How corona has changed our world. Living with COVID 19

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Whenever I look back to the months of February 2020 to October 2020, it makes me quite surprise that how the corona changes our world and how many noticeable changes in our life due to corona are being adopted by us.

When an endemic becomes pandemic it gives some serious consequences. It is a valid fact that any infectious outbreak cannot be eliminated 100% from the world. Whenever any virus or bacterial infection emerges out, infects at large scale & increases the mortality & morbidity ate then the health care systems generate some precautions with lifestyle modification that may be temporary or permanent. In the case of the pandemic of the corona, our life influence greatly. Unfortunately, some of the life modifications are permanent & some precautionary steps should be followed thought out the life span to lead a healthy life. 

The pandemic of COVID 19 has brought about a revolution in the world. It entirely changes our life. Bit the most concerning point is that some of the changes will be permanent & our rest of life will be carried out with adaptations of these little changes in our lifestyle, routine habitats as well as the workplace. 

How Corona influence the world:

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The pandemic of corona added some more events in the book of microbiology history. This virtual outbreak infected 1000 people in a day & all of a sudden increase in the mortality rate to an unexpectedly high level. Most developed counties like America, Australia, China, Italy cannot overcome its harmful effects for the 6 months. 

Corona is a contagious infection that spreads rapidly among people. Without any vaccination & approved medications, thousand of people lost their life that is an extremely threatening condition & compels the respective governments to take immediate steps & precautions to fight against this disease. As a result of the announcement made by the government & health care instituted people changes their life a lot includes lockdown, social distancing, etc. Here we discuss the changes that COVID 19 brought to this world and changes that covid 19 brings in our life & now these changes are supposed to adapt throughout our entire lifespan. Now how the corona changes our world very quickly is gonna discussed in detail.

1 Maintenance of  hygiene:

Maintaining hygiene is the topmost requirement of the civilized nations & developed countries., but after the break down of corona viral infection, it becomes too essential & topmost priority of even underdeveloped countries. Not only the elder ones but the kids & young children become two aware that why it is necessary to wash hands before & after the meal? Why not touch the railing of the staircase while climbing stairs or getting down from the staircase ?. Coronavirus really scared the humanity 

This practice must be continued throughout life to avoid the exposure of virus with your body. The change or the new habits of washing hands after touching any random object should be continues throughout our life span. 

2 Sanitization:

The availability of sensitizers on office tables, cash counters, reception corners, dinner table & in the educational institutes is yet another change that needs to adapt for the rest of our lives. Not only this each & every individual should own his mine bottle of sensitizer in pocket or bag to overcome the situation of absence of sensitizer. In the places where water is unavailable as a public bus, a sensitizer is a good substitute to clean & sanitize our hands before eating or touching any other personal objects. 

3 Avoid overcrowded places:

During this pandemic, social distancing is enforced to stop the spread of coronavirus. But practically speaking this practice should be continued even after the end of this pandemic. If social distancing is not applicable in each & every event then at least overcrowding should be avoided. The limit of participants should be decided before any event according to the space of the venue. Overcrowding should strictly be prohibited in educational institutes, marriage halls, restaurants & picnic points as these are public places where the chance of getting an infection from a random person is more than a meeting in an office environment with familiar colleague & staff.

Avoid crowded places

4 Indoor activities:

The breakdown of coronavirus now changes the whole mindset of the world to keep indoor activities for entertainment & refreshment. It clearly mentions that outdoor enjoyment and activities are not the only way to chilling and comforting your mind & soul. You must need to establish some indoor activities for kids as well as urself according to your taste and choice.  Mental games like puzzle, scrabble, and activities like painting, art, and craft should be arranged by parents. 

5 Wear a mask :

Another change in our life due to covid 19 is wearing a mask. A new normal look is now incomplete without wearing a mask. Mask is now the compulsory part of every individual. Either in meeting or in school, the mask is now a mandatory part of the formal and informal dressing. Specifically, individuals with common cold and flu should take special precautions by themselves. 

6 Enhance the body immunity system:

The efficient working of the immune system is too important to fight against any disease. Enhancing the activity of the immune system by using vitamin C supplements, vitamins, and citrus fruits is a good step to protect yourself from so many viral and bacterial infections. Moreover strong immunity of the body is so significant and provide natural protection in advance for various contagious disease. 

7 Update ourselves with technology:

It is the prime necessity for parents and teachers to update themselves with enough technology so that they can carry out teaching responsibilities and workout from home. Online working gets too much hype and opens a new door for youngsters to earn by working at home through various means. In order to accomplish all these tasks, proper knowledge of modern gadgets, techniques, and software and applications are of significant importance.

8 Upgradation of the healthcare system:

The health care system needs to upgrade facilities to handle such breakdowns in the future. More facilities are required to be installed such as ventilators and isolation chambers. Oxygen cylinders and training for medical staff are mandatory to handle such a pandemic in the future. Aso proper setup for corona patients should be there with isolation chambers fully equipped with glass windows and facilities to comfort the isolated patients. 

9 Not take flu symptoms lightly:

Common cold and flu were previously considered minor ailments but now due to the similarity of cold and flu with corona symptoms now it is a sign of alert for the patient as well as surrounding people like family and friends. Noe flu should not be taken lightly and must consult to doctor after the span of two days. Strict monitoring and close observation are required with the proper monitoring of oxygen saturation in the blood.

Covid19 symptoms


Well, this point that how the corona changes our world, our individual life and mindsets invites a lot of philosophers, medical personnel, and religious scholars to talk about and discuss but  In a generalized view, the corona changes our life to a larger extent. Thee is no denying that these changes and adaptations transform our lives to a newer life but also protect us to be a victim of such contagious infections. These changes are somehow difficult to adapt but once these are adapted and followed then it will be quite normal for everyone. Corona is not like a wildfire that will indeed completely but a deadly virus that now a part of our world and safety precautions and measures are mandatory to avoid a heavy loss of lives. It is a fact that human life is a precious one and changes in our life due to covid 19 is the only step to protect our precious lives.