to each boy, so parents are advised not to send cash every month. That is so perfect. 

Admission process: 

Admissions to the College open once a year for Grade 7, 8, and O levels. The College gives its entries on a merit basis. As per college policy and instructions, an individual needs to clear their  Entrance examination by 60% (minimum), and then a medical exam and interview are conducted. 

About the College: 

The Cadet College Petaro is spread over 900 acres of land managed and planned quite correctly. They have their electricity and water department catering to students and staff’s electrical and water needs. Students can access ATMs from the on-campus Bank. You can enjoy baked goods from the bakery.

The campus has a poultry farm, a riding club, an agriculture farm, a cattle farm, and even a barber to get a haircut for all students and staff. A sanatorium is also present where students can go in case of emergency, and three ambulances are also present to rush a patient in need to the nearest hospital. 

Students need not worry about hostels and space because the Cadet College Petaro has eight hostels, various clubs such as the Riding club and Shooting club. How interesting? It’s like a home away from home for someone who’s away from family would fully enjoy and get educated in forms. They focus on education and build the student’s character in a way that can later be vital for the Armed forces. 

To find out more, you can visit their website:

7. Cadet College Pasrur

Cadet College Pasrur

The Cadet College Pasrur is located at Pasrur, Sialkot District. It is a residential institution that helps and prepares young boys for matriculation as well as the intermediate programs. 


  •  Cadet College Pasrur is affiliated with the Board of Education Gujranwala. 
  • The College has a boarding school for students from Grade 8 till Grade 12. 
  •  The fee for each month is Rs 16,000. 
  •  The student needs to be approximately 12 years and not more than 14 years of age at the time of admission. 
  •  The College gives admission in Class XI later onwards if the student has scored approximately 80% in their matriculation examination. 

 Admission Process:

 The Cadet College Pasrur conducts Admissions at least once a year in Grade 8, on the 1st of April. They carry out an Admission test, interview, and medical examination based on merit. 

About the College: 

Big Hamid Nawaz (late) was a personality famous in Pasrur, after his retirement in the Pak Army, he became a leader in the area and decided to form a Cadet College in Pasrur similar to that of Hassan Abdal. 

The Cadet College Pasrur started functioning in the year 2011. The college has various clubs catering to the educational needs as well as the activities of the students, there is a Cultural Club, Literary Club, Science, and engineering club.

Students who enjoy taking pictures or even creating them can take part in activities conducted by the photography club and the painting club. Not only this but the Cadet College publishes a magazine that goes by the name Pasrurian twice every year and has a contribution of essays by the students.

To encourage sportsmanship amongst the student’s games are played with other colleges such as Cadet College Chakwal, Cadet College Hassan Abdal, and other Cadet College regularly.

8. Garrison Cadet College Kohat

Garrison Cadet College Kohat

Established in the year 1993, Garrison Cadet College is located in the city of Kohat and is said to be one of the top Cadet Colleges in Pakistan. It’s exactly located at Dhoda Road Kohat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

It was laid down by the Prime Minister of Pakistan in the year 1990, Mohatarma Benazir Bhutto and later inaugurated in the year 1993 by the then Quartermaster General of Pakistan Army, Lt. General Muhammad Arif Bangash, HI(M), SBt. 


  •  The College has classes from Grade 8 to Fsc. 
  •  They offer education in both Pre-Engineering as well as the field of Pre-Medical. 
  •  The College is affiliated with the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad. 
  •  Promotion from school to college solely depends on the student’s academic performance that means his matriculation results as well as his discipline. 
  • To get admission in grade 8 your child needs to be approximately 12-14 years and for Fsc year 1, the age of your child needs to between 15-17 years. 
  •  The tuition fee for Civilians is Rs 256,272 and for Defence is Rs 214,192. 

Admission process: 

The Admissions is based on a test that is conducted in several subjects such as Mathematics, English, General Science, and Urdu. Followed by an interview. 

About the College: 

GCCK is spread over at least an area of about 85 Acres. The College’s  Academic Block is spacious enough to hold at least 600 cadets. It has six hostels for the Cadets and well-equipped laboratories for computers, chemistry, physics, and Biology catering to the educational needs of the kids.

They even have a proper Library where students can study and borrow books from. A bakery, a barbershop, a cobbler, a tailor, and laundry services are also added benefits for the Cadets to feel like they are still at home and not missing out. 

For the students and the staff, the college has a spacious Mosque where approximately 1000 people can pray. There is a dispensary for students who are sick and individuals such as College doctors are available always for the health of the students who are sick and in need.

There are various clubs and students can choose any of them according to their likes and dislikes, there is a Hiking and Trekking Club, Dramatics Club, Paragliding Facility, Archery Club and so much more. How interesting! 

They encourage sportsmanship and have various courts and areas for Hockey, Football, Tennis, and Basketball. There is even a Table Tennis facility for all those who enjoy it. To find out more you can visit their website:

With all the information above you probably have a clearer picture as to what every place is like and how beneficial each institution could be for your kid. You can surf through the websites of each Cadet College to find out more information regarding them and download various forms from each Cadet Colleges website and decide which one is best for your kid as well as match your terms and get working for the test. Good luck!