How Many Scrubs Should I Buy? 

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It is essential to have 5 to 6 pairs of scrubs for the health care worker. It will help you with the number of shifts you are having in the week at the hospital. How many scrubs should I buy?

It is a rule of thumb to buy 6 sets of scrub as you will not repeat the previous scrub again because of the germs and wear the clean scrubs at every shift. 

Working in a hospital means imagining your life in scrubs for the doctors as well as health care workers. It is extremely very easy to dress up for the hospital because of scrubs.

You have to consider the hospital preference for the scrub colors. If you are working in OR so do not put on the scrubs from home because of the protocols. 

A scrub set consists of loose trousers and a shirt as per the standard. Soe hospitals have their own parameters of color, size, and fits.

However, some health care settings allowed the doctors and health care professionals to wear the scrubs of their own choice. 

You must be aware of the vibe you are representing when communicating with patients by your scrubs.  Color therapy is necessary for a hospital setting. Hospital scrubs somehow have healing properties.

How to Buy Scrub? 

If you are thinking to buy new and trendy scrubs for yourself so here are a few things you might consider before choosing the scrubs of your choice; 

1. Basic vs Trendy: 

It always depends on yourself whether you want a different and trendy look or a basic look. Your decision is rely on your comfort level whether you are comfortable with a basic or trendy look. 

However, looking around at your colleagues with different and trendy style scrubs according to the fashion means you are left and backward according to the current fashion.

You should have at least 3 to 4 scrubs according to the shifts and at max, it is good to have 5 to 6 scrubs as per your weekly shifts. 

2. Expensive vs Cheap: 

It is necessary to invest one time in good quality scrubs as they will represent you at the hospital. You will see different qualities of scrubs in the shop like cheap and expensive. Always opt for one good quality scrubs as compared to 3 cheap quality scrubs. 

Do not compromise on quality because of the expensive scrubs. Cheap scrubs are not trustable as the stitching comes out, or scrubs with the color washed out so always focus on good quality scrub. 

3. White vs Colored: 

As we all know white always look decent and attractive to doctors and health care workers but they should be clean and stainless. If you are a white lover and thinking to opt for a white then admit that white colors are dirt magnets. 

There are some hospitals and health care settings that give an option to their doctors and health care providers to wear any color but first ask for the parameters.

If there are not any rules and regulations so always choose the dark color black, navy blue, dark brown, and maroon as light colors can easily dirty. 

It is good to know and understand how many scrubs should I buy? You should always prepare for any emergency because of your noble profession so it is essential to have 3 to 4 scrubs at back. 

4. Fit vs Loose: 

When you go to buy scrubs always remember to opt for your size. Scrubs are usually made loose-fitting with small, medium, and large sizes. However, any size you opt for is somehow loose. Males’ sizes of scrubs are different as compared to females. 

If you buy the wrong size and wear it you should either not be comfortable walking in it. An accurate size is good for you as it will boost your confidence and developed a feeling of comfort.  

5. Light color vs Dark color: 

The scrubs are available in various colors as people choose according to their own preferences. The most common color of scrubs that you have seen in most of the hospitals are green and blue but somehow navy blue and black can also be seen nowadays. 

Light color can easily be dirty as compared to dark color. How many scrubs should I buy? This is an important question for the doctors and health care workers about buying scrubs because of the trendy fashion, so it might b convenient for you to buy 5 to 6 scrubs for the week shifts. 

These are the important steps to consider when going to buy a scrub at the shop. 

How to Buy Scrubs on Amazon? 

Buying online anything can be easy but if you are confident by your size. How many scrubs should I buy?  When you choose to buy online from amazon as it is authentic first see the size chart and measurements.

Once you have done with your size then select the color of your choice and after that select the best seller you wanna order your scrubs with. 

However, if you are not sure about the exact measurement and have doubts about the size then always order 1 to 2  scrub set from the best seller on amazon. Do not order 5 to 6 scrubs if you are not sure about the size, first try with the one from amazon. 

Here are some best sellers and prices on amazon you can buy scrubs with as they are the best seller of medical uniforms and scrubs; 

  1. Workwear Revolution Women Scrubs Pant Mid Rise Moderate Flare Drawstring WW120 
  2. Workwear Revolution Women Scrubs Top Mock Wrap WW610
  3. Dagacci Scrubs Medical Uniform Women and Man Scrubs Set Medical Scrubs Top and Pant
  4. Natural Uniforms Women’s Under Scrub Tee Crew Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  5. SIVVAN Scrubs for Women – Long Sleeve Comfort Underscrub Tee
  6. Workwear Professionals Men Scrubs Top V-Neck WW695  

Here is a quick guide on how to buy scrubs like a pro.

What to Look Out For Before You Buy Scrub? 

When you have decided to buy a good quality scrub from the shop or online you require to think about the following things; 

  • Basic or stylish. 
  • Chest pocket or no chest pocket. 
  • V-neck or mock wrap.
  • Side slits or no side slits. 
  • Patch pockets or no patch pockets. 
  • A long length or short length.
  • Fitted or loose.
  • Good quality or cheap quality.
  • Embroidered or plain.
  • White or colorful. 
  • Dark or light color. 

Summing Up: 

Scrubs are the second skin of doctors and health care workers. One should have 5 to 6 scrubs or the weekly shifts. Doctors and health care providers are much aware of the importance of scrubs. 

The quality of scrubs matters a lot as you will be able to buy many of cheap quality or invest in 2 to 3 on good quality scrubs. It is good to always choose your size and colors. 

But first ask the hospital about the color parameters, if they have no color restriction always opt for dark and good quality scrubs as it is a one-time investment for the doctors and health care providers. Avoid choosing white color as it attracts dirt and stain easily.

You are representing yourself in front of patients and doctors by wearing good scrubs. 

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