Decoding German Facial Features

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What makes our faces unique? Our facial features do. The differences in the sizes, shapes, and spacing of our facial features such as our noses, lips, eyes, etc make us different from each other. 

Simultaneously, our facial features also unite us and make us distinguishable, because people from a particular region, belonging to the same race do tend to share similar looks. Such as a certain type of nose structure, hair color, skin tone, eye color, etc.

You can guess people’s country of origin by simply looking at their hair, face shape, and their initial appearance. According to a study carried out in Berkley, humans tend to recognize each other predominantly by their faces and facial features.

We have the cognitive abilities to differentiate and recognize people based on their looks and link their faces with what we know about the individual. 

So if you want to decode the facial features of Germans and what makes their looks distinct, continue scrolling!

Most Common German Facial Features

Some of the most common facial features of German people which includes both men and women are:

  • Light brown or blond hair
  • Defined noses (to some extent)
  • Square shaped chins and jaws
  • Light brown or blue eyes.
  • Thinner lips

The listed facial features are what make German people stand out in a variety of people belonging to different ethnicities. When you think of Germans a person with such a facial structure is likely to pop up in your head.

Fun Fact: People with brown eyes are perceived to be more dominant than people with blue eyes. So if you’re a blue-eyed German you’re psychologically at a disadvantage.

Other than the mentioned prevalent facial features a few other characteristics that make a German face distinguishable amongst a variety of faces are:

  • Rectangular face
  • Down-turned eyes
  • Small cheeks

Germans are usually either pale or fair-skinned with broad foreheads.

 An average German stands tall at 5 feet 8.06 inches. This makes them stand on number 13 in the list of countries that have the tallest people according to Insider.  

They generally resemble Nordic facial appearance, but like every major ethnicity, there are exceptions to their looks. They have a larger bone structure which is why they have larger noses and broad shoulders. 

The majority of Germans have naturally curly hair. Their eyes are also wider apart from having a downturned outlook. 

German Women Facial Features

The German women, other than having the common features that the majority of Germans have, are at the average height of 5 feet 5.29 inches tall. They have light features with platinum blonde hair with light brown or blue eyes.

The majority of the German women have smaller and straighter noses that are also slightly upturned. Which is generally associated with German people irrespective of their gender.

Some of the German women have fuller faces around the cheek area as well as the bottom half of the face area. Although German women are not exactly famous for their looks around the world.

Overall these facial features of the German women are appealing but it is the German men who are known for their looks rather than the women. But as they say, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” so you be the judge of whether or not you find German women attractive or not.

One of the most well-known German- American faces is of the model  Heidi Klum. How many of the listed facial features do you think she possesses? 

German Men Facial Features 

The German Men are often termed to be handsome. To some extent because they are impressively tall which adds to their overall appeal of facial features. The German men possess a height of 5 feet 8.81 inches. 

They have broad shoulders paired with rectangular faces, wide jaws and light features of blue eyes and mostly blond hair makes them stand out. Some people might also find the facial features of German men to be almost perfect.

Still not convinced that German men are good-looking? Look up pictures of the German-Irish actor  Micheal Fassbender and we bet you’ll agree. Does he have light facial features and a wide jaw? Go find out!


Certain aspects contribute to our identity, specifically our race and country of origin. We often consider our language and dressing to be representative of where we come from. But it shouldn’t be surprising that the way we look also plays a huge role in helping people guess where we come from.

One of the most common examples from everyday life is that the color black, fuller lips, and essentially darker features are associated with African people. Similarly, South-Asian people are considered to have tan skin, higher cheekbones, and darker eye color as well as hair color.

The German facial features in a similar manner make the German faces distinct and different. It gives them a separate identity based on their looks irrespective of whether they have been born and brought up in Germany or not. 

Our parents’ genes play an important role in the way we look or how we grow up to be. Despite our evolution and possible changes in the way we look, our basic facial structure will always remain the same. 

If your parents are both Germans or even if one of them is German, you are more than likely to have one or more of these facial features. Or even if you have a mix of facial features due to the differences in your parents’ race you will still pass on the basic genetic structure of German facial features to future generations.

Like every other race, Germans have very distinct facial features. Even if you don’t possess the majority of these features, if you are a German you will still have a few or at least one of them.  

Pretty surprising how we can know which country a person belongs to by simply noticing their facial features, isn’t it? The next time you meet a German observes the way look carefully, now that you know what to look for.

But remember not to limit a German person’s looks because whilst there may be a common pattern in their facial features it doesn’t mean every one of them will have blond hair and blue eyes. They can also have dark hair with black eyes.