How can Bungee Fitness Change You in No Time? Learn How

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Do you want to turn your fat into a fit body? Start taking bungee fitness sessions today to get your body into perfect shape. Let’s learn what is bungee fitness!

The word “bungee” conjures up images of daring jumps from high bridges and swinging upside down by your ankles. However, a bungee exercise does not include any of these workouts.

Still, Don’t stop, until you drop! Bungee fitness can help you reshape your body in a perfect tone.

What is Bungee Fitness?

Bungee Fitness is a full-body exercise that includes cardio, strength training, and a full-body workout while attached to a harness and bungee cord. When lunges, squats, and jumping are included in the routine, the advantages of being attached to a bungee cord include a low-impact workout that is safe on the joints.

The exercises are great for muscle development and fat loss. Classic strength training exercises like push-ups and squats are made a little easier thanks to the Bungee cord carrying some weight.

Although the motions aren’t high-impact, the bungee cords absorb most of the impact on the joints.

There’s a new workout that’s sweeping the fitness community worldwide. Although bungee jumping has been traditionally popular among thrill seekers, those looking to improve their core muscles are flocking to a new trend —the bungee workout.

How Does Bungee Fitness Work?

Bungee Fitness is a unique type of exercise that differs from traditional workouts. It’s a full-body training system that can be used for both fitness and rehabilitation.

You’ll be wearing a harness with bungee cords throughout the training that will provide support and resistance.

The belt is worn around your waist and legs during the exercise to keep you safe and comfortable.

It combines resistance training with a cardiovascular workout by having you push against the bungee cord with your own body.

In a bungee harness, you can complete a high-intensity workout without putting any strain on your joints.

A bungee exercise is a new, creative, and fun way for people of all ages and body shapes to train and rev up metabolism, boost mobility, balance, and coordination, and quickly burn hundreds of calories.

YouTube video

The bungee exercise, which started in Thailand, uses strength training to tone muscles while having a great time. People are strapped into a harness hanging from the ceiling by a bungee cord in videos of the exercise posted online.

They dance, do aerobics, fall to the ground, sail through the air, and even bounce off the wall after that. And they seem to be having a nice time while doing it.

Some instructors believe that, like Zumba, this workout would appeal to health-conscious Indians. 

The bungee exercise is a combination of dance and aerobics that is great for the core and strengthens and builds the muscles. People are eager to try new workouts, which might work here, similar to how Zumba became popular in India.

The Zumba instructor from the United States believes that this routine would benefit dancers and fitness enthusiasts but cautions against doing it at home.

“It’s fine to do basic workouts that you see online,” but “anything that needs some equipment requires the presence of an expert.”

Improve Your Flexibility  -Hustle to gain more muscle.

The workout fulfills more than just weight loss and muscle development. It’s also a great, low-impact way to help someone improve their mobility. Some common workouts can be taxing on your joints.

This type of resistance training is never a problem when most of the weight is supported from above.

Joint pain isn’t limited to the elderly. If you don’t want to deal with it when you’re in your golden years, now is the time to take action.

You must try it yourself to fully understand how it feels to run up and down a wall as if you weighed nothing at all. It’s hard to put into words how fascinating it is.

As words don’t do it justice.

What Are the Actual Benefits of Bungee Fitness Training?

Loss of weight The benefits of using it in your fitness equipment aren’t limited to increased muscle mass, enhanced flexibility, healthier joints, and having a lot of fun getting fit.

When it comes to equipment, we all know how costly anything related to fitness training, particularly high-quality equipment, can be. For less than half the price of a good treadmill, you can get anything you need to bungee train at home. So, money is not an excuse to give up at least try once.

Benefits of Bungee Fitness: 

There are several benefits of doing Bungee fitness; some are described below, 

For A Stronger Core:

Do you want the abs that everybody else wishes they had? This is how you get them because they work to keep you stable every time you hang from a cord.

Recovery from an injury:

Muscles are stimulated with no pressure on fragile joints. This type of low-impact exercise will help someone healing from an injury or who has had joint replacement surgery without the risk of injuring themselves.

Build stamina and strength

Working out with Bungee makes you feel like you’ve lost a lot of weight. As a result, you’ll be able to travel quicker with less effort and get all of the cardio you need.

