10 Best Medical Schools In Sweden

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Sweden has a long tradition of providing free and accessible health care services to its citizens. Today, medical education in Sweden is free for all students who have completed high school and is recognized at the international level. 

Swedish medical schools are among the best in Europe and all of Scandinavia. The medical programs available have many similarities to those in other countries, but some that set them apart.

Choosing between Swedish universities can be difficult if you don’t know much about it. We have shortlisted the 10 best medical schools in Sweden according to the global ranking of universities. 

Here is a complete guide about the 10 best medical schools in Sweden. 

Top 10 Best medical schools in Sweden 

Conclusion: Sweden has several highly-ranked medical schools, and this article breaks down the top 10 medical schools in Sweden. These are all excellent choices for Swedish students looking to pursue their education in the medical field.

Institute NameCityGlobal scoreEnrollment
Karolinska institute Stockholm57.87,937
Lund UniversityLund34.528,498
University of gothenburg Gothenburg63.219,877
Uppsala university Uppsala69.8N/A
Umea university Umea58.0N/A
Stockholm university stockholm68.8N/A
Linkoping university Linkoping57.3N/A
Dalarna university FalunN/AN/A
Orebro university Orebro48.1N/A
Chalmers university of technology Gothenburg57,89,009

1. Karolinska institute 

Karolinska Institute holds the first position in the list of best medical schools in Sweden. It is also considered a top-class medical school in the world, not only in Sweden.

The medicine program is based on 330 credit course that follows seven chronological themes: 

  •  healthy person
  •  the sick individual
  •  clinical medicine
  •  Surgery
  •  neurosensory/psychiatric medicine
  •  reproduction & development
  • societal/environmental health



2. Lund University 

Lund University was established in 1666, and it was one of the oldest universities in Sweden. It secures a dominant position in the list of best medical colleges in Sweden because of its updated and competitive academic curriculum.

The medicine-based program is 11 semester-long, and it allows the students to engage with group projects and clinical studies. 



3. University of Gothenburg 

Gothenburg university was established in 1891, and it is situated on Sweden’s west coast. It is a public university and one of the eBay medical colleges in Sweden. The university offers a medicine program broadly divided into two major phases. 

The first phases or first part of the course deals with the detailed theoretical knowledge about the human body and includes the following subjects

  • Anatomy
  •  Physiology
  • Pharmacology
  •  histology
  •  cell biology
  •  Genetics,
  • Biochemistry
  •  developmental biochemistry

The second part of the course deals with diagnosis and treatments, and it includes the following subjects with details

  • Internal medicine
  •  Surgery
  • Neurology
  •  Psychiatry
  •  public health
  •  obstetrics
  • Dermatology
  •  Immunology

The students get their lectures from the most professional and experienced staff. Furthermore, they are getting engaged in group exercises and research projects. They perform their clinical and hospital rotations at the site of Vastra Gotaland.



4. Uppsala university 

Uppsala University was founded in 1477. It is the oldest university on the list of best medical schools in Sweden. The university emphasizes the medical profession as well as research. 

The medical program consists of 10 semesters. Each semester is designed with such courses and sequences that make the concept and learning in a simplified manner. 

  • Semester 1 – 4: It covers introductory medical courses, including clinical anatomy, neurobiology, and professional development
  • Semester 5 – 9: It focuses on clinical medicine education
  • Semester 10: It deals with practical exposure and real-life training in Uppsala hospital.



5. Umea university 

Umea university was founded in 196f, and it is located in mid-northern Sweden. It is a public research university that is famous as one of the best medical schools in Sweden. 

The faculty of medicine at Umea University is home to 13 departments and seven research institutes.

The academic curriculum of the medical degree program follows the U2007 syllabus based on:

  • case methodology
  •  traditional teaching
  •  problem-based learning.

The noteworthy point about Umea University is that students do not cover their clinical education here. Instead, they are assigned to östersund, Sundsvall, and Luleå/Sunderby as well.

The university’s study abroad program also gives a chance to students to complete courses in other European universities.



6. Stockholm university 

Stockholm University was established in 1878, and it ranks as the 6th best medical school in Sweden. This university follows the semester-based academic calendar.

The university offers master’s programs in the following fields of science and medical science

  • Master in biology
  • Master in biochemistry with specialization in protein
  • Master in microbiology
  • Master in Marine biology
  • Masters in ecology and biodiversity
  • Master in genetics and molecular plant science
  • Masters in molecular life sciences



7. Linkoping University 

Linkoping University traces its roots back to 1969, and it was granted full university status in 1975. The university is a home for an advanced and updated faculty of medicine. 

The medical program of this university is based on a holistic perspective. The preferred way of teaching is the problem-based learning method. This allows the students to get engaged and participate in their learning.

The professors also contribute to the learning of students and appreciate students’ participation by providing feedback. 

The medicine degree program is divided into three phases 

  • 1st phase deals with the biological function and health of the human body
  • 2nd phase deals with disease and the mechanism of disease
  • the 3rd phase deals with patient care and prevention. It is based on clinical rotations in hospitals. 



8. Dalarna university 

Dalarna is a public university that was founded in 1977. Dalarna University is home to several international research environments, and it attracts students by maintaining a modern and eco-friendly environment. The university offers basic medicine programs in anatomy and physiology. 



9. Orebro university 

Orebro University is comparatively the newest and youngest institution in the list of best medical schools in Sweden. Orebro university was established in 1997, but it takes two years to get the status of a full-fledged university. 

The school of medical science offers a revolutionary medical program which is based on four


  • 1st phase: it deals with organs, cells, and molecules.
  • 2nd phase: It deals with health and disease 
  • 3rd phase: It deals with illness and diseases.
  • 4th phase: It deals with clinical training and research. 



10. Chalmers University of Technology 

Chalmers university was established in 1829. Initially, it was a private university, but later on, it came under the control of the Swedish government in 1937.

This university is based on 13 different departments that offer several degree programs in medical science at the bachelor’s and master’s levels. 



Summing Up 

 Before applying to medical school in Sweden, it’s essential to know what the selection process entails. We’ve provided you with a complete guide about the best medical schools in Sweden.