Improves Balance

When you’re working out your body, you’re also working out your vestibular system. It’s a simple way to get the brain and body to work together and improve balance.

Improved Sense of Humor (which is beneficial to one’s mental health) – Let’s face it, it’s nearly impossible not to laugh and smile when you’re bouncing around like a kid. Walk away from the cord with a positive attitude about yourself and life in general.

All Muscles are Activated

Are you looking for a workout that engages all of your muscles at the same time? This workout will certainly assist you in achieving your objective.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How many calories does bungee fitness burn?

Usually, in the level one classes, a person can burn anywhere from 400 to 500 calories, sometimes even more.

Normally the classes for Bungee fitness are for 30 minutes. The starting 15 minutes is enough in the Bungee that alone can burn up to 400 calories. The Bungee workout is similar to working out for an hour at the gym.

Can you do bungee fitness at home?

You can exercise anywhere of your choice using the bungee ropes. Only you have to attach the rope to the ceiling and start jumping and flying. 

What is bungee yoga?

Bungee Fitness is a fantastic full-body, high-intensity resistance exercise that works every muscle group to its maximum potential while minimizing joint impact. 

Is there an age limit to attending BUNGEE FITNESS classes?

Yes, instructors recommend the age group from 14+ to attend the classes with their guardians.

Do the trainees need to bring anything with them to the Bungee Fitness class?

During the exercise, you might become hot and sweaty as it is a vigorous workout. So it is a good idea to bring some drinking water along with you. You may also bring a small towel along with barre socks.​

Most of the time people have this question in their mind is the Bungee workout effective? 

Yes! The Bungee classes are designed to provide you with cardiovascular, strength, endurance, power, and flexibility benefits, as well as a massive dose of adrenaline. ​The person with such problems as pain in the knees and back. Are they allowed to take Bungee fitness classes? 

Many people who have trouble with their knees and backs have found that bungee exercise is well within their capability, and the bungee results have helped some people relieve knee and back pain. If you have any limitations, please speak with your Instructor before beginning. If necessary, changes will be made for you.

People who are scared of heights should try Bungee Fitness? 

It’s all right. Bungee Fitness begins with your feet planted firmly on the ground. Your Bungee Fitness Instructor will first introduce you to the Bungee so that you can gain interest when learning new movements and travel patterns.

As your confidence grows, more complex moves can be added eventually. During the class, the instructor is prepared to take care of you by providing options for you to choose from.

Does Bungee Fitness workout require any age, weight, or height limit? 

Bungee Fitness is designed for adults (14+ years of age), and there is no height limit. When you attend a Bungee Fitness class for the first time, the Instructor will show and teach you how to select the suitable Bungee for you (bungees are designed to accommodate participants’ who weigh up to 220lbs).

Can a pregnant woman do bungee fitness workout?  

NO, Bungee instructors do not suggest doing bungee fitness classes if you are pregnant for safety reasons.

What to wear?

Although the harness is padded for support, you can experience pressure/pinching where the harness meets your body after an hour of exercise because your body weight is being pushed and pulled against the harness.

Who shouldn’t do Bungee?

Instructors don’t recommend Bungee Fitness if you have had surgery of any kind in the past six months or have chronic pain or a medical condition involving the shoulders, wrists, hands, or lower back. Consult the doctor if you have any of these conditions before attempting Bungee Fitness workouts.   

How much is Bungee Fitness gym charge?

Prices and class sizes can differ depending on the particular studio you select because bungee workouts aren’t standardized into a network of franchises like other fitness studios.

However, since each individual requires a bungee suspension device, you can expect to pay between $20 and $35 for a drop-in class with a small number of participants.

Possible contraindications include:​

  • Pregnancy
  • Glaucoma
  • Recent Surgery
  • Heart Disease
  • Very High or Very Low Blood Pressure
  • Easy Onset Vertigo
  • Osteoporosis or Bone Weakness
  • Recent Concussion or Head Injury
  • Head Cold, Flu, or Sinusitis
  • Hiatal Hernia or Disc Herniation
  • Recent Stroke
  • Artificial or Resurfaced Hips
  • Botox (within 24 hours of class)